Monday, June 28, 2010

Back to that Hair Style

Well guess what people? I cut my hair again! Yeap, after 5~6 months of having long hair.. i decided to cut my hair again.. XP

I have reasons for cutting it...

One, is cause i wanna make my dad happy. X) My dad has been wanting me to cut my hair for a long time already. It was a huge sacrifice but its totally worth it. And i think its like the best Father's Day present for my dad this year.

Two, I felt kinda bored with long hair.. Not to say im bored looking myself with long hair in the mirror but what i meant is having a long hair has its own disadvantages. For example.. its covering ur eyes, its thicking hot and etc...

Three, Im sick of listening to complains.. Yeap, who else? My one and only mom.. Oh well, whatever she is saying or doing is definately for my own good..

Through all this reasons... I think is enough to explain why do i wanna cut my hair. XD

Let me tell u the whole story of why i wanna cut my hair.. Its pretty funny.

One day... Me and my family are having dinner.

Dad: Huh.. Everyone in the family is having long hair...
Me: Yeah, what about it?
Dad: I dunno.. I remember that i have two sons.. but i dunno where did they all go?
Me: Haha, you wanna see one of ur son come back?
Dad: Of course! *laughs*

So i decided to take the courage and cut my freaking long hair. i was expecting it to be medium short-ness but it turn out being freaking short. DX But who care.. i was going to cut short any ways... mind as well one shot cut it until freaking short! XD

When i reach home and let my dad see.. this is his reaction.

Dad: 'WHOA! My son is back! 8D I LIKE!'

Priceless... so i told him that that was his father's day present. XD I guess its some prefect father's present for him after all! XD

Well i receive different reaction from all my family members. My mom's one is the freaking weirdest one.. heres what she said...

(Before cutting my hair)
Mom: 'Your hair tooo long.'

(After cutting my hair)
Mom: 'Your hair tooo short.'


My brother was not surprised at all.. cause he thinks my hair is a little bit long but going short hair is okay with him as well. My sister was a little bit surprising seeing my hair going long.. XD

I think its about time i show my hair to my friends.. so my first destination was Sunday School..

I receive freaking funny reactions. Some of them went "WHAO!? WTH!?' or just 'WHAO!?'. some of them liked my new hair and some of them thinks that my longer hair looks better. Mayb cause they see my short hair until sien already or mayb its the other way around. Oh well~ XD

Next, to the CAMPUS!!! XD

Alright, showing my new hair style is the first thing i ever done. Cause from the first day i went to campus, my hair was already long. So showing them my new hair could be something new.. XP

I asked a few friend of mine to cut their hair along with me so that i wont feel left out or something. Turns out most of them FFK me. Only Max teman-ed me to cut his hair. Sporting! XD

Seeing their reaction is freaking pricelesss.. Some of them are freaking shocked, and some of them got stomachache by laughing too hard. Some of them said they like it and some of them said they dont.

The winner for the most funniest reaction is... Mr.Siva. XD His reaction was the funniest and the most exaggerating one.. heres what happened..

Right after my Moral studies class with Max and Ivan, i have another class which is Mr.Siva's one. So i entered the class before he even came in. Max and Ivan saw Mr.Siva around corridoor walking to my classs, and they told Mr.Siva...

Max and Ivan: 'Sir!! Did you saw Klex?'
Mr.Siva: 'No, why??'
Max and Ivan: 'He cut his hair sir!'
Mr.Siva: 'Really!?
Max and Ivan: 'Yes sir! He cut cause England lost! XD'
Mr.Siva: 'Haiya... I dont believe la..'

After Mr.Siva step into class...

Mr.Siva: 'OMG!!! That is not Klex!? Klex what happened to you!'
Me: 'Its me sir, seriously.. XD'
Mr.Siva: 'Why did u do that for!?'
Me: 'Father's day present sir! XD'
Mr.Siva: 'I thought father's day is for your father not for yourself!?'

Mr.Siva's reaction was priceless... deserve to be a winner. XD

Well at least some of them liked my hair.. Ppl like Han Han, Wai Sin, Xiau Wei, Corliss, Vanessa, Winnie and etc... Mostly are girls.. Good enough. XD Even the lectures liked it! XD

I feel like some high school student again and of course i feel young.. oh well~ I dont care how many people dislike or prefer this hair or something.. as long as my father likes it. X)

Dad: 'Eh, what too short!? Its PERFECT! I LIKE! XD'