Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jersey means Lucky

Here something that is nothing to do with today or this topic. But i just wanna share it and express it to the world. XP

Yesterday.. some of my brother's friends came by to my house. They are waiting for my brother to finish his bath and go out and study. (I doubt that..) Three guys and a girl came to my house.. All looked freaking matured.. (especially the girl.. shes kinda cute. XD)

Heres the big thing.. the girl came into my room and go like..

'Are you the guy who mash up the 10 songs in youtube? I love that mash up!'

Wow.. i cant believe.. even my brother's friend knows me! And shes like a small fan of mine.. she says she watchs my videos. Haha, after what happened that day.. she really made my day. X) I didnt even get to catch her name! D8 dammit..

Alright now back to the real topic.. XD

Wednessday.. Although the time table is a little screw up but im starting to like this day.. XD Especially today.. XP

Today's dress code was Jersey day VS Superman day. So people get to choose to wear Football Jerseys or Superman shirt. I don't even have both.. so i decided to ask Max to borrow me a football jersey. (i believe that guy wont have some childish superman wear. XD). I turns out me, Max and Xiau Wei are wearing the same shirt! XD Awesome-ness

Once I got the fake England country football jersey. My luck sorta changed.. im kinda supersitious about it.. but im serious. My luck changed.. or mayb its just me.. XD

This jersey changed my luck for today! 8D

Rooney.. I dunno who the hell is that but i dun care! XD

Ms.Shamila's class was sooo much interesting today.. Mayb is cause im awake.. I slept early last night. XP (ask Jia Lin shes my witness. XD) But i am more awake in the class today.. i know more about arguements! 8D Interesting..

9.30am and class ends.. went out and eat with Max, Ivan, Esther, Fiona, Justin, Daniel, Alex, Amanda and Ysabelle. I think that Splendid (the place that we ate) is like a hang out bonding place for poeple. XD Well mayb cause its new. But the mushroom chicken chop is better than the black pepper chicken chop there. Well its just something that i wanna tell u guys just for fun. XD

Then i got some free time.. was waiting for Winnie cause she says she wants to talk to me. So i accompany Amy Wong in DSA for awhile.. both of us did alot of talking.. and so..

Today i know a little bit more about Amy Wong. X)

I have a nice and awesome time with Amy Wong then i have to run along and look for Winnie. Turns out both of us just cant stay at one particular spot and wait for each other. We end up running around playing hide and seek. XP Thanks to Justin's phone call, i manage to track her down. XD

In the end i found her.. After that we find a spot and have a long updating session. Its good thing that some old friend of mine actually care and want to know more about me. Winnie is definately one of them. X)

So, today I know more about Winnie as well. X)

I might be a loner.. but im a loner that cares for people.. X)

After that.. head to have a little ping-pong session. But then Justin borrow some Uno-stacko game from the DSA guy and so we turn out playing Uno-stacko! XD Me, Vanessa, KimNgiam, Nick, Jia Lin and Justin himself are playing..

I never knew that Uno-Stacko can get so tension and pumped up! I was the king the of steady hands! I defeat the impossible! XD I ROCK IN THAT GAME! XD

Nick was trying so scare the stocko so that i will fall.. XD

I was trying to look for the prefect one to pick.. You can see how tall and screw up the stacko is during that time.

Look at my serious face when i am taking it out.. the guy beside of me is like 'WOW! Its moving! 8D'

This picture was the most epic one! Thanks to Jia Lin and Vanessa Lee for the pictures. XP After my turn, it was Kim Ngiam's one.. so he lost. XD

After that thanks to Esther, i get to have a free and easy ride home! XD It was my first time sitting in Esther's car! And I have to say.. he driving skills a better than Justin's. (just kidding..) Well both of them are fine la..XD Just that Justin likes to joke around more. XD and Esther is more serious. XP

Went home.. play some kick as Patapon 2 game! I LOVE Patapon! Its a freaking nice game! I finished Patapon 1 and now Patapon 2 should be easier for me now. XP

Then i found out that BBS's English version trailer is out! Check it out!

Argh.. the thing that i dont like about english trailer is that.. they will spoil every single voice of the character. My sexy Terra's voice is now GONE!! The english totally spoiled everyhing! The only good voices there are left in this game are the Disney characters voice and also Vanitas. Vanitas's voice sounds cool! XD

The good thing about English version is that they did some changes and improvements to the game system. It can be good or bad changes.. i dunno but from what i can tell its good. (i think..) I get to fight another new hidden boss! Look around 3.04, you can see a dark organization 13 member cloths guy with an awesome light saber swords fighthing with aqua! Totally epic! XD

I clean up my room as well! XD Not really clean up.. the air-con in my room spoiled.. so me and my brother have to move to the tuition/guest room to sleep.. so our old room become some cyberspace technology room. I wont say it a cybercafe.. cause its not! XD But im actually playing my PSP, updating my blog, playing my guitar and checking out 'Whose Line Is It Anyways' at the same time. XD

Cool eh!? I find it freaking awesome! XD

I have to say.. today is a good day.. Its waaaay better than averages day. X) I did saw her.. and it did made me mad and depress for a moment.. but after talking to Amy Wong, Winnie and Corliss.. i felt better. X)

Talking and hanging to other girls is always a guy's remedy! XD

Thank You everyone.. Thank You! X)

I don't hate you = I love you

A picture that i wanna share to you all.. XD