Monday, June 28, 2010

Back to that Hair Style

Well guess what people? I cut my hair again! Yeap, after 5~6 months of having long hair.. i decided to cut my hair again.. XP

I have reasons for cutting it...

One, is cause i wanna make my dad happy. X) My dad has been wanting me to cut my hair for a long time already. It was a huge sacrifice but its totally worth it. And i think its like the best Father's Day present for my dad this year.

Two, I felt kinda bored with long hair.. Not to say im bored looking myself with long hair in the mirror but what i meant is having a long hair has its own disadvantages. For example.. its covering ur eyes, its thicking hot and etc...

Three, Im sick of listening to complains.. Yeap, who else? My one and only mom.. Oh well, whatever she is saying or doing is definately for my own good..

Through all this reasons... I think is enough to explain why do i wanna cut my hair. XD

Let me tell u the whole story of why i wanna cut my hair.. Its pretty funny.

One day... Me and my family are having dinner.

Dad: Huh.. Everyone in the family is having long hair...
Me: Yeah, what about it?
Dad: I dunno.. I remember that i have two sons.. but i dunno where did they all go?
Me: Haha, you wanna see one of ur son come back?
Dad: Of course! *laughs*

So i decided to take the courage and cut my freaking long hair. i was expecting it to be medium short-ness but it turn out being freaking short. DX But who care.. i was going to cut short any ways... mind as well one shot cut it until freaking short! XD

When i reach home and let my dad see.. this is his reaction.

Dad: 'WHOA! My son is back! 8D I LIKE!'

Priceless... so i told him that that was his father's day present. XD I guess its some prefect father's present for him after all! XD

Well i receive different reaction from all my family members. My mom's one is the freaking weirdest one.. heres what she said...

(Before cutting my hair)
Mom: 'Your hair tooo long.'

(After cutting my hair)
Mom: 'Your hair tooo short.'


My brother was not surprised at all.. cause he thinks my hair is a little bit long but going short hair is okay with him as well. My sister was a little bit surprising seeing my hair going long.. XD

I think its about time i show my hair to my friends.. so my first destination was Sunday School..

I receive freaking funny reactions. Some of them went "WHAO!? WTH!?' or just 'WHAO!?'. some of them liked my new hair and some of them thinks that my longer hair looks better. Mayb cause they see my short hair until sien already or mayb its the other way around. Oh well~ XD

Next, to the CAMPUS!!! XD

Alright, showing my new hair style is the first thing i ever done. Cause from the first day i went to campus, my hair was already long. So showing them my new hair could be something new.. XP

I asked a few friend of mine to cut their hair along with me so that i wont feel left out or something. Turns out most of them FFK me. Only Max teman-ed me to cut his hair. Sporting! XD

Seeing their reaction is freaking pricelesss.. Some of them are freaking shocked, and some of them got stomachache by laughing too hard. Some of them said they like it and some of them said they dont.

The winner for the most funniest reaction is... Mr.Siva. XD His reaction was the funniest and the most exaggerating one.. heres what happened..

Right after my Moral studies class with Max and Ivan, i have another class which is Mr.Siva's one. So i entered the class before he even came in. Max and Ivan saw Mr.Siva around corridoor walking to my classs, and they told Mr.Siva...

Max and Ivan: 'Sir!! Did you saw Klex?'
Mr.Siva: 'No, why??'
Max and Ivan: 'He cut his hair sir!'
Mr.Siva: 'Really!?
Max and Ivan: 'Yes sir! He cut cause England lost! XD'
Mr.Siva: 'Haiya... I dont believe la..'

After Mr.Siva step into class...

Mr.Siva: 'OMG!!! That is not Klex!? Klex what happened to you!'
Me: 'Its me sir, seriously.. XD'
Mr.Siva: 'Why did u do that for!?'
Me: 'Father's day present sir! XD'
Mr.Siva: 'I thought father's day is for your father not for yourself!?'

Mr.Siva's reaction was priceless... deserve to be a winner. XD

Well at least some of them liked my hair.. Ppl like Han Han, Wai Sin, Xiau Wei, Corliss, Vanessa, Winnie and etc... Mostly are girls.. Good enough. XD Even the lectures liked it! XD

I feel like some high school student again and of course i feel young.. oh well~ I dont care how many people dislike or prefer this hair or something.. as long as my father likes it. X)

Dad: 'Eh, what too short!? Its PERFECT! I LIKE! XD'

Friday, June 25, 2010

Ping Pong *PIACK*

Okay this post is just dedicated to my friend, Max. This is like the funniest thing that has ever happened to him.. well his always funny but this is just one of the thing that i remember..

Heres what happened..

It was Wednesday.. I have to go back to campus to get my 'Dreamweaver' program for my Internet Principle assignment. So after that finish taking the program.. i hang out around DSA for a little while and play ping pong with Justin.

After that Max and Ivan came back to main campus cause their exams just end. They join us a played a little bit of ping pong. Then four of us played a little bit of one on one game. Not long later ZhenPei came to DSA a well. XP

A few rounds pass and it was Ivan and Max's turn to play. While they are playing.. there are notice boards behide of Ivan.. and some girls are looking at the board..

It was an epic game.. I dun remember whats the score but the game epic! Then one of the turns.. both of them are just hitting the ball normally.. until Ivan fails to counterback Max's super fast come back. The ball was flying in the air.. then Max sees the opportunity to go a smash!

The time was right.. the ball is infront of him.. and he smashed! Sending the ball dashing towards Ivan.. Ivan quickly and dodge and then..

*PIACK* follwing by a girl voice :'OUCH!'

