Friday, June 11, 2010

Love is in the Air

Before i enter the REAL topic of this post.. let me just ask you guys something..

How do you guys like my new blog design/layout/title!? XD

Dont ask me.. cause im going to answer.. I LOVED IT!! Just that i have to get use to clicking stuffs of the left side now and not the right side anymore. XD

Now where are we? Ahhh yes.. the topic of this blog post. XD

In college i can see tons of love birds everywhere! Two people hugging, kissing, holding hands.. Just two days ago Mr.Siva and I saw a couple kissing at the corridoor. And i know who the couples are. XP

Im not saying its a bad thing.. i find it good actually. Its a good thing that some of them are spending some happy time with ppl that they like. (i shall not say love cause that is too deep) Im proud that some of my friends are happy again. X) Lesser emotional ppl in campus now. XD

But still sometimes seeing couples around the campus makes me kinda sad.. and sometimes.. jealous.. its a normal thing for a single relationship kind of guy to do so.. oh well.. lets keep waiting for an angel to come again. XD

My quizzes are now all over! (Owh yay! the joy!) but now there is 1 more week till my mid terms.. (owh damm!) then after that, i got my internet principle presentation right after mid terms. D8

Yeah im going to get busy again.. but i still im going to go happy and relax~ XP My exams are only 2 days only. XP So dont bother.

After posting and sharing my 'When 10 Songs Meet'. I've been receiving tons of awesome comments. From my high school friends and also college friends. Well more to college friends.. most of my high school friends dont really care. XP

Harmika liked my video and he decided to give me challenge.. he asked me to make another mash up but i must included the song 'California Gurls' by Katy Perry. Plus there is a due date.. by the end of this month i must post the video up already. He says its for his farewell song.

Sounds like an awesome challenge to me.. cause this time i dont rmbr the lyrics and i dont know the chords.. i have to create my own chords for this song and i have to mash it up perfectly with other few songs. But this time.. 10 songs is too much.. I decided to stick to 5 or 6 songs mash up only. XP

Thanks for the request Harmika. XP I actually working up on it already.. a new video soon will be up.. so hope you guys are looking forward to it. X)

Im so sick of looking at things that i dont wanna see..

Thats not the worst thing..

4 days alright.. and I say.. its called 'Ignorance..'

Its just day four.. lets see what will happened next..
One of the difference between last time and now is that.. I need to stare at my phone and think who can i sms to.. it cannot be you anymore..
Dont worry.. Be Happy~ X)