Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weng Chun + Over the Clouds

Yes, Yes, im kinda out dated.. and Yes, Yes, i just watched Ip Man 2.

Its truth that the movie is as awesome as everyone said. To be honest.. its the first movie that made me really smile for this year. (yeah, its weird that i smile while i watch movie) Although is more to an action movie but the movie seriously touched me.

I dunno why.. but this movie makes me proud to be a chinese! XD

To be honest.. I dont even know there is a chinese martial art called 'Weng Chun'. But from the looks of the movie.. the art is freaking AWESOME! XD Even Bruce Lee learn that martial arts. XD (I bet some of u dont know about it.. but its true!)

To be honest.. his a HOT daddy! Its awkward for a guy to say this but im still going to say it.. besides my dad, his a very handsome daddy. But his no match for my father! XD

He can fight.. but my dad can COOK! HAH! beat that! XD You can never find that art in any kung-fu book called 'Loh Pak Gou' XD

Some of you might be thinking.. what happend to Klex's blog title called 'Just Cant Get Any Better'?? and why issit 'Over the Clouds' now!? D8

Well i have various reason.. but im going to summarize and also explain only the importance. XP

One is basicly cause im EMO. Yeah, my title changes according to how i feel.. XP but that only happens once in awhile.. cause im a lazy person.

Two, im a guy likes to look at the sky just so that some of you dont know.. XP

Three. its cause the old one is getting boring for awhile.. i might even change the picture of the header too. XD

Four, is because i was inspired by a song to change.. Heres where the real topic comes in. XP

Remember the other game that i want? (not BBS.. i already got that one. XD) Its called 'God Eater'?? Well i just found their opening song is freaking awesome! Yeap, its called 'Over the Clouds' sand by this very very beutiful lady called Alan.

Alan, she what i mean that shes beutiful? XD

Shes the theme song singer for 'God Eater'. Totally Awesome!

I never knew that God Eater was an anime before it became a game. XD The anime is freaking cool.. mayb i should take some time watching it next time. XP

Over the Clouds -Alan

Cool right the song? XD Its a little freaking for some reason.. i will never put this song as my alarm clock. XD Listen to the full song.. its freaking awesome.. (for me la..) Its like those chilling semi techno kind of song.. which totally makes me wanna dance. XD

There are two versions for this song. One is by the original singer, Alan and another one is a cover done by MOA. (I dunno whose that) both of their voice are freaking awesome.. mayb is cause of the song. XD

I have a moral studies presentation coming on tuesday with Ivan, Max and Avent. Im actually working on the slide now! And guess whats our topic? Its Christianity!

I just found out one thing about this moral studies presentation thingy.. All four us are using fake names! XD Pretty cool huh? XP

I was like thinking.. Im a buddhist.. what am i doing going around the internet looking for the source and informations about Christianity!? D8 Felt pretty awkward..

I will probably ask Winnie to help me out in this topic since shes a loyal christian. Or mayb Nathanael.. but i think we will end up talking about games instead. XD

Going on facebook spamming wall on ppl that i dont really know.. XP Basicly is because im freaking bored and i need some entertainment to keep me entertained. XP

I used to do the spamming things with 'her' but now i think it doesnt really matter to 'her' anymore.. basicly.. 'she' dont care i think. 'She' probably just think that im just another dude that is interested in 'her'. I bet there are like TONS of guys who did that to 'her'..

Thinking about it just makes me so angry! But i tell myself not to bother about it.. i wont bring any good to me..

Its hard for me to forget it.. but i have to learn how to..

This is not the first time.. so i can bear with it.. X)

Guess what? To all youtube fans out there in this world! My 2nd mash up is done! Yeap, the one which was challenged by Harmika. XD Now all i have to do now is upload it on youtube and then share it to the world! XD

I have to say that the first one was waaaay better.. mayb is because i focus on the first one long than the second. But i just wanna get over with the second.. XP

Yes, im playing without the last string again.. so its going to be a prefect guitar tunning. XP

Heres what i named the song.. im not a very good namer but who cares! XD

The Great Thinking Love Story of California Sisters.

Try to figure out what songs are mashed up together this time? XP

I hope you guys out there can help me share it to the whole world.. just like how u guys did for the first one. XP

Now I bet Alex is bloggin about something bad about me now.. *checks Alex's blog' Yeah, he IS talking bad about me. XD

Well i think thats all.. for now..

Presentation.. Proposals.. and Mid-Terms..

Sheeeshh.. cant this carefree guy get some rest!? DX