Monday, June 7, 2010

12th CFC -My Feedback

I dont have pictures yet, so i wont be telling stories yet in my blog but i can tell you guys how was it like for me.

Last few years back i was only an ordinary cafeterian.. but this year.. Im the Head of Cafeteria. Yeap, be very surprise ppl! Ppl like me who dont really know much about food is actually the head of cafeteria! Even Alex and Corliss were like, OMG are the kids alive! (yes they are u idiots! XD)

If John didnt fly to Australia and Shu Xian didnt back off from camp, I wont be doing this job lo. But still.. somewhere inside my heart wanted to take this post. So im up for it.. But heres the thing, if someone actually tells u that being a head of cafeteria is easy.. THINK AGAIN!!

I believe that being any HEAD in the camp will be tough and hard. Since im a carefree person i wont like to organize stuffs.. i just wanna sit down order and relax but in this camp.. NOOOOOOOO~ i cant do so anymore. (i did that last time la but not the ordering around part. XP)

This time CFC is giving me a whole new level of experience. Last time i am the follower but not im the one leading the group. Plus, in this camp i know more about myself..

I know that i am not a very good estimator. I buy 10 packs of bread is not enough for the camp, when I fried 10 packs of nuggets, its too much. I hard for me to estimate these things. XD Thats why i got assistance to help me out! XD

Special thanks to Suelyn, See Toh, Ying Phing, Hvey Jci, Vincent, Shu Chin, Kelly and Wei Chiang for helping me out with the cafeteria stuffs. basicly, Thank EVERYONE that helped me through out the camp! EXCEPT Justin Lee! XD Yeah, his a partner of mine.. I called Suelyn my PA = Personal Assistant and i called Justin my PE = Personal Entertainer! XD

When i was facilitator i was like the nicest dude that treat kids very nice.. i seldom yell at them or even scold them. (i dont think i ever scolded them!) but when i became a cafeteria, i started being the meanie in the campus. I will start scolding kids for making noise (they used me as the crowd control!)

I thought that kids will hate me or dislike me more when i became the head.. but on the 2nd night right after dinner.. some facilitators came to me and said 'Your FANS wants to meet you..' I have no idea what are they talking..

To be honest i was thinking for some mature good looking girls waiting for me.. (gimme a break la..XD) when i enter the hall, kids are clapping for me, whistling, and cheering for me. I was shocked for a moment and at the same time.. happy. They says that im LENG ZHAI! (i did force them to said sometimes.. but that night was different! XD)

Alright being a head sure is tough.. but its worth it! Specially when the end of the day u hear responds from other ppl. Im actually closer to the ppl who are working in the temple's cafeteria! 13 years in the temple and NOW only i get close with them. XD See its worth it! XD

So do i wanna be the head of Cafeteria again? NOOOO!! but my heart says.. Yes. X)