Monday, December 31, 2007

Back Pain..

Let me ask you something before i begin this topic. Did you ever heard any basketball player's name is BackPain?? Or did you ever seen a basketball player playing basketball while his having BackPain?? I did.. And who is the BackPain basketball player?? I am!! XD

The hole story begin yesterday, before i go to Justin's house for the New Year Eve gathering. (I will post this out when i get the pictures from John) CheeKay (Short from CK) asked me to go to the basketball field which is behide my house. I told him that i have a BackPain so i cant really play basketball. Thus i told him, that my dad called me to rest inside the house just incase i injured the back again.

After a while, i went down a play Brave Fencer Musashi since i cant go out and play basketball. But after a few minutes of playing.. I finished the game!! XD I didnt notice that i was already in the final stage. Guess i have finish the game that i always wanted to.. Since i have finish almost every single game, i mind as well give back the PS to his owner. Means no more PS.. sobs..

Things are getting serious bored in the house.. I feel like playing basketball but i also dun wanna injured my back. Is either i get bored and wait for the time to past or play basketball to waste some time but will have chance of injuring my back. Arh!! Screw it!! I decided to take CK's advice and go for a little basketball.

CK was pretty surpise see me at the basketball court. Or wasnt he.. im not sure.. Its time to play, i told everyone there that i have a backpain. So they sorta handicap me a little. I thought my backpain will cause me to lose aiming but NO... Things seem to be very.. very GOOD!! D8 I won that set of game. My shot are pretty lucky and good on that day, even knw i didnt jump nor run. Guess that game was lucky i think..

But later on the samething happend again, things are getting very lucky i mean VERY LUCKY. My shoot are getting better and better. But my back is getting painer and painer.. After wining the second game i decide to take a rest.. Everybody there thinks that im faking that im having a backpain, but IM NOT!! =.= They saw me runing but IM NOT!! I was just quick walking! They saw me jumping but IM NOT!! I was just tip toe-ing the hole time!

I cant really blame them anyways.. Even if is I i dun even think that i have a backpain at all! People that giving me a weird plus funny name, which is "BackPain". =.= When ever they want to pass the ball to me, they dun call me YuMing but BackPain!!! I was sorta pissed but laughing as well! XD But the laughes kinda increase the pain of the back. Through out the hole day, every thing seem to go very smoothy even i have a backpain. No one hit me from behide, no one push my back, and no one my rough with me. X)

There goes the ONE AND ONLY Basketball player that plays with his backpain. And he is called BackPain... NO!!! He is called YuMing!! Guess people will start calling me BP (backpain short form) from now one. But at least they dun call me MIng Zai anymore too! XD

Happy New Year!!!

Happy MIngz: Happy New Year peeps!!!XD

Emo MIngz: Why are you saying happy new year?

Happy MIngz: Issint it happy new year today? o.O

Emo MIngz: Take a look at the time right now! DX

*Staring at the time o.O*

Happy MIngz: Its 1.02pm. Whats wrong with it? ~.O

Emo MIngz: I think that your a little bit too late to say Happy New Year already.. You have pasted 12am already. =.=

Happy MIngz: So..Whats wrong with it? ~.O

Emo MIngz: You missed the countdown already! DX

Happy MIngz: And.. Whats wrong with it?? ~.O

Emo MIngz: Its just.. erm.. *scratching his head*

Happy MIngz: Its just what?? o.O

Emo MIngz: Its just.. ARH!! Screw It!! Happy New Year!!


Friday, December 28, 2007

Brave Fencer Musashi obtain!

This just in.. and its going to be a very quick and short blog post only.. Do you kwn there is one post that i was wishing to get this PS1 game called Brave Fencer Musashi. I have finally obtain it!! Yessssss!! XD

Special Thanks to CheeKay for lending me the game. And thank god, luckily he found the game! Even knw i have only 2 days plus with the PS, but still i will try to find the fastest way to finish the hole game! Or at least 70% of the hole game la.. XD


Thanks CheeKay!! XD

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Prank Call!

A few days ago, on the same day as i receive my PMR result. That night i received a prank call! D8 At first there was one fella that called my house late at night (I think it was around 11 something) when i picked up no one reply.. I thought that i was my maid's family calling. But i could be calling in such time! (~.O)
Then after a few minutes later, another call came.. It was a guy I comfirm, holding his nose and talk. This is our little conversation..
Me: Hello
Pranker: Hello is this YuMing?
Me: Yes..
Pranker: Okay im from the playboy company..bla bla bla...
Me: .... *silence*
Pranker: Hello?? do you want to order..
Me: Can you tell me who are you first!?
Pranker: ... *silence*... hello??
Me: *Shuts the phone*
Okay things are begin to be very suspicous throught out the conversation. The first thing was, how did he knw my name?? A real playboy company guy wouldnt knw my name by just listening to my voice. It very obivious it a friend of my playing prank on me. Second, why didnt he tell me his name at first?? A real playboy company would intro to me his name right before our conversation started! Third, why did he act silence when i asked who is he?? When i asked for his name i asked loudly! Its impossible that he couldnt hear it! This pranker was kinda stupid..
I was really mad abt it, i wanted to find out who was the lame and stupid pranker! So i looked into the phone and check the number. No wonder.. its a friend of mine.. (I dun wanna say names) No wonder that I heard before from that friend saying that he pranked his friends before with the name trick. I didnt call back cos its problely meaningless.. He would problely act like he didnt did it. The pranker was John Wong!!
I can give a hint abt the caller, its a 016 user! Beware of any 016 user that calls you and play any kind of pranks calls! I think after he reads this post, he would problely change into a diffrent pranks. So everyone stay beware.. the number is 0169061733
To Pranker: I dun wanna reveal your name cos yur my friend. One of the best friends. But let me tell you one thing.. Do not let me catching you pranking my other friends! Or should i say YOUR other friends as well! If you one to prank, simply dail one phone number and prank other people outside there! Dun ever prank people which are near you! Im serious!

PMR Results day..

OMG!!! The day that every single form 3 in year 2007 has been waiting.. Today is the day that we knw did we really put in effort in our studies.. Or just telling lies to our parents and just said that we have study or put in effort. Today is the day that we know it ourselfs...

Early in the moring i woke up very early. I woke up around 8.15am. I was too nervous and i cant really sleep last night. I woke up and tried to calm myself down by playing PS!! XD I play the Digimon world 2 that Jeffrey gave to me. After playing until around 9.45am, my mom was on her way to her school. So she will be fetching me in the sametime as well.