The ball fly towards one of the girls butt and u can hear a loud *PIACK* noise there! All of us Laughed so hard and started rolling on the floor.. XD Max laughed so hard that his face turn red! or maybe cause he was shy.. XD

I was a super funny incident.. So i guess that Max's way on getting girl's attention. XD Well its a good way cause the girl that ball hitted was pretty hot. XP

Dont worry Max.. you may not be the smartest dude in this world but ur a good friend.. and an Awesome entertainer! XD

Just minutes ago.. I was talkin to Max on msn.. then he suddenly disconnected. Suddenly.. he called my handphone and this what happened..

Me: 'What 7!?'
Max: 'My house no electric city! XD'
Max: 'Dunno just tell u la..'
Me: 'Haha.. oooooo.. paranormal.. XD'
Max: 'Yeah, who knows there is a little girl playing with the switch..'
Me: 'WHAT!?'


Dont feel bad Max.. look at the bright sides.. ur famous.. ur in my blog.. and now ppl know that ur a funny guy! XD

Believe me.. on monday.. Max is going to whack the shyt out of me la if he sees this post. XP

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Not so Paranormal..

WARNING: Those who are afraid and have heart attack.. DO NOT READ THIS POST! Its a little scary.. just a little bit..

NOTE: This is ALL TRUE! Im not making shyts up!

Ever heard of Paranormal incidents?? is where unbelievably and unexplainable incidents that happens around you.. mostly it means the existance of something.. if you know what i mean..

After watching Ghost Adventure.. the show where people go and find 'those kind of things'. Im starting to believe in paranormal activities and also paranormal stuffs already. Now im getting even more sensative to my surroundings.. And these days.. im starting to hear something pretty unexplainable around me..

Im going to say these are NOT SO Paranormal..

1. When im sleeping.. i heard a high pitched hissing.

2. When i enter my room and turn on the lights.. i saw my papers are scattered around.. (before that.. the paper are placed nicely..)

3. My dog started to howl all in a sudden.. (usually it means that they saw something)

4. My dog random barks at the gate for no reason.. i dont see anyone walking pass our house or something..

Freaky isnt it? Yeap.. its pretty freaky when u heard or see things kind of things happened.. I have actually more.. but i cant recall the others.. Now, u might think that something paranormal is there.. but still.. evidence and investigation can reveal the truth.

Like i said.. these are not so paranormal.. so heres the truth that i found out.

1. when i wake up and look around.. my brother was making the hissing noise when his asleep. Just to make sure.. i stare at him and wait for a next one.. and it is him! XD

2. The paper start scattering cause i forgot to turn of the fan when i left the room. XD

3. My dog thinks that the paper lama noise is very scary or something.. so whenever he saws a paper lama car.. he will start howling.. dont believe me? come and see it one day.. XD

4. My dog saw a rat.. so he started barking.. XD

This is all true.. its all to fake to make this shyt up! I actually investigate for answers just incase that something is not paranormal at home.. Well thank god there are evidence to explain all the weird things that im hearing. XP

Maybe cause theres a Buddha Statue.. thats why.. XD

But still there might be something at home.. but just that its not doing anything paranormal. XP Who knows right?? XP

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Being a Hero

When i was a small boy, i always wanted some super powers and be some super hero that save the world. (everybody has that thought..)

My brother says that he wants the power to control all elements around him. Sounds kinda childish but what can i say.. we all are kids during that time. XD

To be honest, when i was young. I wish I have the power to control swords around me.. or something like summoning my own swords or something. XD Well im gonna use it to kill or destroy anyone around me that pisses me off. XD Nope, nothing to do with saving the world.

Now, I want the powers to control time. Stop, Play, Replay, Speed Up, Slow Down. Everything that is related to time! But lets just face it.. that wont happen. XP

Heres what I think.. every man or should i say every human being that has been send to this world have their own super powers. We just dont know it. It may not seem to be a super power or something but it can still be use to save the world or help people around you. Normally, other people can see yours but you yourself cant see that super power.

Of course, those super power dont come to you like your born to have that power or something.. Those power are up to you to develop it or not. Simple as that. XD

Well.. I can't tell what super powers I have.. But i can tell what super powers of my father has. Since his really the Hero of the family.

I think my dad has the power to bear on to things.. like for my example.. my mom is pissed off on something and she finds my dad to release her stress or something. My dad listens and bears with it. He smiles and speak back to her nicely.. Normally, other husbands would pissed off and start fighthing with their wifes or something. But for my dad.. its nothing. XD

I think my dad has the power to make people smile. Never in my life that i ever seen him fail to make people laugh or smile. He gets angry sometime.. but he will come back to you and make you smile. Sometimes he doesnt have to come back to do.. he will just do something that he doesnt complete know himself that is funny. People say its stupid.. but i say its cute! XD

There TOO many things that i can talk about my dad.. if i wanna talk about this blog post would take up half of my blog page la. (No, im serious.. i got list of what powers my dad has. XD)

Well.. I have to say.. Im proud a dad like him. His really the Hero to my family. Its not really because he provide food and money for us.. is because of how he treats us..

My Dad is a HERO!! And i proud to say it.. X)

Someday im going to be a Hero just like him. And i want my powers to be exactly like him. Make people around him smile and happy.. X)

So i guess step 1 is to make everyone around me smile and happy.

Im sorry for being a few days late.. but im still going to say it..

Happy Father's Day..


