Friday, June 11, 2010

When 10 Songs Meet

Its been awhile ever since i made my own video cover.. so yesterday i decided to make a video cover after all. Plus, for some reason.. i got a little influenced from Kai Shin.. I wanted to do a video cover even more. XD

Since i havent been updating my youtube account. i decided to upload 10 songs all together in one SHOT! With a little help from 'How Six Songs Collide' i manage to mash up 10 songs all together in some same a simple chords! 8D

I've been working it out for a long time already.. after 2 months of practising i think it its prefect! And now i think im ready to get it post up on youtube!! I called this song..

When 10 Songs Meet

So what do you guys think? XP Got any comments, please comment it on youtube.. and not here. XP thank you~

So far.. i've been getting awesome comments on youtube and also amazing remarks from my friends on facebook. Most of my friends in youtube have already watched the video on facebook and some of them even came to youtube and rate, comment and subsribe! 8D

So, i wanna take is opportunity to say.. Thanks to everyone that has been sharing the video on facebook and thanks to everyone who have commneted on my video! You guys are awesome!

Special thanks to.. Justin for recommanding the song, Kai Shin for influencig me, and YUI for making me wanna sing and play guitar again. XP

I think i should start updating my youtube account again. XP