The first thing she said when she get into the car is "Must get good results arh!?". I knew that she was going said that. I continue praying hard in the car, wishing that i could get good results or at least the result that is acceptable. I was just hoping that i didnt fail any subs! That would be very BAD! D8

I reach school and i saw lots of my friends standing outside of the school. I was wondering whats going on? Results come out adi? (o.O) One of them told me that we have to wear school uniforms to get our results. (FYI. Im wearing casual) I was worried, cos i dun have a phone to call my parents and im kinda lazy to walk back home and come back here just for that uniform. Arh! Screw it! XD

When I enter the school, everybody was there. Some of them are siting down and talking with there friends. I was looking around the and see anybody that i knw there. While i was looking around, i spotted something new abt my school. There is a Basketball Court there!!! XO WooooHooo!! Now i can really enjoy life in school! Time to show off my basketball skills! XP If i can..

Finally the real Climax time has come. The time to knw our results.. It was super freaky and everybody was scared. I was still looking around and see is there anyone there i knw. I finally spotted, LenPing and WeiSoong. We sit down and talked abt our results.. While i was looking around some girls pass thought me. Then one of them hitted my head! I was wondering who was the naughty one hitting my head! I turn my head back and there is the head hitter! Jin Hwei! XD

After a while i still cant spot any of my friends! More important i cant spot any girls that i knw! Except some of them la.. Gloria was not there! D8 I was think that is she coming or not? o.O After that, teachers begining to walk into the canteen. Everybody shouted for their arrival. On the same time i spotted Justin and Darren! The Hengdais are all now back into pieces! XD

Mr.Ravi appoarch to us and sit down and opened his file. *Dup Dup.. Dup Dup..* He started calling name. Well why must listen to the names? Lets skip this part! XD Zooomm... My turn was there and i look at the result paper and go @#^%$#*$*^$#@#!!!!! I dun feel like revealing my results. But let me give you all a tip, the result was in the middle or should i say acceptable. Thus there are NO fails!! YESSSSS!!! XD

I phoned my mom and she said "So lousy arh the marks!?" I was like.. WTF!?? Whats wrong with her!? I phone my dad and told him, he sound kinda tired. Mayb cos he just came back from work, but he was proud of me. Thanks dad! XD Wei Soong got, @$#@*%#&$@!#% grades (I dun wanna reveal anybodies grades) Justin got @%$&#^%& grades and Darren got *$^(&% grades. (Hint the longer the words are the better the grades are) After that i spotted Gloria!! XD I was shooooo happy to see her again! (I not have relationships with her!) Looks like she got great grades and so is Khai Sern, XinWei, JinHwei and the others there! Good for you peeps! XD
I got 4 Azzzz only! XD
Even knw my grades arent high like the others.. but still im kinda proud with my grades. To those who get great grades please do concern abt the people beside you.. They could get the grades that they didnt wanted to have. So please be there and advice them. To those to didnt get great grades, dun ever give up hope! PMR is just a piece or paper la.. throw it away and put in the MAX effort in the future! Justin dun feel bad abt yurself..

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

1 Day After X'mas

Today the 1 day after Christmas! Even know i didnt really receive any present in Christmas. But i receive present today! WoooHooo!! XD Remember i told you all in the last post (Pouring X'mas) If you dun knw anything please refer back la. XD

Like i said in the last post, Jeffrey is going to help me buy some PS games. I called him to help me to buy Brave Fencer Musashi and Digimon world 2. I was aiming at Brave Fencer Musashi but unfortunatly there are not any for sale anymore. So Jeffrey just helped me buy Digimon World 2. Aihz... X(

-Brave Fencer Musashi- PS1

NOTE: Look at this picture carefully! If you spot any game that looks just like this one! Please help to buy! Or if you HAVE this game, please lend it to me!! I want to play it deperatly! Xd

When i went any pick up the game, i went to the basketball court again. I wanted to have a little game there first before i go Jeffrey's house. Thus, Jeffrey was in the basketball court as well! XD After Christmas the weather still havent seem to change. We're playing half road the suddenly rain again! Aihz.. here we go again.. X(

Since it raining, i will be heading to Jeffrey's house to get my game and also stop by at his house for a moment. He has a PS2 in his house! I feel like stealing it away from him! XD Just joking. We first play Digimon World 4! I have exprience in platying Digimon World 4. Still i prefere to play Digimon World 2 or 3 better.

After that is time for Kingdom Hearts! XD One of my fav and pro-est games in history! Well Jeffrey and his brother which is Jonathan cant really croos Ice Titan and Sephiroth. They said their level are still low.. Level 74 is low?? Pui!!! I helped them crossover Sephiroth and Ice Titan already! And even helped them to obtain Goofy's ultimate weapon, Save the King. Who says that level 74 is low!? XD

After that we have a little bit of fight with the final boss, Ansem. We defeated him easily! After that, Jeffrey wanted to see the Secret ending after the game. We sawed the secret ending but it wasnt really nice. I told them that they get to watch in youtube! We head to the computer and entered youtube. We found the video but i was unable to load! D8 Too bad for them..

So as a friend i will post out the secrets ending that you all wanted to watch. This includes Kingdom Hearts II FM+ secret ending as well. If you all wanted to kepochi inside here i dun mind! XD Enjoy it peeps!

Kingdom Hearts -Deep Dive-

Okay let me reveal who is who, since KH2 is already out. The guy in black cloak, holding two keyblades are NOT Sora but Roxas! The guy blind folded and in black cloak is Riku. The place is NOT Traveres Town but is called The World That Never Was. Play Kingdom Hearts 2 to know more about it! XP

Kingdom Hearts -Birth By Sleep-

Im not kinda sure abt this secret ending. But i can tell you all a little bit of it. The armor figure that was the first one that strike the old man is called Ven. The next armor is the armor that fight with the old man's doppleganger or should i say the girl with cute looking face XP and blue short hair. Thats girl is called Aqua. Finally the armor figure that got frozen by the old man. Thats is NOT Roxas is just looks like Roxas, that guy is called Terra. This secret ending is abt the lastest and coming soon Kingdom Hearts game which is called Birth By Sleep.

After that i went home and started playing it. Luckily the game was able to function. Cos the disc cover was the picture of Digimon World 3! D8 But still the game was functioning well.

Thats all for today's news. Well tomolo is the end of my Holidays!! D8 PMR results is coming out! Im kinda nervous now.. Just wish that i score lots of Azzz.



Pouring X'Mas

Christmas is finally here! Everybody around the world says that Christmas would be the best day of their lives! But i think those words are kinda wrong when its here in Malaysia. Who says that? I said that, cos my christmas was kinda.. how to say.. BAD.. Heres how my Christmas goes..

Early in the morning, dad wanted me to go and helped him but i refuse cos i dun feel like waking up that time, but luckily my brother subed me. So i get to have a long nap time.. After that it was around 10.30 i woke up.. I started on-ing the PS and started playing, i was getting bored of the game that i've been playing, so after 40minutes plus of playing i off the PS and head to the com and check out my blog.

I wanted to update a new post but i was out of ideas and dun really knw what to post out abt. My day is still not over so i dun wanna post what happend in such a short time of the day only. Im kinda lazy to brain storm that time, so i leave my blog and check out my friendster. Luckily some of my friend sended me some comments. I get to waste some time greeting other people Merry X'mas again again and again. After that i have nothing to do again. I off the computer and went downstair and check out is there any food to eat.

