Monday, December 31, 2007

Back Pain..

Let me ask you something before i begin this topic. Did you ever heard any basketball player's name is BackPain?? Or did you ever seen a basketball player playing basketball while his having BackPain?? I did.. And who is the BackPain basketball player?? I am!! XD

The hole story begin yesterday, before i go to Justin's house for the New Year Eve gathering. (I will post this out when i get the pictures from John) CheeKay (Short from CK) asked me to go to the basketball field which is behide my house. I told him that i have a BackPain so i cant really play basketball. Thus i told him, that my dad called me to rest inside the house just incase i injured the back again.

After a while, i went down a play Brave Fencer Musashi since i cant go out and play basketball. But after a few minutes of playing.. I finished the game!! XD I didnt notice that i was already in the final stage. Guess i have finish the game that i always wanted to.. Since i have finish almost every single game, i mind as well give back the PS to his owner. Means no more PS.. sobs..

Things are getting serious bored in the house.. I feel like playing basketball but i also dun wanna injured my back. Is either i get bored and wait for the time to past or play basketball to waste some time but will have chance of injuring my back. Arh!! Screw it!! I decided to take CK's advice and go for a little basketball.

CK was pretty surpise see me at the basketball court. Or wasnt he.. im not sure.. Its time to play, i told everyone there that i have a backpain. So they sorta handicap me a little. I thought my backpain will cause me to lose aiming but NO... Things seem to be very.. very GOOD!! D8 I won that set of game. My shot are pretty lucky and good on that day, even knw i didnt jump nor run. Guess that game was lucky i think..

But later on the samething happend again, things are getting very lucky i mean VERY LUCKY. My shoot are getting better and better. But my back is getting painer and painer.. After wining the second game i decide to take a rest.. Everybody there thinks that im faking that im having a backpain, but IM NOT!! =.= They saw me runing but IM NOT!! I was just quick walking! They saw me jumping but IM NOT!! I was just tip toe-ing the hole time!

I cant really blame them anyways.. Even if is I i dun even think that i have a backpain at all! People that giving me a weird plus funny name, which is "BackPain". =.= When ever they want to pass the ball to me, they dun call me YuMing but BackPain!!! I was sorta pissed but laughing as well! XD But the laughes kinda increase the pain of the back. Through out the hole day, every thing seem to go very smoothy even i have a backpain. No one hit me from behide, no one push my back, and no one my rough with me. X)

There goes the ONE AND ONLY Basketball player that plays with his backpain. And he is called BackPain... NO!!! He is called YuMing!! Guess people will start calling me BP (backpain short form) from now one. But at least they dun call me MIng Zai anymore too! XD