Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

Happy MIngz: Happy New Year peeps!!!XD

Emo MIngz: Why are you saying happy new year?

Happy MIngz: Issint it happy new year today? o.O

Emo MIngz: Take a look at the time right now! DX

*Staring at the time o.O*

Happy MIngz: Its 1.02pm. Whats wrong with it? ~.O

Emo MIngz: I think that your a little bit too late to say Happy New Year already.. You have pasted 12am already. =.=

Happy MIngz: So..Whats wrong with it? ~.O

Emo MIngz: You missed the countdown already! DX

Happy MIngz: And.. Whats wrong with it?? ~.O

Emo MIngz: Its just.. erm.. *scratching his head*

Happy MIngz: Its just what?? o.O

Emo MIngz: Its just.. ARH!! Screw It!! Happy New Year!!