I opened the frige and nothing was there except some orange juice and some old left out food. I was lazy to even cook maggie mee! Back upstairs then. I watched some comics. After a long reading of comic i go down and get some chips and get back up again. Back on to the bed and started reading again. A few hours of reading i felt asleep.. ZzZzZzZzZz................

Woke up and it was around 5.30+ already. YES! The perfect time for basketball! XD I get out from the house riding my bike and off to the basketball court behide my house. I reach there and there are lots lots lots lots lots of basketball players there! I reach there and my tummy begin to voice out. CK gave a good greeting and ask me what happend. I told him abt my tummy and luckily CK baked some cookies for everyone! Wait a minute.. CheeKay!! Baking COOKIES!! WOW! Thats is just rare! Mayb he was bored and he baked some cookies just to waste some time. I have to tell you those cookie are DELICOUS!! This is the best guy made cookie i ever ate in my life! XD Mayb i was hungry thats why is delicous.. XP

It was our turn to play! YES!! I wasnt really full charge or fully awake yet. So i was a little clumsy in the game. Thus i was very tired even without my shoes! D8 I not been playing basketball for days and my basketball skills are getting weaker! D8 The first game was a warm up to me, so the second game im going serious! Xd But when the second game started, it started to rain.. The stopped everything.. I was very angry and feel like saying "F*CK You rain!". My Christmas wasnt in a huge hail! But hail are not ice but WATER! X(

I cycle home in a soak wet condition. But nvm is not the first time going home in wet conditions. XD Jeffrey my friend of mine talked to me a little on our way home. I told him that im lack of PS games. He was kind enough to buy for me some new game cos he was going to Tesco! XD Those words brighten up my day... *angel on the head* Thank you Jeffrey!!! Even knw i only have a few more days playing with the PS but still i wont waste my time anymore! XD

Thats night nothing really much happend. The same thing happended, no food.. I've been force to cook my own maggie mee! Kesian betul.. haiz.. eating maggie mee with fish ball in Christmas.. I thought that christmas was suppose to eat turkey! Veggie or something that is just much better than maggie mee! My mom and Dad? They went and have their honey moon some where else cos its their 20th aniversary today. My brother? Went out with his friends to celebrate X'mas i think.Lucky them.. Me and my sis has to stay at home and do NOTHING!

There goes my X'mas and it going to end just like *snap* that. My Christmas was a totally diffrent thing compare to the others. I just wish that the coming Christmas in future would be alot better than this years one..

This years Christmas gifts:
- CK's cookies? XD
- Jeffrey's PS games! This is the best!

Nothing much anymore. One pouring Christmas this year... I've been asking a few friends in MSN for presents. But all of their answer like "You give me first la!" or even better! "Ask from JinHwei la!" There are 3 people keep saying the same answer today! I dun wanna say names! *pointed at GloriaChan, JustinLee and SuiLun* I wish that things would get better when is PMR results..

May lord Buddha be with everyone! Pray hard peeps!
Azzzz For EveryOne!!

Monday, December 24, 2007

How do I know You? (2)

Okay this is the second time i have been writing this title. The last one was last month, so is best that you check out loast month's blog to knw more. Like usual i will name four friends out and tell you guys how did i knw this people. So hope you guys would enjoy it! XD

Friend List: (2)
1. Pei Yin
2. Kai Shin
3. Darren Ng
4. Mun Wai

-Pei Yin-
I knw PeiYin this name for kinda long time but abt the person nope. This is how the story goes.. Last year which is a Subhuti class year in my Sunday School. I was still very naughty like usual. I will always kepochi in the attendence list, and started looking at people's names. I was always finding my name and every time i was going to find my name i always spotted PeiYin's name. She was a Tan too, so it wont be too far away from mine. That time i dun really care abt the name of hers. XP Cos i dun even knw who is this girl! XD

But this year every thing started. Tissa class begin to hold up this selling bookmark projects. Bro.Ronnie as us to split into a group with 3 guys and 3 girls. Well me, Justin, John are sticking to each other like usual but finding the girl group was kinda hard to pick. Like every single guy will pick, guys will comfirm to pick the pretty girls group. XP So we picked SueSan, SienDee, PeiYin as our group member. At first i dun really knw SienDee and PeiYin's name. XP The bookmark project begin, we walk all around the school, class to class, hall to hall and people to people. PeiYin as incharge to hold the money that we have collected so we called her Casher at first. XD PeiYin always disappears herself! D8 Everytime we try to find her, BOM! She just disappears! But everytime we spotted her, there are always $$$ cashs in her hands. In the end, we are the group which collected the most money for that day! XD

I asked SueSan whats both of the girl's name. At first i get SienDee's name but still i dun really get PeiYin's name (sorry PeiYin.. XP) Cos i cant really hear SueSan saying PeiYin's name, thus she just said Yin. I was like, whats that? issit something to eat? (sorry PeiYin.. XP) In the end, Justin spotted PeiYin's friendster and told me abt it and i finally knw that she was the PeiYin that i have been kepo-ing for the past 1 year! XD Pretty long story huh? XD This is not just how i kwn PeiYin but SienDee as well. XD But i wont be knwing both of them any longer cos im leaving sunday school already..

-Kai Shin-
Is been a long time ever since i knw KaiShin but ever single relationship must have a begining. So this the story way back to the 2004. It was standart 6 and i was having an english tuition class in Edu-Smart tuition center. Well as first i was always the same gang and people, but that particular year there are some new students joined in. Mayb is just because its UPSR year gua.. XD There are some girls joined in and one of them is KaiShin.

On my first impression, i was think that this girl looks familiar. Is like i have seen her before. She was having the same impression like I have. XP Both of us are in the same school! Oww.. i get it now! XD Both of us talked a lot in class. And we find out that we're both are Jolin Fans! XD (high 5 KaiShin! XD) Then the story goes on..

After UPSR we seem to have a little bit LOC (lack of contact) bacause she doesnt have MSN that time. But then, after a few months of resting, my form 1 generation begins! And coincidence-ly i spotted her! XD I great that we can see each other in school AGAIN. XD And then our story keeps on going.. until it ends at form 2, she was going to leave SMKTS (my school) and change to another school. I dun really talked to her that time cos there was a little fight between both of us.. XP But when she leaves, i was kinda.. sad..

At first i thought that this is how our story has ended.. but Nooooooooooooo we still can contact each other through MSN and Friendster! Yeay! XD Another good friend of mine that i alway keep in mind. XP To tell you all the truth, shes getting prrtty and prretier! (just being naughty here.. XP)

-Darren Ng-
This should be quick one.. i think... The story started last year. Me, Justin, Natenal, Michelle, Angela, and Audrey love to ponteng school boring activites and go to the cybers to have fun! (that was last time not now any more! XD) And we always go to a cyber called Inferno. We always play DOTA and O2jam those days. And our main game was MapleStory.