Friday, June 18, 2010

700th Post

Yeap.. this is the 700th post of my blog! YAY!!! The joy! XD It feels like my blog has grown older by a year or something... within 3 years time.. i have 700 post in my blog! Amazing! XD

Today was also the first day of mid-term. Yeap, of all days.. Saturday! I should be sleeping in my bed instead of sit for a damm headache english paper! Beside that i have another paper which is Internet Principles.. No big deal about that. XD

Advanced English was a real pain in the neck.. I have a hard time figuring out the answers and turns out i dont have enough time to finish up my work! Well i finished it but with scrambles and craps. XD They need to make the time of the exams longer! sobs.. Ms.Tay will be so dissapointed in me.. X(

Right after the exams.. 'her' bf came and to talked to me for a moment.. I have no hard feelings with the dude as his really a very nice guy. X) He shook my hands and asked 'Are you okay?' and I said 'Haiyo.. not enough time la.. stupid exams..' then he said.. 'Thats not what i meant.. but okay! XD'. Im amazed that he actually came and asked how am i doing. Im really surprise.. For a moment there.. i felt happy.. 'she' doesnt care about me no more.. but at least 'her' him does. X)

After that went makan with the others.. Most of them already have no exams for the day already.. but some of us still have exams.

Today, it was the my first time sitting in WaiSin's car. She was driving Max's car.. and Max was like shouting 'DONT!!!! NOOOOOO!!!! D8'. I thought he was shouting cause my life is at stake.. but the truth is that he was just concern that his car dies. DX Dumbass..

I cant believe i just send my self close to death in Wai Sin's car for 3 minutes of my life! Whats the worst thing is that.. she doesnt have a lisence! D8 No worries... im still alive.. XD

On our way to our lunch time.. I just bumped into a situation that almost trigger my emotional burst. Well its not only me.. a few of us are kinda angry of what happened.. Im not going to say anything but im just going to say a few things..

You can choose to ignore me.. BUT never choose to ignore US as in MY FRIENDS! They are once your friends who care for you! Dont just dumped them cause they dont talk to you no more!

My emotional was sooo angry that i kept silent for a few minutes.. But thanks to the people around me.. I still can still take it. X)

Then, took Wai Keong's car all the way back to Wisma HELP for my Internet Principle exams.

I was not 100% ready but im not very nervous for the exams. I entered the exams hall and Mr.Siva have already pick a the spot for me. Of all places he choose.. he choose the one RIGHT infront of him. Heres what happened..

Me: You purposely one la.. right sir?
Mr.Siva: Haha.. you know me very well.. XD
Me: Why la sir.. WHY!?
Mr.Siva: Cause I wanna to keep an eye on you so that you wont be thinking about the 3Gs.
Me: What 3Gs? o.O
Mr.Siva: Guitar, Games and Girls! XD


Talking with Mr.Siva always chills me out. XD Thanks to the two of us.. half of the people in the exam hall are laughing cause of our jokes. XD Dont believe me? Ask Ms.Renee. She was there. XD Both of us are like..

Me: Sir! Sir! Remember, one blink means A. XD
Mr.Siva: then what about 10 blinks..
Me: *Starts counting*
Someone from the hall: B!! XD
Mr.Siva: Why la you tell him?? Let him use his brain!
Me: I knew that! I was just testing you sir! XD
Mr.Siva: You're testing them! cause they are doing accouting..
Me: Issit!? D8


I think he purposely put me infront cause there is another chinese guy sitting beside of me. When i asked me.. he said.. 'I dont want you to feel lefted out. XD'. Mr.Siva is an AWESOME lecturer! XD Its proven that he reads my blog cause he knows everything about me. X)

Internet principle.. I cant say that is freaking easy but i can say its good cause Mr.Siva actually asked us a few of the questions in the class already. So im pretty confident with my answers. X)

I walked all the way back to HMC.. and to be honest.. its not that far.. XD Walking back always chills me out.. makes me feel like high school again.. XP

Nothing much to talk about already.. If i wanna talk more it would be about scary stuffs.. Thanks to Xiau Wei and Wai Sin.. im back in interest about paranormal documentary.. XD

One day.. im gonna let them watch Ghost Adventure's Documentary. XD

The END of the 700th Post. X)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The meaning of 'Klex'

I got bored from studying Internet Principle.. So i started turning on the computer to take a short break. (Yeah right.. a LONG break.. XD)

I got bored with facebook since no one is spamming my wall or something.. no one talking to me on msn cause they are probably busy studying right now.. I cant play my PSP because its charging and i dont charge and play my PSP.. (they say it will spoil the battery.)

So here what i did.. I went to goggle and type 'Klex' as a query. I first click search for the image.. and this is what i got as my search results.

Somebody made a Klex logo at some place.. looks freaking cool! XD

This dog is named Klex and its 4 weeks old.. XD

This guy's name is Klex as well. Klex Kreissman. Dont believe.. try finding him on facebook. You'll be surprise.. XD

I cant really find anymore pictures that is closely related to the word 'Klex' so i decided to hit on the webs to find if there is anything else or any meaning of my new name. XD

Heres what i found..

- KLEX is a Blue Grass Airport that is located at Lexigton, Kentucky, USA! (Im a freaking Airport! XD)

- Klex means providing an endless carousel of unique generative entities. (dont know what does that mean.. but it sure sounds cool! XD)

- KLEX (AM) , a radio station (1570 AM) licensed to Lexington, Missouri, United States. (It was found in Wikipedia.. XD)

- I never knew there is a images called.. KLEX image. Dont believe me? Check out this website.

- There is a website called KLEX IT. Coincidentally, it ralates alot to me! XD Check it out!

Im surprise that i can found out so many hidden and special things there are related to my name! XP I dont really get most of it.. but seriously.. freaking cool! XD

Seriously.. this is something very fun to do! You should try! XD

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jersey means Lucky

Here something that is nothing to do with today or this topic. But i just wanna share it and express it to the world. XP

Yesterday.. some of my brother's friends came by to my house. They are waiting for my brother to finish his bath and go out and study. (I doubt that..) Three guys and a girl came to my house.. All looked freaking matured.. (especially the girl.. shes kinda cute. XD)

Heres the big thing.. the girl came into my room and go like..

