Friday, June 18, 2010

700th Post

Yeap.. this is the 700th post of my blog! YAY!!! The joy! XD It feels like my blog has grown older by a year or something... within 3 years time.. i have 700 post in my blog! Amazing! XD

Today was also the first day of mid-term. Yeap, of all days.. Saturday! I should be sleeping in my bed instead of sit for a damm headache english paper! Beside that i have another paper which is Internet Principles.. No big deal about that. XD

Advanced English was a real pain in the neck.. I have a hard time figuring out the answers and turns out i dont have enough time to finish up my work! Well i finished it but with scrambles and craps. XD They need to make the time of the exams longer! sobs.. Ms.Tay will be so dissapointed in me.. X(

Right after the exams.. 'her' bf came and to talked to me for a moment.. I have no hard feelings with the dude as his really a very nice guy. X) He shook my hands and asked 'Are you okay?' and I said 'Haiyo.. not enough time la.. stupid exams..' then he said.. 'Thats not what i meant.. but okay! XD'. Im amazed that he actually came and asked how am i doing. Im really surprise.. For a moment there.. i felt happy.. 'she' doesnt care about me no more.. but at least 'her' him does. X)

After that went makan with the others.. Most of them already have no exams for the day already.. but some of us still have exams.

Today, it was the my first time sitting in WaiSin's car. She was driving Max's car.. and Max was like shouting 'DONT!!!! NOOOOOO!!!! D8'. I thought he was shouting cause my life is at stake.. but the truth is that he was just concern that his car dies. DX Dumbass..

I cant believe i just send my self close to death in Wai Sin's car for 3 minutes of my life! Whats the worst thing is that.. she doesnt have a lisence! D8 No worries... im still alive.. XD

On our way to our lunch time.. I just bumped into a situation that almost trigger my emotional burst. Well its not only me.. a few of us are kinda angry of what happened.. Im not going to say anything but im just going to say a few things..

You can choose to ignore me.. BUT never choose to ignore US as in MY FRIENDS! They are once your friends who care for you! Dont just dumped them cause they dont talk to you no more!

My emotional was sooo angry that i kept silent for a few minutes.. But thanks to the people around me.. I still can still take it. X)

Then, took Wai Keong's car all the way back to Wisma HELP for my Internet Principle exams.

I was not 100% ready but im not very nervous for the exams. I entered the exams hall and Mr.Siva have already pick a the spot for me. Of all places he choose.. he choose the one RIGHT infront of him. Heres what happened..

Me: You purposely one la.. right sir?
Mr.Siva: Haha.. you know me very well.. XD
Me: Why la sir.. WHY!?
Mr.Siva: Cause I wanna to keep an eye on you so that you wont be thinking about the 3Gs.
Me: What 3Gs? o.O
Mr.Siva: Guitar, Games and Girls! XD


Talking with Mr.Siva always chills me out. XD Thanks to the two of us.. half of the people in the exam hall are laughing cause of our jokes. XD Dont believe me? Ask Ms.Renee. She was there. XD Both of us are like..

Me: Sir! Sir! Remember, one blink means A. XD
Mr.Siva: then what about 10 blinks..
Me: *Starts counting*
Someone from the hall: B!! XD
Mr.Siva: Why la you tell him?? Let him use his brain!
Me: I knew that! I was just testing you sir! XD
Mr.Siva: You're testing them! cause they are doing accouting..
Me: Issit!? D8


I think he purposely put me infront cause there is another chinese guy sitting beside of me. When i asked me.. he said.. 'I dont want you to feel lefted out. XD'. Mr.Siva is an AWESOME lecturer! XD Its proven that he reads my blog cause he knows everything about me. X)

Internet principle.. I cant say that is freaking easy but i can say its good cause Mr.Siva actually asked us a few of the questions in the class already. So im pretty confident with my answers. X)

I walked all the way back to HMC.. and to be honest.. its not that far.. XD Walking back always chills me out.. makes me feel like high school again.. XP

Nothing much to talk about already.. If i wanna talk more it would be about scary stuffs.. Thanks to Xiau Wei and Wai Sin.. im back in interest about paranormal documentary.. XD

One day.. im gonna let them watch Ghost Adventure's Documentary. XD

The END of the 700th Post. X)