One day like usual, walking in a gang going to cyber and entered the cyber. On that day we we're playing DOTA. We we're lacked of one player, so Justin decided to add another guy from the other side of our sit. Thats guy was Darren. On my first impression, I thought that Darren was a very Quiet boy. But i understand that he wasnt really that quiet like he looks this year!

Darren was in the same classs like i am. Me, Justin and Darren sit togather behide like usual. So this was the year where i really knw Darren. We kinda get along very quickly i mean very very very very very Quickly!! Soon we started being "hengdais" We help each other in any kind of things, like cheating in exams, finding ways to go cybercafe, etc.. Ever since after PMR, we seem to LOC even in MSN, but still Darren is a nice knwing guy throught this year.. XD

This should be a quick one, i think.. It all startd back in the Subhuti days again. At first MunWai was a frontsitters, unlike now.. So my naughty and childish mind last year always thinks that frontsitters are mostly geeks. (sorry MunWai.. XP) Ohya!! SuiLun was one of them tooo! (sorry SuiLun.. XP) But i have proof myself that those words are wrong when its Tissa year.

MunWai was in the same class like us, Tissas. MunWai get along with people very quickly, something like Darren. When it was CFC camp, i knw him more.. (remeber MunWai abt yur little long story abt me! XD). I get along with MunWai even will and understanded him when it comes to sports day. (You should knw what happend that day yurself, MunWai) Until now we are also called good buddies as well. But too bad we cant knw each other any longer, im leaving sunday school adi..

I took me a long time to think abt how I knw him how I knw her. Xd But after brain stroming, i wont have to worry abt the people that i have written in here. XD I could always refer here and check out! XD Another "How do I knw You" title written. X) There could be more friends coming soon! But i could take another long time to brain storm. X( Haiz.. Till then Byebye! XD

Getting Married..

Getting married... Well Of course Im not the one getting married! Even knw i wish too.. XP This is the reason why i havent been bloggin lately. My cousin brother is getting married which is a wonderful thing to us! One, is we get to have another family line, two is we can get more little cousin to play with (if they are going to have a baby) three is of course, we can get extra angpou when is Chinese New Year! XD

As i can see, getting married is not an easy job. It takes lots n lots n lots n lots n lots of money and time to prepare. Thus they have to give angpou to the other younger ones. Other than that, they have to go here and go there and then give tea to who who and who, etc.. Lets just say it a long and busy hole day!

Getting married is a part of every humans lives.. Now we're still sitting back and watch the bride and bridegroom. But soon or later, we will the one stand on the stage pouring birs and cutting wedding cakes. XD

Friday, December 21, 2007

Kingdom Hearts News! XD

Another new Kingdom Hearts news to all my Kingdom Hearts friends outside there. Well to those who are no intrested in this you can skip this blog and read the old ones or you can "kepochi" in this title. I dun mind at all! XD

As you all knw that pokemon tcg (trading card game) has been created and so is digimon, masked rider, gundam, etc... But this time Square-Enix decided to create a fantasy of Kingdom Hearts in CARDS!! This means Kingdom Hearts tcg has been created! And of course its on sale in the internet now! I think it will still take somemore time to make in on sale in M'sia.

The game play is pretty easy to understand, but im kinda lazy to explain it right here. So there was this Kingdom Hearts tcg guide that i found it youtube. I will leave the teaching to the guide of course! XD

Pretty easy huh? Well is not very complicated at all. Still you all might have trouble a few questions. Like how many cards can i put in a deck? How many same cards can i put into a deck? What if i cant win the heartless that im fighthing? How can i heal my heart points? I cant really answer all the questions above, but the official website of KingdomHearts tcg can!

Time for some pictures of the cards.

Player card.

Something is diffrent? Well abt the Holloween Sora, its a promo card. So the type of the card i diffrent than the others. Of course there are other promo cards, but this is the only promo picture i can get.

Sora- Level 1- HP8 (4) (1)
Sora- Level 3- HP4 (6) (1)
H.Sora- Level 3- HP3 (1) (7)

Friend Card.

Aladdin- level 2- (+4) (3)
Goofy- level 3- (+6) (2)
Donald- level 3- (+4) (5)

Magical Friend Card

I dont think that magic friend card are very useful.. but i do have to agree that Simba is one of the best friend card i have ever seen! And so are the pros from the forum. Even knw i doesnt have speel points but it does add lots of attackpoint! XD
Simba- level 2,3,4- (+7) (0)

Attack Card
Attack cards are kinda useful as well. The more attack cards you have the more power it will add into yur player. Is something like a combo! Attack cards has special effects that can only be use when more than 1 same name attack card in play.
World Card

The world card is the most important card in the game. It will decideds you victory and yur chance of losing as well. Some world cards has special effect too but i dun really knw any of them. So my apolgise..

Dark Cards
Dark cards are also kinda useful in a game. The stronger dark cards are the faster you win the harder it takes for yur opponent to add another world card. Is best that you put average level dark cards in yur deck. Just incase that yur opponent puts a low level world in play.

Magic Card
Magic cards are one of the hardest that to use but it is also one of the most strongest card to use. As you knw, you need spell points to cast as magic which is not easy to obtain unless you put lots of supportive friend card in your deck. Some magic cards can yur player's Heart Points! But it depends on how many spell point you have to cast only.

Other Cards

Bambi- level 2- (+1) (0) -Magical Friend Card
Genie- level 2- (+7) (3) -Magical Friend Card
Soldier- level 2- power 7 -Dark Card
Ariel- level 1- (+4) (2) -Friend Card
Goofy- level 1- (+4) (0) -Friend Card
Donald- level 1- (+2) (3) -Friend Card

Thats all for the new Kingdom Hearts infomation that i can get abt Kingdom Hearts. Im looking forward to get the cards when it is on sale in M'sia and if i could buy it with my own money $$$$$$.. sobs.. is kinda a waste but I LOVE KINGDOM HEARTS! XD
Hope you gus will join along and buy it with me. XD Till then ByeBye.
Before i leave..

Justin's Gathering

Today (21/12) Justin is inviting some of us to his little gathering. Why? Cos today is the day before his Birthday day!! So he mind as well put up a little gathering of us to celebrate. But of course we're not celebrating his b'day today. Heres how the gathering goes..

Around 1.30pm, Justin called us to meet up at the Curve. I was inform that we have to meet up at Starbucks. When Justin found me the others are there already. The others are, JohnWong, MunWai, CheeWei, YanLeng, Charmaine. I have to admit is the people there are almost the same people in the Teens Camp. Why so little people? The same thing happend in Teens camp as well. All FFK us! Haiz...