'Are you the guy who mash up the 10 songs in youtube? I love that mash up!'

Wow.. i cant believe.. even my brother's friend knows me! And shes like a small fan of mine.. she says she watchs my videos. Haha, after what happened that day.. she really made my day. X) I didnt even get to catch her name! D8 dammit..

Alright now back to the real topic.. XD

Wednessday.. Although the time table is a little screw up but im starting to like this day.. XD Especially today.. XP

Today's dress code was Jersey day VS Superman day. So people get to choose to wear Football Jerseys or Superman shirt. I don't even have both.. so i decided to ask Max to borrow me a football jersey. (i believe that guy wont have some childish superman wear. XD). I turns out me, Max and Xiau Wei are wearing the same shirt! XD Awesome-ness

Once I got the fake England country football jersey. My luck sorta changed.. im kinda supersitious about it.. but im serious. My luck changed.. or mayb its just me.. XD

This jersey changed my luck for today! 8D

Rooney.. I dunno who the hell is that but i dun care! XD

Ms.Shamila's class was sooo much interesting today.. Mayb is cause im awake.. I slept early last night. XP (ask Jia Lin shes my witness. XD) But i am more awake in the class today.. i know more about arguements! 8D Interesting..

9.30am and class ends.. went out and eat with Max, Ivan, Esther, Fiona, Justin, Daniel, Alex, Amanda and Ysabelle. I think that Splendid (the place that we ate) is like a hang out bonding place for poeple. XD Well mayb cause its new. But the mushroom chicken chop is better than the black pepper chicken chop there. Well its just something that i wanna tell u guys just for fun. XD

Then i got some free time.. was waiting for Winnie cause she says she wants to talk to me. So i accompany Amy Wong in DSA for awhile.. both of us did alot of talking.. and so..

Today i know a little bit more about Amy Wong. X)

I have a nice and awesome time with Amy Wong then i have to run along and look for Winnie. Turns out both of us just cant stay at one particular spot and wait for each other. We end up running around playing hide and seek. XP Thanks to Justin's phone call, i manage to track her down. XD

In the end i found her.. After that we find a spot and have a long updating session. Its good thing that some old friend of mine actually care and want to know more about me. Winnie is definately one of them. X)

So, today I know more about Winnie as well. X)

I might be a loner.. but im a loner that cares for people.. X)

After that.. head to have a little ping-pong session. But then Justin borrow some Uno-stacko game from the DSA guy and so we turn out playing Uno-stacko! XD Me, Vanessa, KimNgiam, Nick, Jia Lin and Justin himself are playing..

I never knew that Uno-Stacko can get so tension and pumped up! I was the king the of steady hands! I defeat the impossible! XD I ROCK IN THAT GAME! XD

Nick was trying so scare the stocko so that i will fall.. XD

I was trying to look for the prefect one to pick.. You can see how tall and screw up the stacko is during that time.

Look at my serious face when i am taking it out.. the guy beside of me is like 'WOW! Its moving! 8D'

This picture was the most epic one! Thanks to Jia Lin and Vanessa Lee for the pictures. XP After my turn, it was Kim Ngiam's one.. so he lost. XD

After that thanks to Esther, i get to have a free and easy ride home! XD It was my first time sitting in Esther's car! And I have to say.. he driving skills a better than Justin's. (just kidding..) Well both of them are fine la..XD Just that Justin likes to joke around more. XD and Esther is more serious. XP

Went home.. play some kick as Patapon 2 game! I LOVE Patapon! Its a freaking nice game! I finished Patapon 1 and now Patapon 2 should be easier for me now. XP

Then i found out that BBS's English version trailer is out! Check it out!

Argh.. the thing that i dont like about english trailer is that.. they will spoil every single voice of the character. My sexy Terra's voice is now GONE!! The english totally spoiled everyhing! The only good voices there are left in this game are the Disney characters voice and also Vanitas. Vanitas's voice sounds cool! XD

The good thing about English version is that they did some changes and improvements to the game system. It can be good or bad changes.. i dunno but from what i can tell its good. (i think..) I get to fight another new hidden boss! Look around 3.04, you can see a dark organization 13 member cloths guy with an awesome light saber swords fighthing with aqua! Totally epic! XD

I clean up my room as well! XD Not really clean up.. the air-con in my room spoiled.. so me and my brother have to move to the tuition/guest room to sleep.. so our old room become some cyberspace technology room. I wont say it a cybercafe.. cause its not! XD But im actually playing my PSP, updating my blog, playing my guitar and checking out 'Whose Line Is It Anyways' at the same time. XD

Cool eh!? I find it freaking awesome! XD

I have to say.. today is a good day.. Its waaaay better than averages day. X) I did saw her.. and it did made me mad and depress for a moment.. but after talking to Amy Wong, Winnie and Corliss.. i felt better. X)

Talking and hanging to other girls is always a guy's remedy! XD

Thank You everyone.. Thank You! X)

I don't hate you = I love you

A picture that i wanna share to you all.. XD

Monday, June 14, 2010

How can You Stay so Strong?

Today.. i found a friend of mine crying over a relationship problem. It was no surprise so see someone cry about this as it is hard to take it for a girl.

She is a girl that knows my story and i know hers as well.. To be honest.. both of our problems are pretty much similiar to each other.. so both of us can easily understand each other's situation.

I went an comfort her a little bit.. after awhile the tears stopped.. then she asked me a very interesting question.. which i find it hard to answer for myself.. She said..

'How can you stay so strong??'

I've been doing alot of thinking on my journey back home.. so girl, im going to answer that question right now.. Im not only to answer this question for her.. but to everyone else who is reading this blog and felt the same way as i do..

