Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tag Along: 100 Questions.

Justin: Stop!!!

MIngz: *stoped moving* Gulp...

Justin moved a few step forward and touched MIngz

Justin: Tagged You!

MIngz: What!? Werent you going to shoot me!?

Justin: Since when did i say that?

MIngz: On the last tagged you did to me!

Justin: Oww... Well im not going to shoot u until you finished it!

MIngz: What!!?? D8

(Note: This conversation was never exist. I just another one of my lame jokes to lighten up my blog. XP)

100 Questions:

1. Full Name: Tan Yu Ming

2. Name backwards: Ginm Uy Nat?? (what the!? =.=")

3. Were you named after someone: Nope, but before yes! Lee Yu Ming! XD

4. Meaning of the name: Yu in Chinese is Yao, Ming in chinese is the same. So "Yao Ming" in chinese is called, need life/want life. ARH!! I dunno knw la! DX

5. Nickname: MIngz!!! XD

6. Screen name: MIngz lo!! XD

7. D.O.B. 25 FEB, always keep that in mind! XD

8. Place of Birth: Asunta Hospital.

9. Nationally: M'sians! Malaysia!!

10. Current location: Infront of the computer! XD

11. Star Sign: Pisces! I think...

12. Religion: Buddhist! I love lord Buddha!!! XD

13. Current Height: My Bro says that Im at least 179cm. XP

14. Current Weight: 61kg!! I just did weight myself 15 minutes ago! XD

15. Shoes Size: Size 11. My basketball friends says that Im BIG FOOT! X(

16. Hair Colour: 80% black, 15% white, 5% brownish.

17. Eye Colour: Brownish colour, I just found out! XD

18. Who do you look like: My daddy! We have the same nose! XD

19. Innie or Outie: Outie! Outdoor rocks! Is that what it means? o.O

20. Lefty or Righty: Righty! Always do the Right thing! XD

21. Gay, Straight, Bi or others: Whats is this?? o.O

22. Best Friend: Friend = Best Friend

23. Best Friend you trust the most: Friend = Best Friend = Trustable people

24. Favourite Pals: Friend = Best Friend = Favourite Pals

25. Best Friend of Opposite Sex: Jin Hwei, Gloria, Rebbeca, YanLeng, PeiYin, Sien Dee, etc...

26. Best Buddies: Sui Lun, Justin, John, MunWai, Weng, Chao, Fai, Darren, etc...

27. Boy Friend or Girl Friend: Girl Friends! I Love Girls! XD

28. Crush: The Girl in Genting (read the genting trip morning to knw more)

29. Parents: Dada and Mama

30. Worst Enemy: Dont wanna say names!

31. Favourite Online Guy: A guy named himself XxXRikuXxX in Friendster.

32. Favourite Online Girl: A girl named herself *~Sweetie~* in Friendster.

33. Craziest Friend: Fai and Chao!! Those faggets! XD

34. Advice Friend: MunWai! His advice are the best man! XD

35. Loudest Friend: Fai and My noisy side! XD

36. Person you cried with: My another side..

37. Any Sister: Eleder one, Kelly Tan.

38. Any Brother: Eledest one, Ju-Ho

39. Any Pets: Jasper!! Kawai~ XD

40. Any Disease: Lame transfer disease! XD

41. Pager: Nope

42. Personal Phone Line: Do I look like I own a company to you?

43. Cell Phone: Haiz.. dont talk abt it..

44. Lave Lamp: Im not that poor! XP

45. Pool or Hot Tube: Pool! CPC!! XD

46. A Car: Masked Rider toy car! XD

47. Your Personality: One word... LAME! XD

48. Driving: I dont even play Inital D!

49. Room: Yup! But i dont own it alone!

50. Whats Missing: A girlfriend..sobs..

51. School: SMK Taman SEA

52. Bed: One SUPER Big one!

53. Relationship with Parents: Dada ya, Mama no no.

54. Believe in Yourself: Sometimes

55. Believe in love at first sight: Yup, have experience it before!

56. Good Listener: Sorta.. Depends on how intresting it is.

57. Get Along with Parents: Mostly Yes.

58. Save E-mail/MSN convos: Nope

59. Pray: To Lord Buddha! Sunday School! XD

60. Believe in Reincarnation: All Buddhist believe in that, i think..

61. Make Fun of Poeple: Hah! Always! XD

62. Like to talk on Phones: Erm.. not really..

63. Want to get married: I dun even have a girlfriend yet.

64. Like to Drive: I dont play racing video games!

65. Motion Sickness: If this is emo then yes.

66. Eat Stem or Broccoli: I dun really like eating vegies. XP

67. Eat Chicken with Fork: No ah, No ah.. with my feet! XD

68. Favourite Colour: White, Black and Silver

69. Type with yur fingers on home role: Whats a home role?

70. Sleep with stuuff animal: Yesh! My Tiger! XD

71. Next to You: My brother. XD

72. On the wall of your room: KOF Posters!

73. On Your mousepad: What do think it is? Mickey Mouse?

74. Dream Car: Evo IV

75. Dream Date: Jolin Tsai! (You wish!)

76. Dream Honeymoon Spot: A place that has no one kacau-ing! Thats All!!

77. Dream Husband/Wife: Jolin Tsai! (Keep on dreaming..)

78. Bedtime: Usually 10pm~12am, but now 1am~3am! XP

79. Under your bed: Dusts.. oh and my comic books!

80. Single most important question: Sorta..

81. Bad time of the day: As long as mom starts nagging it means bad time already.

82. Your worst fear: Seeing moving Dummies at night! D8

83. The weather is: Bright sunnyday!

84. Time: 11.18am

85. Date: 20.12.07

86. Best Trick you did on someone: Showing off my magic tricks la! XD

87. Theme Song: As long as its emo den its my theme song adi. XD

88. Hardest thing about going up: Exams! Looking for Jobs! etc..

89. Funniest Experience: Can really number it out.. XP

90. Scariest Experience: Saw a dead skeleton in my camp. (true story!)

91. Silliest things you have ever said: Lots of it! Dun forget im Lame! XD

92. Most desparate and funniest thing you have done to get the opposite sex: Laughing while Perposing infront of her. (But still she accepted it! FYI my first X)

93. Scariest Experience while with yur friend: Same as no. 90. read back please!

94. Worst Feeling: Broking up with some one you love, Looks at the person you like with other people, Rejected while perposing, and leaving Sunday School! Sobs...

95. Best Feeling in the world: Get to have fun with the person you like. XD

96. Favourite Subject: Maths and English!

97. Favourite Teachers: Puan Teh and Bro Ronnie! XD

98. Favourite Band: Lots of them!

99. Favourite Singer: Jolin Tsai!! XD

100. Choose 8 people to do this quiz: JohnWong, Kelly Tan, YanLeng, MunWai, SuiLun, WeiGin, GloriaChan, PeiYin.

Justin: STOP!!

MIngz: Im not gonna fall for that this time! *continue walking*

Justin: BANG!! *using his own sound*

MIngz: Waaaahhhh!!!

Justin: Trick ya!! Coward!

MIngz: Grrr... yur soo Dead!

MIngz take out tons of weapons in his hands.

Justin: Whats the!? Those are toys right? *worrying*

MIngz: Oww... Yes! Wanna Try it! *staring at Justin evily*

Justin: Waaaaa!!!! *running away*

MIngz: Come back you Fagget!!! Eyaaaa!!!

(My Apolgise for no ending greetings.. Thank you for watching..)