Then we head to Big Apple and have a few donuts. While we are going to Big Apple, YanLeng kinda unable to spot me. I was just right Infront of her! Haiz... cannot blame larh.. Turtles are not very observan. XD After we arrive at Big Apple, Leon arrive! Justin receive some present, and mostly are just hats. Very normal thing.. MunWai gave him a shirt which is something special and diffrent with the others. But Leon gave him something EVEN special! But I dun think i should talk abt it right here.. cos is kinda.. erm.. aiya ask the others which are there la! XD

After that we head to have a little snooker game! But we kinda have a little split up before we head for the snooker game. MunWai decided to join YanLeng and Charmaine. So that means its just Me, John, Justin, CheeWei and Leon will be going for snooker. The game plan goes like this. Leon will not be playing with us so this means it will be a 2 on 2 game play. 2 on one table and 2 on another table. The loser will fight with the loser on the other table. So me versus CheeWei first and Justin versus John.

CheeWei says that he is a noob in snooker. But nooooooo! His PRO!! That guy kinda trash me! Haiz this means i lose for the firsr game. On the other side John loses to Justin. Round 2, Me versus John and Justin versus CheeWei. Again i got trash by John. (man i suck in snooker!) CheeWei beat Justin on the other side. Round 3, Me versus Justin and John versus CheeWei.

My game with Justin is kinda funny. At first we are suppose to break the balls around the corner. Im the one that was suppose to break. While i was having my aim adi, Justin suddenly shouted "Waaaa!! Pro!!" I begin to laugh and lose my aiming. The ball that i hit bounce up and go through all of the ball without hiting it! I call Justin to give me another chance. The game continue and I finally win! Justin accidentally hitted the black ball into the hole! Haha! Morron! XD

Then we go down and meet up with the others. We found MunWai, YanLeng, Charmaine and another person! Sze Mei! What a surpise! *yawn* (not..) Like usual Sze Mei is always late. But too bad we meet Sze Mei but YanLeng GTG adi.. Nooooo Turtle stay!! XD Since there are still some time, we decided to go for a little bowling game.

Charmaine and SzeMei is not joining us. So it still the same people above but this time MunWai joined along! Yeah! XD John is not playing cos his having his own sweet time playing PSP aside. So this means Me, Justin, CheeWei, MunWai and Leon will be playing. One word i have to say abt Justin's bowling skills... GAY! You should see how he shoots. First ball then he strike adi! D8 The others go pretty easy except ME!! I suck in snooker, now im suck in bowling as well! Arh! Since Justin's shooting is sooo gay. Me and CheeWei decided to help him have a little shooting. While Justin is taking his ball CheeWei help him to shoot and he helped him to score 3 points. Then CheeWei quickly grab Justin and I quick help him throw into longkang! I feel kinda bad doing it after that.. (sorry Justin.. Blame yurself for being so GAY! XD)

After that to the movie! Sze Mei is not joining us cos she having a date with her bf which i dun reli remember his name. CheeWei and MunWai is not following us cos they GTG adi.. Left Me, Justin, John, Charmaine and Leon. Today's show is "National Tresure -The Books of Secrets-" The movie rocks man! I love their solving puzzle thingy. Their IQ must be more than 300! D8

After the show we head to Italians to have our dinner. Sze Mei invited her bf with us. The dinner wasnt that great but expensive! After that we head back home. Justin father is fetching me home, so i must guide him to my house of course. Well I kinda forgotten that theres a shortcut to to my house. But i was afaird to tell him and he sorta scold me a little. I think.. End up at home sitting down here (beside my com) and bloggin and chat with Suelyn. XP

Before I leave i want to say a few words..


Thursday, December 20, 2007

Tag Along: Personal Questions

MIngz: Eh, Justin i wanna ask you something arh?

Justin: What issit? *steping back a few steps*

MIngz: Dun worry I wont take out my gun, so relax..

Justin: Fuh... So what issit you wanna ask?

MIngz: About those Tags your been sending. Why always aim me?

Justin: Cos you have face problem!

MIngz: Your joking! Right?

Justin: Im serious! You look like a fagget to me! Every time looking at you always makes me sick! i feel like punching you in the face!

MIngz: Oh... Thank you for being so honest to me..

MIngz slowly take out a gun from his pocket.

You guys should knw whats happending next! XD

(Note: This conversation was never exist, nor the words that Justin talked about me above are ture, I think.. This is just a lame creation of mine.)

Personal Questions
1. Do this tag and answer all the question in your own blog.
2. Delete question no.20 and add one of your own question instead.
3. Tag 8 victims to do this Tag.

1. Whats is your dream when you were a small kid?
- Dream to become a perfesional artist.

2. Whats is the happiest thing in your whole life?
- Having a girlfriend! XP

3. What do you wish to have right now?
- A Handphone! I always wanted one!

4. When is the last time you horse laughed?
- Last Basketball training. Fai and Chao making funny stories. XD

5. Whats did you realize recently?
- I can really eat! o.O

6. Which bad habit in you that is most unacceptable?
- Being lazy... almost everyone has that bad habit.

7. When you are unhappy, what will you do?
- Sit aside and start looking at the sky, AKA emo-ing.

8. What are you afraid of losing?
- Losing my love ones..

9. Within 5 years, which target is the most realistic one?
- Aiming for a Good girlfriend! I think.. XP

10. When you met someone that you like, will you profess or hide your feeling?
- It depends on how confident I am. If not i will prefere to hide aside.

11. List out 3 kind of people you hate the most.
- People that thinks they are the boss but not. Backstabbers that dont admit that they backstabbed someone, play boys/girls.

12. Define loneliness.
- When no cares about me when im emo-ing.

13. Are you satisfied with your life now?
- Its still acceptable la..

14. When is the most recent time you felt touched?
- Watching Bridge to Terabitia! X(

15. Where is the most beautiful place that you've visited?
- Jun Jie's house! Walua Canggih! XD

16. A song that is playing in your mind recently?
- Mungkin Nanti

17. If you have a wish to come true, what is it?
- Having the power to turn back time! XD

18. Do you have anything to be worried or scared recently?
- PMR result! OMG!!! D8

19. If the world is going to end, what will you do?
- If my love one is beside me, say that i love her. If not called that person beside me to pass the messege to her.

20. Who tagged you?
- Which fagget called me a faced problem above!?

8 victims that have to do this tag:
1. Gloria Chan
2. Sui Lun
3. Mun Wai
4. Yan Leng
5. Wei Gin
6. John Wong
7. Pei Yin
8. Kelly Tan

Justin: Fuh.. manage to run away from that bastard..

MIngz: Who you calling a bastard!? *appears behide Justin*

Justin: What the!? AHhhhhhh!!! *runing away*

MIngz: Fagget!! Dont Run!!

Justin: You tought you have magic power arh!? Calling me to stop!

Will this fight ever end??? I dont know...

Thank you for watching! ByeBye!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Some Extra Pictures in Teenagers Camp!