I have various of different answer.. and im going to come at it all out..

1. Im wearing a fake smiling mask. Yes, i will be honest.. NO ONE in this world can cure the pain of losing someone or something that you cherish in just a few days. If that person is FINE with it is either he/she doesnt cherish that thing that much or he/she is wearing a fake mask. NO ONE in this world is strong enough to width stand such pain and lost.

2. I dont want everyone else to get emo along as well. Im not sure about this answer but i believe that when one person get emo.. the sensative ones will.. some might even get pissed due to the contantly emo-ness serroundings. (I am one of them)

3. I have a positive thinking that something good will happen to me one day. Keep a positive thought is always a great way to cure the pain in one's heart. Keep a strong positive thought and everything will soon go away. Telling urself positive stuffs works as well. XD And having this positive actions can REALLY bring something good to you someday! XD (no kidding) This proves that what we learn in Critical Thinking are REAL! XD

4. I have great jokers around me. You know Ivan and Max? They are great jokers! XD And since im a idiot like them.. i always spend time with them laughing our asses off with what stupid things we said or do. XD They are also my good friends.. which understands me pretty well. They dont bring up things that reminds me of 'her'. Getting to know some jokers that understand you really helps. I have to say they are awesome friends.. X)

5. I have my ways of keeping my thoughts away. Sometimes.. u have a thought that you HATE the person right? Everyone has it actually.. but it depends on how we release. Mine is through play guitars, listening to HAPPY music (no emo! dont ever listen to emo musics when ur already emo! XD) and playing video games (that why u see me holding PSP all the time.)

6. I do or act anything that can make me see or think of her. Dont ever do this.. this is just my way.. i avoid 'her' these days so that i wont wanna get angry or sad when i look at 'her'. As my emotion are very unstable.. i tend to BURST very easy.. a small slight thing can make me very angry and ppl around me will suffer. So i avoid 'her' as much.. ignore 'her' as well.. I repeat dont do this! DONT EVER DO THIS!

I think thats all.. I guess this are good enough to explain and answer your question. X)

There are times that one can get sad or burst into anger.. girls burst into tears but guys burst into hatred.. No one can bear with it forever.. one day the emotion will burst. Just today.. i just faced my first anger burst.

While playing ping pong i tend to get very serious.. at one point that i was getting so serious.. my grip towards the bat is getting tighter and tigher. I tend to smash every moment. Until a certain point my grip lost control and my face started turning red. Alot of people were looking at me.. and they thought something is going on. I almost injured a girl.. I cant take it anymore and i quickly escape from the room and calm myself at the corner.

Then Ivan, Faris, Wai Sin and Max came and comfort me. I cant really explain to them face to face.. Im very sorry that i had them worried about me.. i shall can explain to them through here..

I was angry.. I have thoughts about her again.. i kept thinking back what all the things that i have done for her. Cheering her up.. listening to her problems.. calling her up to make her happy.. spamming her walls to keep her entertain.. then i think again.. after what all i have done.. i get NOTHING but a broken heart!

Why am I not that one that she cares!? Why am I not the one who she will come when she have a good news or bad news!? Why am I not the one who is closer than anyone else she have around her!? WHY!?

What i think is.. she basicly dont care! What i did for her is meaningless to her as many other guys do that to her everyday! I just some average guy to her! And NOW what i get is nothing but ignorance from her! WHAT THE FUCK!

Its already day 6. Still no respond.. Im not surprise..

I can bear with this life.. I wont die.. Dont worry.. X)

The Great Thinking Love Story of California Sister

My 2nd mash up is done and up one youtube! I should call is part 2 of my mash up series. XD Which means there will be part 3, 4, 5, etc..

Special thanks to Harmika for giving me this challenge. I accepted it with much pleasure! And the challenge was epic.. XP The challenge was that I must include the song 'California Gurls' inside a mash up by this month. Totally an epic challenge. XD

The name of the songs is called...

The Great Thinking Love Story of California Sisters

I got the name through combining all 6 songs names together.. the songs which are mashed up are..

1. The Climb -Miley Cyrus
2. The Great Escape -Boys like Girls
3. Thinking of You -Katy Perry
4. Love Story -Taylor Swift
5. California Gurls -Katy Perry
6. Hey Soul Sisters -Train

What do you guys think about it? XP

Heres what i think about this time's mashed up.. Compare to part 1, this one takes a shorter time to create as it is only 6 simple songs. It took me 3 days to finish this one but 3 weeks to finish the first one. Plus, compare to part 1, this one is not very interesting and my voice is suckier in this part.

I have to admit.. the first one was better.. The second one was a little too rushing.. mayb cause im excited to post it up but i never knew that it would turn out this bad. Totally not what i expected. Overall it did turn out pretty well as all the lyrics are correct and chords are fine.. XP

I cant wait for another challenge from anyone of you! Feel free to demand for songs for part 3 but this time.. dont set a date limit plss.. it gives me pressure. XD Send me the songs that u want to mash up through youtube. No Facebook plss.. XP

Im going to take a short break.. probably around 1 week or so la.. after my exams.. i'll get back to my youtube stuffs. XP


You guys are the best! X)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weng Chun + Over the Clouds

Yes, Yes, im kinda out dated.. and Yes, Yes, i just watched Ip Man 2.

Its truth that the movie is as awesome as everyone said. To be honest.. its the first movie that made me really smile for this year. (yeah, its weird that i smile while i watch movie) Although is more to an action movie but the movie seriously touched me.

I dunno why.. but this movie makes me proud to be a chinese! XD

To be honest.. I dont even know there is a chinese martial art called 'Weng Chun'. But from the looks of the movie.. the art is freaking AWESOME! XD Even Bruce Lee learn that martial arts. XD (I bet some of u dont know about it.. but its true!)

