Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Some Extra Pictures in Teenagers Camp!

Thank Lord Buddha! Finally MunWai has updated his blog and posted some Teens Camp pictures! i manage to steal some pictures that i didnt post out last time. So is time to post it out!

Not all of the guys in the camp are Jacoons. The girl when Jacoon as well! XD Try to spot each and every one of them. There are YanLeng, YeeWan, Charmaine and SzeMei. Try to put them in the right order! The answer is right below.

Answer: YanLeng>> SzeMei>> Charmaine>> YeeWan

SuiLun (down)>> Justin (up)>> SnowMen>> Me (up)>> John's Cousin (down)

This is a pic when we are in Sunway Pyramid. Justin can be the snowmen's cousin or brother! Justin is wearing white cap, white shirt, white pants, and white shoes! Even his teeth is White! XD Lets just say his White from top to the bottom! XD Pretty cool to be a perfect snowman! XD

Justin: Can I help you sir??
John: Gimme this, this. this and that!
About this picture, Justin is looked like he is serving John as a waiter! Problely a waiter that doesnt get paid!! XD Another thing about this picture, while i was stealing this picture from MunWai i spotted some weird words in his blog! No wonder, MunWai was making a conversation of John and Justin in italian words. I dun knw that knws how to do that! o.O

This picture brings back memories.. It makes me think about our 2007 Tissa Class party! Guys serving girls, but this time MunWai is the only one serving! XD If you could notice everybody is asking for food but not John! His having his own sweet time eating. Where am I? I was taking this picture. Where am I sitting? If you spot a plate with a piece of Pizza right infront of you, you would problely spot my place.

Horrrr!! MunWai whatcha doing!? Relax his not the only one spying on girls. Me, John and Justin are spying as well! XD We kinda spotted a few cute and pretty one. Cant blame us for being such a prevert! XP Oi, MunWai stop staring la!

Are they posing? Are they showing off? Are they tired? Or issit just me? Okay now Guess who are the people above? The chocies are..

A. YanLeng and SzeMei
B. SzeMei and YeeWan
C. YeeWan and Charmaine
D. Charmaine and YanLeng.

Answer: C. YeeWan and Charmaine

Okay thats all I've got to post out. I think I.. opps sorry, Justin should make another Teenagers Camp. Well of course invite me as well! XD We're just hava to wait till it then.

CHEERS! Byebye!