Thank Lord Buddha! Finally MunWai has updated his blog and posted some Teens Camp pictures! i manage to steal some pictures that i didnt post out last time. So is time to post it out!

Not all of the guys in the camp are Jacoons. The girl when Jacoon as well! XD Try to spot each and every one of them. There are YanLeng, YeeWan, Charmaine and SzeMei. Try to put them in the right order! The answer is right below.

Answer: YanLeng>> SzeMei>> Charmaine>> YeeWan

SuiLun (down)>> Justin (up)>> SnowMen>> Me (up)>> John's Cousin (down)

This is a pic when we are in Sunway Pyramid. Justin can be the snowmen's cousin or brother! Justin is wearing white cap, white shirt, white pants, and white shoes! Even his teeth is White! XD Lets just say his White from top to the bottom! XD Pretty cool to be a perfect snowman! XD

Justin: Can I help you sir??
John: Gimme this, this. this and that!
About this picture, Justin is looked like he is serving John as a waiter! Problely a waiter that doesnt get paid!! XD Another thing about this picture, while i was stealing this picture from MunWai i spotted some weird words in his blog! No wonder, MunWai was making a conversation of John and Justin in italian words. I dun knw that knws how to do that! o.O

This picture brings back memories.. It makes me think about our 2007 Tissa Class party! Guys serving girls, but this time MunWai is the only one serving! XD If you could notice everybody is asking for food but not John! His having his own sweet time eating. Where am I? I was taking this picture. Where am I sitting? If you spot a plate with a piece of Pizza right infront of you, you would problely spot my place.

Horrrr!! MunWai whatcha doing!? Relax his not the only one spying on girls. Me, John and Justin are spying as well! XD We kinda spotted a few cute and pretty one. Cant blame us for being such a prevert! XP Oi, MunWai stop staring la!

Are they posing? Are they showing off? Are they tired? Or issit just me? Okay now Guess who are the people above? The chocies are..

A. YanLeng and SzeMei
B. SzeMei and YeeWan
C. YeeWan and Charmaine
D. Charmaine and YanLeng.

Answer: C. YeeWan and Charmaine

Okay thats all I've got to post out. I think I.. opps sorry, Justin should make another Teenagers Camp. Well of course invite me as well! XD We're just hava to wait till it then.

CHEERS! Byebye!

Tag Along: 100 Questions.

Justin: Stop!!!

MIngz: *stoped moving* Gulp...

Justin moved a few step forward and touched MIngz

Justin: Tagged You!

MIngz: What!? Werent you going to shoot me!?

Justin: Since when did i say that?

MIngz: On the last tagged you did to me!

Justin: Oww... Well im not going to shoot u until you finished it!

MIngz: What!!?? D8

(Note: This conversation was never exist. I just another one of my lame jokes to lighten up my blog. XP)

100 Questions:

1. Full Name: Tan Yu Ming

2. Name backwards: Ginm Uy Nat?? (what the!? =.=")

3. Were you named after someone: Nope, but before yes! Lee Yu Ming! XD

4. Meaning of the name: Yu in Chinese is Yao, Ming in chinese is the same. So "Yao Ming" in chinese is called, need life/want life. ARH!! I dunno knw la! DX