To be honest.. his a HOT daddy! Its awkward for a guy to say this but im still going to say it.. besides my dad, his a very handsome daddy. But his no match for my father! XD

He can fight.. but my dad can COOK! HAH! beat that! XD You can never find that art in any kung-fu book called 'Loh Pak Gou' XD

Some of you might be thinking.. what happend to Klex's blog title called 'Just Cant Get Any Better'?? and why issit 'Over the Clouds' now!? D8

Well i have various reason.. but im going to summarize and also explain only the importance. XP

One is basicly cause im EMO. Yeah, my title changes according to how i feel.. XP but that only happens once in awhile.. cause im a lazy person.

Two, im a guy likes to look at the sky just so that some of you dont know.. XP

Three. its cause the old one is getting boring for awhile.. i might even change the picture of the header too. XD

Four, is because i was inspired by a song to change.. Heres where the real topic comes in. XP

Remember the other game that i want? (not BBS.. i already got that one. XD) Its called 'God Eater'?? Well i just found their opening song is freaking awesome! Yeap, its called 'Over the Clouds' sand by this very very beutiful lady called Alan.

Alan, she what i mean that shes beutiful? XD

Shes the theme song singer for 'God Eater'. Totally Awesome!

I never knew that God Eater was an anime before it became a game. XD The anime is freaking cool.. mayb i should take some time watching it next time. XP

Over the Clouds -Alan

Cool right the song? XD Its a little freaking for some reason.. i will never put this song as my alarm clock. XD Listen to the full song.. its freaking awesome.. (for me la..) Its like those chilling semi techno kind of song.. which totally makes me wanna dance. XD

There are two versions for this song. One is by the original singer, Alan and another one is a cover done by MOA. (I dunno whose that) both of their voice are freaking awesome.. mayb is cause of the song. XD

I have a moral studies presentation coming on tuesday with Ivan, Max and Avent. Im actually working on the slide now! And guess whats our topic? Its Christianity!

I just found out one thing about this moral studies presentation thingy.. All four us are using fake names! XD Pretty cool huh? XP

I was like thinking.. Im a buddhist.. what am i doing going around the internet looking for the source and informations about Christianity!? D8 Felt pretty awkward..

I will probably ask Winnie to help me out in this topic since shes a loyal christian. Or mayb Nathanael.. but i think we will end up talking about games instead. XD

Going on facebook spamming wall on ppl that i dont really know.. XP Basicly is because im freaking bored and i need some entertainment to keep me entertained. XP

I used to do the spamming things with 'her' but now i think it doesnt really matter to 'her' anymore.. basicly.. 'she' dont care i think. 'She' probably just think that im just another dude that is interested in 'her'. I bet there are like TONS of guys who did that to 'her'..

Thinking about it just makes me so angry! But i tell myself not to bother about it.. i wont bring any good to me..

Its hard for me to forget it.. but i have to learn how to..

This is not the first time.. so i can bear with it.. X)

Guess what? To all youtube fans out there in this world! My 2nd mash up is done! Yeap, the one which was challenged by Harmika. XD Now all i have to do now is upload it on youtube and then share it to the world! XD

I have to say that the first one was waaaay better.. mayb is because i focus on the first one long than the second. But i just wanna get over with the second.. XP

Yes, im playing without the last string again.. so its going to be a prefect guitar tunning. XP

Heres what i named the song.. im not a very good namer but who cares! XD

The Great Thinking Love Story of California Sisters.

Try to figure out what songs are mashed up together this time? XP

I hope you guys out there can help me share it to the whole world.. just like how u guys did for the first one. XP

Now I bet Alex is bloggin about something bad about me now.. *checks Alex's blog' Yeah, he IS talking bad about me. XD

Well i think thats all.. for now..

Presentation.. Proposals.. and Mid-Terms..

Sheeeshh.. cant this carefree guy get some rest!? DX

Friday, June 11, 2010

Love is in the Air

Before i enter the REAL topic of this post.. let me just ask you guys something..

How do you guys like my new blog design/layout/title!? XD

Dont ask me.. cause im going to answer.. I LOVED IT!! Just that i have to get use to clicking stuffs of the left side now and not the right side anymore. XD

Now where are we? Ahhh yes.. the topic of this blog post. XD

In college i can see tons of love birds everywhere! Two people hugging, kissing, holding hands.. Just two days ago Mr.Siva and I saw a couple kissing at the corridoor. And i know who the couples are. XP

Im not saying its a bad thing.. i find it good actually. Its a good thing that some of them are spending some happy time with ppl that they like. (i shall not say love cause that is too deep) Im proud that some of my friends are happy again. X) Lesser emotional ppl in campus now. XD

But still sometimes seeing couples around the campus makes me kinda sad.. and sometimes.. jealous.. its a normal thing for a single relationship kind of guy to do so.. oh well.. lets keep waiting for an angel to come again. XD

My quizzes are now all over! (Owh yay! the joy!) but now there is 1 more week till my mid terms.. (owh damm!) then after that, i got my internet principle presentation right after mid terms. D8

Yeah im going to get busy again.. but i still im going to go happy and relax~ XP My exams are only 2 days only. XP So dont bother.

After posting and sharing my 'When 10 Songs Meet'. I've been receiving tons of awesome comments. From my high school friends and also college friends. Well more to college friends.. most of my high school friends dont really care. XP

Harmika liked my video and he decided to give me challenge.. he asked me to make another mash up but i must included the song 'California Gurls' by Katy Perry. Plus there is a due date.. by the end of this month i must post the video up already. He says its for his farewell song.

