Sunday, June 20, 2010

Being a Hero

When i was a small boy, i always wanted some super powers and be some super hero that save the world. (everybody has that thought..)

My brother says that he wants the power to control all elements around him. Sounds kinda childish but what can i say.. we all are kids during that time. XD

To be honest, when i was young. I wish I have the power to control swords around me.. or something like summoning my own swords or something. XD Well im gonna use it to kill or destroy anyone around me that pisses me off. XD Nope, nothing to do with saving the world.

Now, I want the powers to control time. Stop, Play, Replay, Speed Up, Slow Down. Everything that is related to time! But lets just face it.. that wont happen. XP

Heres what I think.. every man or should i say every human being that has been send to this world have their own super powers. We just dont know it. It may not seem to be a super power or something but it can still be use to save the world or help people around you. Normally, other people can see yours but you yourself cant see that super power.

Of course, those super power dont come to you like your born to have that power or something.. Those power are up to you to develop it or not. Simple as that. XD

Well.. I can't tell what super powers I have.. But i can tell what super powers of my father has. Since his really the Hero of the family.

I think my dad has the power to bear on to things.. like for my example.. my mom is pissed off on something and she finds my dad to release her stress or something. My dad listens and bears with it. He smiles and speak back to her nicely.. Normally, other husbands would pissed off and start fighthing with their wifes or something. But for my dad.. its nothing. XD

I think my dad has the power to make people smile. Never in my life that i ever seen him fail to make people laugh or smile. He gets angry sometime.. but he will come back to you and make you smile. Sometimes he doesnt have to come back to do.. he will just do something that he doesnt complete know himself that is funny. People say its stupid.. but i say its cute! XD

There TOO many things that i can talk about my dad.. if i wanna talk about this blog post would take up half of my blog page la. (No, im serious.. i got list of what powers my dad has. XD)

Well.. I have to say.. Im proud a dad like him. His really the Hero to my family. Its not really because he provide food and money for us.. is because of how he treats us..

My Dad is a HERO!! And i proud to say it.. X)

Someday im going to be a Hero just like him. And i want my powers to be exactly like him. Make people around him smile and happy.. X)

So i guess step 1 is to make everyone around me smile and happy.

Im sorry for being a few days late.. but im still going to say it..

Happy Father's Day..