5. Nickname: MIngz!!! XD

6. Screen name: MIngz lo!! XD

7. D.O.B. 25 FEB, always keep that in mind! XD

8. Place of Birth: Asunta Hospital.

9. Nationally: M'sians! Malaysia!!

10. Current location: Infront of the computer! XD

11. Star Sign: Pisces! I think...

12. Religion: Buddhist! I love lord Buddha!!! XD

13. Current Height: My Bro says that Im at least 179cm. XP

14. Current Weight: 61kg!! I just did weight myself 15 minutes ago! XD

15. Shoes Size: Size 11. My basketball friends says that Im BIG FOOT! X(

16. Hair Colour: 80% black, 15% white, 5% brownish.

17. Eye Colour: Brownish colour, I just found out! XD

18. Who do you look like: My daddy! We have the same nose! XD

19. Innie or Outie: Outie! Outdoor rocks! Is that what it means? o.O

20. Lefty or Righty: Righty! Always do the Right thing! XD

21. Gay, Straight, Bi or others: Whats is this?? o.O

22. Best Friend: Friend = Best Friend

23. Best Friend you trust the most: Friend = Best Friend = Trustable people

24. Favourite Pals: Friend = Best Friend = Favourite Pals

25. Best Friend of Opposite Sex: Jin Hwei, Gloria, Rebbeca, YanLeng, PeiYin, Sien Dee, etc...

26. Best Buddies: Sui Lun, Justin, John, MunWai, Weng, Chao, Fai, Darren, etc...

27. Boy Friend or Girl Friend: Girl Friends! I Love Girls! XD

28. Crush: The Girl in Genting (read the genting trip morning to knw more)

29. Parents: Dada and Mama

30. Worst Enemy: Dont wanna say names!

31. Favourite Online Guy: A guy named himself XxXRikuXxX in Friendster.

32. Favourite Online Girl: A girl named herself *~Sweetie~* in Friendster.

33. Craziest Friend: Fai and Chao!! Those faggets! XD

34. Advice Friend: MunWai! His advice are the best man! XD

35. Loudest Friend: Fai and My noisy side! XD

36. Person you cried with: My another side..

37. Any Sister: Eleder one, Kelly Tan.

38. Any Brother: Eledest one, Ju-Ho

39. Any Pets: Jasper!! Kawai~ XD

40. Any Disease: Lame transfer disease! XD

41. Pager: Nope

42. Personal Phone Line: Do I look like I own a company to you?

43. Cell Phone: Haiz.. dont talk abt it..

44. Lave Lamp: Im not that poor! XP

45. Pool or Hot Tube: Pool! CPC!! XD

46. A Car: Masked Rider toy car! XD

47. Your Personality: One word... LAME! XD

48. Driving: I dont even play Inital D!

49. Room: Yup! But i dont own it alone!

50. Whats Missing: A girlfriend..sobs..

51. School: SMK Taman SEA

52. Bed: One SUPER Big one!

53. Relationship with Parents: Dada ya, Mama no no.

54. Believe in Yourself: Sometimes

55. Believe in love at first sight: Yup, have experience it before!

56. Good Listener: Sorta.. Depends on how intresting it is.

57. Get Along with Parents: Mostly Yes.

58. Save E-mail/MSN convos: Nope

59. Pray: To Lord Buddha! Sunday School! XD

60. Believe in Reincarnation: All Buddhist believe in that, i think..

61. Make Fun of Poeple: Hah! Always! XD

62. Like to talk on Phones: Erm.. not really..

63. Want to get married: I dun even have a girlfriend yet.

64. Like to Drive: I dont play racing video games!

65. Motion Sickness: If this is emo then yes.

66. Eat Stem or Broccoli: I dun really like eating vegies. XP

67. Eat Chicken with Fork: No ah, No ah.. with my feet! XD

68. Favourite Colour: White, Black and Silver

69. Type with yur fingers on home role: Whats a home role?

70. Sleep with stuuff animal: Yesh! My Tiger! XD

71. Next to You: My brother. XD

72. On the wall of your room: KOF Posters!

73. On Your mousepad: What do think it is? Mickey Mouse?

74. Dream Car: Evo IV

75. Dream Date: Jolin Tsai! (You wish!)

76. Dream Honeymoon Spot: A place that has no one kacau-ing! Thats All!!

77. Dream Husband/Wife: Jolin Tsai! (Keep on dreaming..)

78. Bedtime: Usually 10pm~12am, but now 1am~3am! XP

79. Under your bed: Dusts.. oh and my comic books!

80. Single most important question: Sorta..

81. Bad time of the day: As long as mom starts nagging it means bad time already.

82. Your worst fear: Seeing moving Dummies at night! D8

83. The weather is: Bright sunnyday!

84. Time: 11.18am

85. Date: 20.12.07

86. Best Trick you did on someone: Showing off my magic tricks la! XD

87. Theme Song: As long as its emo den its my theme song adi. XD

88. Hardest thing about going up: Exams! Looking for Jobs! etc..

89. Funniest Experience: Can really number it out.. XP

90. Scariest Experience: Saw a dead skeleton in my camp. (true story!)

91. Silliest things you have ever said: Lots of it! Dun forget im Lame! XD

92. Most desparate and funniest thing you have done to get the opposite sex: Laughing while Perposing infront of her. (But still she accepted it! FYI my first X)

93. Scariest Experience while with yur friend: Same as no. 90. read back please!

94. Worst Feeling: Broking up with some one you love, Looks at the person you like with other people, Rejected while perposing, and leaving Sunday School! Sobs...

95. Best Feeling in the world: Get to have fun with the person you like. XD

96. Favourite Subject: Maths and English!

97. Favourite Teachers: Puan Teh and Bro Ronnie! XD

98. Favourite Band: Lots of them!

99. Favourite Singer: Jolin Tsai!! XD

100. Choose 8 people to do this quiz: JohnWong, Kelly Tan, YanLeng, MunWai, SuiLun, WeiGin, GloriaChan, PeiYin.

Justin: STOP!!

MIngz: Im not gonna fall for that this time! *continue walking*

Justin: BANG!! *using his own sound*

MIngz: Waaaahhhh!!!

Justin: Trick ya!! Coward!

MIngz: Grrr... yur soo Dead!

MIngz take out tons of weapons in his hands.

Justin: Whats the!? Those are toys right? *worrying*

MIngz: Oww... Yes! Wanna Try it! *staring at Justin evily*

Justin: Waaaaa!!!! *running away*

MIngz: Come back you Fagget!!! Eyaaaa!!!

(My Apolgise for no ending greetings.. Thank you for watching..)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tag Along: Your Impressions Towards...

To tell you all the truth, this tag doesnt have a title! I just simple named it with my own name. XD Hope you guys dun blame me.. XP

MIngz: Why you... Justin.. *Falling on the floor*

Justin: Sorry, YuMing i have no choice..

MIngz: How could you.. *Holding his chest*

Justin: Hey, why are you showing such impression?

MIngz: Huh? You didnt shoot me? *scratching his head*

Justin: No i didnt! I just tagged you!

MIngz: Ow... I see.. XP

(Note: This conversation never exist, its just a little creation of mine. XP)

From the conversation above, you should already know who tagged me. If you guys still dont understand who, let me repeat myself again then. Justin tagged me! He has 2 blogs that tagged me, so i just picked the shortest one first only i go for the longger one. XD If the blog isint nice, blame Justin for tagging me. XP Im just following instructions. XD

List out the top 5 present you wish for:
1. A good and cute girl friend. XD
2. A canggih phone! (I dun have one ma.. XD)
3. The power to reverse time. (Too "Qua Jiong" XP)
4. A Doraemon!! (Good enough!! XD)
5. The world to be peace and harmony! (Xd)

The Person Tagged you is:
-Like i said above, Justin Lee Mei Mei!! XP

Your 5 Impressions of Him/Her:
- Good and Trust Worty!
- Rich and Kindful!
- Cute but Stupid! XD
- Childish and Loyal!
- Fagget-lish! (Love to say him that way)

(Note: No offence Justin! I dun wanna say these bad things abt you but.. I FEEL like saying these things abt you! XD Hope you will be glad abt it!)

Most Memorable thing he/she had done for you:
-Lending me Kingdom Hearts Final Mix+ (Its still with me now! XD)

The most memorable words he/she said to you:
-F*CK YOU!! (Im serious!! Im not joking! He still says that to me now! XD)

If he/she becomes your love, you will:
-Im not gay! But if I have to answer, I will dump him! XD

If he/she becomes your enemy, the reason will be:
-He "Chun Pou" my secrets, but dun worry i will "Chun Pou" his as well! (But mostly he wont do those things one la.. right??)

Tag 10 people that you wish to know how they think about you:
1. John Wong
2. Sui Lun
3. Wei Gin
4. Xin Yi
5. Gloria Chan
6. Yan Leng
7. Mun Wai
8. Audrey Tan
9. Pei Yin
10. Michelle Ding

1. Who is (7. YanLeng) having a relationship with?
-I dunno, even if I knw I sweared I wont tell out! XP

2. Who is (9. PeiYin) having a relationship with?
-I dunno, if I tell she would problely killed me! D8

3. If (9. PeiYin) and (1. John) are together, will it be a good thing?
- Yup, but it still depends on who John treats her. XP

4. Who about (1. John) and (5. Gloria)?
- I dun think they knw each togther gua...

5. What is (3. WeiGin) studying?
- IQ questions ba! XD

6. When is the last time you chated with (6. YanLeng)?
- A few days ago in cbox, one month ago face to face. XD

7. Does (7. MunWai) work?
-Nope, but i can recomment him to go photographing! XD

8. Does (8. Audrey) has any cousin in his/her own school?
- No gua.... never asked her before. XP

9. Will you WOO with (8. Audrey)
- I dont do such things! Mayb... XP

10. How about (5. Gloria)?
- She wont do such things and so am I! Mayb.. XP

11. Does (2. SuiLun) have any sibling?
- Yup, an elder brother and younger sister.

12. How did you get to know abt (3. WeiGin) and (4. XinYi)?
- 6th Youth Camp! I get to knw XinYi more! I think... XP

13. Where does (1. John) live at:
- All i know is Kepong!

14. How did you get to know (2. SuiLun)?
- I know we since i was form 1, but i knw him better in 5th Youth Camp!

15. Is (5. Gloria) the sexiest person in the world?
- Not just sexy but hot as well! (You have to thank me Gloweee! XP)

MIngz: Ha! You cant fool me now! *standing bravely*

Justin: Oww.. no im not. *Holding a gun in his hand*

MIngz: What the!? Arrr... *fainted*

Justin: Wake up la there is a second tag la! *slap Mingz's face*

MIngz: You shot me, and im suppose to be dead!