Sounds like an awesome challenge to me.. cause this time i dont rmbr the lyrics and i dont know the chords.. i have to create my own chords for this song and i have to mash it up perfectly with other few songs. But this time.. 10 songs is too much.. I decided to stick to 5 or 6 songs mash up only. XP

Thanks for the request Harmika. XP I actually working up on it already.. a new video soon will be up.. so hope you guys are looking forward to it. X)

Im so sick of looking at things that i dont wanna see..

Thats not the worst thing..

4 days alright.. and I say.. its called 'Ignorance..'

Its just day four.. lets see what will happened next..
One of the difference between last time and now is that.. I need to stare at my phone and think who can i sms to.. it cannot be you anymore..
Dont worry.. Be Happy~ X)

When 10 Songs Meet

Its been awhile ever since i made my own video cover.. so yesterday i decided to make a video cover after all. Plus, for some reason.. i got a little influenced from Kai Shin.. I wanted to do a video cover even more. XD

Since i havent been updating my youtube account. i decided to upload 10 songs all together in one SHOT! With a little help from 'How Six Songs Collide' i manage to mash up 10 songs all together in some same a simple chords! 8D

I've been working it out for a long time already.. after 2 months of practising i think it its prefect! And now i think im ready to get it post up on youtube!! I called this song..

When 10 Songs Meet

So what do you guys think? XP Got any comments, please comment it on youtube.. and not here. XP thank you~

So far.. i've been getting awesome comments on youtube and also amazing remarks from my friends on facebook. Most of my friends in youtube have already watched the video on facebook and some of them even came to youtube and rate, comment and subsribe! 8D

So, i wanna take is opportunity to say.. Thanks to everyone that has been sharing the video on facebook and thanks to everyone who have commneted on my video! You guys are awesome!

Special thanks to.. Justin for recommanding the song, Kai Shin for influencig me, and YUI for making me wanna sing and play guitar again. XP

I think i should start updating my youtube account again. XP

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dont worry.. Be Happy..

College seems a little bit quiet these days.. the march intakers are not around and the january intakers are much busy settling up for mid terms and quizes.

So i guess its proven that march intakers are the main source of noise in HELP. XD And im going to be very very honest.. I missed the march intakers. X)

I've been having a pretty hard week right after CFC is over.. all the bad stuffs are coming in. I did good things during CFC, why am i getting bad karmas instead!?

I find David Choi songs are amazing.. All of his songs totally understands me.. sometimes i think that i dont need to figure out some words of wisdoms to explain my feelings. All i can do is just steal his lyrics and express my feelings! XD

Heres what im going to say to express my feelings..

I'm just having conversations..
with the thoughts in my head..
all I hear are angels crying..
Won't they just sing instead..

Honestly, this won't do..
how is she doing?
I tell myself I'm feeling swell..
but I know I'm such a fool..

I'll just take it as a new beginning..
but you know I don't feel that way..
who will take all this pain away?

Cause you'll probably find love..
In someone new..
I have to let go..
Yeah, its hard to do..

So if I ever see you on the street..
I'll pretend that I didnt see..
And turn my face..
No use in small talk anyways..
Cause if I look into your eyes..
Then Ill have to say goodbye..
And that'll break my heart..

Basicly.. most of the lyrics are from the song "That Girl".. XP

This is all true.. im am feeling this way right now..

Awww come on.. can I just be emotional for awhile again? XP

The pain will go away.. not today, not tomorrow, not the day after tomorrow but SOMEDAY. X)

Im going to be SUPER emotional unstable these days.. but dont worry.. I have my ways to chill myself down.. X) yes, Im angry, sad, depressed and dissapointed.. i'll be alone some times but i wont show myself to everyone..

I dont wanna be the one that makes everyone sad..

After all.. this is not the first time that this happened.. X)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Thats all im saying.. for now..

David Choi's musics understands me the most..

Tonight im going to just play 'That Girl' over and over again..

Monday, June 7, 2010

12th CFC -My Feedback

I dont have pictures yet, so i wont be telling stories yet in my blog but i can tell you guys how was it like for me.

Last few years back i was only an ordinary cafeterian.. but this year.. Im the Head of Cafeteria. Yeap, be very surprise ppl! Ppl like me who dont really know much about food is actually the head of cafeteria! Even Alex and Corliss were like, OMG are the kids alive! (yes they are u idiots! XD)

If John didnt fly to Australia and Shu Xian didnt back off from camp, I wont be doing this job lo. But still.. somewhere inside my heart wanted to take this post. So im up for it.. But heres the thing, if someone actually tells u that being a head of cafeteria is easy.. THINK AGAIN!!

I believe that being any HEAD in the camp will be tough and hard. Since im a carefree person i wont like to organize stuffs.. i just wanna sit down order and relax but in this camp.. NOOOOOOOO~ i cant do so anymore. (i did that last time la but not the ordering around part. XP)

This time CFC is giving me a whole new level of experience. Last time i am the follower but not im the one leading the group. Plus, in this camp i know more about myself..

I know that i am not a very good estimator. I buy 10 packs of bread is not enough for the camp, when I fried 10 packs of nuggets, its too much. I hard for me to estimate these things. XD Thats why i got assistance to help me out! XD

Special thanks to Suelyn, See Toh, Ying Phing, Hvey Jci, Vincent, Shu Chin, Kelly and Wei Chiang for helping me out with the cafeteria stuffs. basicly, Thank EVERYONE that helped me through out the camp! EXCEPT Justin Lee! XD Yeah, his a partner of mine.. I called Suelyn my PA = Personal Assistant and i called Justin my PE = Personal Entertainer! XD

When i was facilitator i was like the nicest dude that treat kids very nice.. i seldom yell at them or even scold them. (i dont think i ever scolded them!) but when i became a cafeteria, i started being the meanie in the campus. I will start scolding kids for making noise (they used me as the crowd control!)

