Thursday, December 27, 2007

PMR Results day..

OMG!!! The day that every single form 3 in year 2007 has been waiting.. Today is the day that we knw did we really put in effort in our studies.. Or just telling lies to our parents and just said that we have study or put in effort. Today is the day that we know it ourselfs...

Early in the moring i woke up very early. I woke up around 8.15am. I was too nervous and i cant really sleep last night. I woke up and tried to calm myself down by playing PS!! XD I play the Digimon world 2 that Jeffrey gave to me. After playing until around 9.45am, my mom was on her way to her school. So she will be fetching me in the sametime as well.

The first thing she said when she get into the car is "Must get good results arh!?". I knew that she was going said that. I continue praying hard in the car, wishing that i could get good results or at least the result that is acceptable. I was just hoping that i didnt fail any subs! That would be very BAD! D8

I reach school and i saw lots of my friends standing outside of the school. I was wondering whats going on? Results come out adi? (o.O) One of them told me that we have to wear school uniforms to get our results. (FYI. Im wearing casual) I was worried, cos i dun have a phone to call my parents and im kinda lazy to walk back home and come back here just for that uniform. Arh! Screw it! XD

When I enter the school, everybody was there. Some of them are siting down and talking with there friends. I was looking around the and see anybody that i knw there. While i was looking around, i spotted something new abt my school. There is a Basketball Court there!!! XO WooooHooo!! Now i can really enjoy life in school! Time to show off my basketball skills! XP If i can..

Finally the real Climax time has come. The time to knw our results.. It was super freaky and everybody was scared. I was still looking around and see is there anyone there i knw. I finally spotted, LenPing and WeiSoong. We sit down and talked abt our results.. While i was looking around some girls pass thought me. Then one of them hitted my head! I was wondering who was the naughty one hitting my head! I turn my head back and there is the head hitter! Jin Hwei! XD

After a while i still cant spot any of my friends! More important i cant spot any girls that i knw! Except some of them la.. Gloria was not there! D8 I was think that is she coming or not? o.O After that, teachers begining to walk into the canteen. Everybody shouted for their arrival. On the same time i spotted Justin and Darren! The Hengdais are all now back into pieces! XD

Mr.Ravi appoarch to us and sit down and opened his file. *Dup Dup.. Dup Dup..* He started calling name. Well why must listen to the names? Lets skip this part! XD Zooomm... My turn was there and i look at the result paper and go @#^%$#*$*^$#@#!!!!! I dun feel like revealing my results. But let me give you all a tip, the result was in the middle or should i say acceptable. Thus there are NO fails!! YESSSSS!!! XD

I phoned my mom and she said "So lousy arh the marks!?" I was like.. WTF!?? Whats wrong with her!? I phone my dad and told him, he sound kinda tired. Mayb cos he just came back from work, but he was proud of me. Thanks dad! XD Wei Soong got, @$#@*%#&$@!#% grades (I dun wanna reveal anybodies grades) Justin got @%$&#^%& grades and Darren got *$^(&% grades. (Hint the longer the words are the better the grades are) After that i spotted Gloria!! XD I was shooooo happy to see her again! (I not have relationships with her!) Looks like she got great grades and so is Khai Sern, XinWei, JinHwei and the others there! Good for you peeps! XD
I got 4 Azzzz only! XD
Even knw my grades arent high like the others.. but still im kinda proud with my grades. To those who get great grades please do concern abt the people beside you.. They could get the grades that they didnt wanted to have. So please be there and advice them. To those to didnt get great grades, dun ever give up hope! PMR is just a piece or paper la.. throw it away and put in the MAX effort in the future! Justin dun feel bad abt yurself..