Justin: Its just a toy gun la, morron!

MIngz: Wait wait.. let me lie down first.. ah...

Justin: People are wait wor...

MIngz: Call them to wait for the next one la!

Justin: Thank you for watching people!

MIngz: Hey thats my line!


Sunday, December 16, 2007

Im Being Childish again! XD

Im being childish again!! Weeeeee!! There was also a title almost same like this one in my blog list. Well the subject is also the same as well! XD Okay i knw im kinda childish. Okay okay i knw im VERY childish! But you cant blame me for that. Blame those TV shows that i have see-ing since i was young until now! XP

Okay today's topic is.. Kamen Riders! XD I love Kamen Riders ever since i was young until now! XD (Unlike Ultraman which are soo fake-ky) Well i kinda stop Kamen Riders when i was just 13th. But then i started to watch back again last year (2006). Cos in HongKong there was one of my cousin brother, not to say cousin brother his a uncle already! Watching Kamen Rider Kabuto. I kinda get attarcted to it.. so i started watching it again!

After i finish the hole episode of Kamen Rider Kabuto. I started to find other Kamen Riders. And then i spot another cool rider which is Kamen Rider 555. Then i watched the movie which is Paradise Lost. Wow even cool!! XD Shit... im getting even and even childish! XP

Kamen Rider 555.

Compare to Kabuto, Faiz (555) storyline is a lot intersting! Faiz doesnt have much ability, unlike Kabuto has its Cass Off and Clock Up ability. Faiz transformation is using handphone. And by click then numbers 555 and then enter, that person will transform! XD Faiz can do both finishing moves, rider punch and rider kick. Faiz also have a ability to clock up like Kabuto. That ability is called the Excel mode. Excel mode is almost the same as Clock Up but Excel mode can only use once and also the time limit is shorter than Clock Up. In everysingle Rider shows much have its super form. Faiz's one is called the Awakening mode. Nthing much has change when Faiz turn into its Awakening mode. Its just that its hole colour turn into Red thats all! XD Awakening doesnt need any finishing moves. Its normal attaack is count as it finishing! (I think...). I think that Faiz is one of the coolest rider in history! XD

Kamen Rider 555 -The Movie-
-Paradise Lost-

I watched this move a few days ago. The storyline is abt the human has been attack and concure by some mysterious form of cretures called Orphenochs that can turn into humans and their real forms. Takumi (the main character and also Faiz) has been attack by a thousand plus evil riders. Takumi disappears ever since that incident. Then SmartBrain the company of Orphenochs has created two Emperor Belt which means there will be two extremely strong riders. There are three Orphenochs Kiba, Kaido, and Yui that side the human side has been spying and give news abt SmartBrain to the human force. One of the emperor belt has rise (the one in white, top right) and begin to destroy the hole human force. Thus the three Orphenochs has been betray by the human force which was in a disguse by the Orphenochs. Nothing has left in the human force unless, Faiz is still alive..

One day Misa (the main female character) found Takumi but just that he has lost his memories. On the help from the rider belt, Takumi gain back his memory and continue helping the human force. The return of Faiz has been spread out to Smart Brain. Smart Brain captured Misa to attract Faiz attention to their base. In the end Faiz has to challenge 3 strong enemies. The first emperor belt, the final Orphenoch, and the final emperor belt (the black and gold rider, top left) Faiz sucessfully defeated the first emperor belt with his Excel mode. But then suddenly Kiba one of Orphenochs which has been betrayed is the final emperor belt! Takumi has no choice but to reveal his true identity. Takumi is an Orphenochs as well! Finally with Faiz's Awakening mode, settles every thing...

This is a little PS2 game clip of Kamen Rider 555 Excel mode. XP

Cool huh? I just love the Excel mode finishing moves! XD This is a game play of PS2, i kinda wanted to buy it but since im dun have a PS2 with me now i guess i will just have to temporailly ignore this game. Sobs...

Okay Kamen Rider 555 is not my fav yet. Kabuto is my fav! XD

Kamen Rider Kabuto

Kabuto has amazing skills and ability! Thats mayb why i love it so much! XD At first Kabuto will be in his masked mode/armor mode. After that Kabuto will unleash his armor by using Cass Off and turn into the true and orginal rider mode. In his rider mode he can use Clock Up which is an ability to quick himself and slows down everything! Kabuto has only one finishing move which is RiderKick. Kabuto's super form is called the Hyper Kabuto. Kabuto turns into Hyper form by using Hyper Cass Off. In Hyper form Kabuto can use Hyper Clock Up which is a lot stronger than Clock Up and also it reverse time! Hyper Kabuto has a weapon which can uses all the rider's finishing but just that it a lot stronger. The weapon can change into either sword mode or gun mode. Besides that it can combine all the rider's power can cast a Maximum Hyper Typhoon or in gun mode is called Maximum Hyper Cyclone!

Hyper Kabuto form.

Kabuto's movie is called God Speed Love. A pretty cool story line as well. The story is abt what happend if Tendou (the main character and Kabuto) doesnt receive his masked rider belt ten years ago? Its kinda complicated from here.. but you will understand why if you continue reading this.

After ten years from the crashing of the meteor, creture who called themself the WORM has concure the hole earth. But with the masked rider system thw world manage to be mantain. There is an organization called Zects and Neo Zect are having a war among themselfs. Zects are the good one a Neo Zects are the bad one. While they are fighthing amogn themself suddenly Tendou appear to stop them. Hiyori (the male female character, and also Tendou's sister) had fell in love with Kagami (the second main male character, and also Gatack the rider. The blue rider on the top right) But Hiyori has a strange sickness that cannot be cure. The sickness was held 10 years ago when the first meteor attacked. Tendou couldnt save her because he doesnt have enough strength and that time i was just a kid.

In the mean time, Neo Zects has planned to send a meteor which is filled with full of WORM into earth. Tendou and Kagami has decided to stop them. In the mean time when they entered the base they meet a rider called the Golden Rider. The Golden rider holds the Hyper Kabuto, means he can use Hyper Clock Up. In the end Kagami scarfice himself to block Golden Rider's finish to save Tendou. Tendou kick the Golden Rider out to te outher space. Tendou sends Kagami back to earth to cure his injurys. Suddenly the Golden Riders was on the ship that Kagami was in! He broke the mirror and suffercated Kagami. Tendou quick transfrom inro Hyper form and uses his reverse Hyper Clock Up to turn back time and save Kagami for Golden Rider. In the end Tendou reverse back to 10 years ago and save Hiyori from the sickness and gave his 10 years ago the rider belt to protect Hiyori. Thats who the story goes..

A quick clip of Hyper Kabuto skills! XD

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