I thought that kids will hate me or dislike me more when i became the head.. but on the 2nd night right after dinner.. some facilitators came to me and said 'Your FANS wants to meet you..' I have no idea what are they talking..

To be honest i was thinking for some mature good looking girls waiting for me.. (gimme a break la..XD) when i enter the hall, kids are clapping for me, whistling, and cheering for me. I was shocked for a moment and at the same time.. happy. They says that im LENG ZHAI! (i did force them to said sometimes.. but that night was different! XD)

Alright being a head sure is tough.. but its worth it! Specially when the end of the day u hear responds from other ppl. Im actually closer to the ppl who are working in the temple's cafeteria! 13 years in the temple and NOW only i get close with them. XD See its worth it! XD

So do i wanna be the head of Cafeteria again? NOOOO!! but my heart says.. Yes. X)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

One of Those Days again

Thursday.. Today was pretty much okay.. its actually better than average days. XD

My main concern of today is only my Internet Principle quiz. Althought its only like 5% but im going to go all out with it! XD

Today is also a pretty interesting day. I get to see lots and lots of ppl in their formal. Both march and january intakers. Its either their computer principle presentation or critical thinking presentation. XD I knew that this day will come and i dont wanna be the odd one, so i decided to wear semi-formal just for the fun of it. XP

Nothing much going on.. classes are all the same.. and i was starting to dooze off during each classes. Althought i have one and a half hour break every class but i still cant get the energy to stay focus! Red Bull doesnt really help this time.. still tired.. slept during Internet Principle lecturer class and CTS class.

Internet Principle quiz is not as hard as i thought. There are actually lots of bonus questions! but the sad thing is.. i didnt study hard enough to memorize everything.. DX

I going to be very honest.. in Internet Principle class.. my best and BEST friend is.. Mr. Siva. Even he says so! XD He calls me his buddy! 8D yes, be jealous ppl! XP

After class, i spend some quality time with Winnie AKA JinHwei. XD I have to get use calling her Winnie since she has to get to calling me Klex. XP And the fact is, Winnie is her real name and mine issint. XD Spend one and half hours together. Totally worth it.. XP

So, today I know something more about Winnie. X)

Went back home and looking forward to finishing my english outline and get ready my CTS presentation outfit. Suddenly, i saw KaiShin going online.. the first time i do.. CHAT WITH HER! XD

At the same time, I know something new about KaiShin as well. XP

And thanks to her.. she makes me wanna make video covers again! Maybe i will.. really need to update my youtube account. XP

These days im want to talk back with my old friends alot. XP Talking them makes me calm my emotions more.. and i felt more relieve.. X)
I have to stop swearing these days.. I've been swearing extremely alot! Even Winnie says so! D8 Mayb its cause my emotion unstable reasons.. but i wont find excuse. Yes, i do swear alot these days. XP

I should stop swearing.. well at least stop swearing infront of girls! XD but infront of dudes? I dont care man! XD
Tomorrow its going to be..
- English term paper outline due date.
- CTS presentation day.
- CFCamp! D8

So, i'll not be going online for 4 days and 3 nights! What im really concern about is the camp. First time being Head of Cafe! NERVOUS! DX

Oh well.. Good luck to me. X)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More Updates!

Seriously, i running out of ideas for the names to put for the title post. XD Anyways.. heres some latest updates about my life..

College life is fine these days.. everyone's emotions are more stable right now. And i didnt even do anything! XD I think that i stable one's emotions is to give themself a time of their own. X)

How about me? To be honest.. My emotions are still not stable. I can tell that myself when i act something very furiously. This is one of the reason why i swear so much these days. (as in extra much. XP) There is some anger inside of me that is going to burst any minute. Why? Thats for you guys to figure it out why la. XD Thanks to Suilun, i manage to release some of it from my heart. X)

I've been playing Birth By Sleep over and over again. Tired Proud Mode in BBS which is HARD as SHYT! Normal unserves also i can die! D8 Totally not my type.. This shows that I really need a new game.. XD

If u guys actually remember i said that i have been mixing songs together to form ONE song? I actually did it! XD with the help from How Six Songs Collide as a guidance i manage to mix..

Im Yours, Collide, Superman, Here Without You, Thunder, Baby, Nothin on You, Hey Soul Sister, How to Save a Life, Tear Drops on my Guitar.

I can actually mix more if i have the time to actually look into my chord book, compose and match it up. XP
This is something weird and random.. I had a very weird dream last night.. but its actually awesome and happy dream for me. Its a very funny dream as well. XD I dreamt about one of my old primary school friend. (its a she) XP I dream of that old friend of my exchanged college and entered my college cause she cant cope with the things she had there. The transfer to HELP and studying foundation in Science. Yes, Lim Kai Shin. Your the person that i dreamt last night. XP

Come to think of it.. its been awhile ever since i talked to her. XP
Today, during our social sphere meeting. Me and Max are staring at the display cupboard in the leads room and we found a picture of Hannah Tan with a REAL signature on it! D8 She actually came to HELP and helped out in some sort of event.

Hannah Tan
She is HOT.. as in HOT HOT! XD

Me and Max are like.. why are we not born a few years earlier!! XD And come to think of it.. shes a 'Tan' as well! If im lucky, shes could be one of my relative.. XD but that will never happen unless the world is turning upside down. XD
I guess thats all for now.. XP

My coming events..
-Quizes week!
-CFCamp! (im as head chef)
-Mid Terms!
-Fundraising events!

Pretty busy these days.. i hope after mid-term i can chillex around with my friends.. Not just college friends.. mayb high school friends or any other long lost friends. X)

Come to think of it.. i suddenly missed some one deeply all in the sudden.. it feels weird.. and different.. but still it makes me happy. X)