Thursday, December 30, 2010

Last Day of 2010

Hrm... What am i gonna do for the last day of 2010? Thats a pretty tough question for me myself. Its an even tougher question for me when it come to 'what to blog about'. XD

Alright, I shall make it plan simple.. I shall talk about what do I think about the year 2010, what happened to me during 2010, yada yada yada.. (We'll see what comes into my brain when im bloggin la.)

I think that 2010 is an awesome year for me. Seriously awesome. Since im in college, im totally experiencing a whole new level life. What can I say about college is that, its more chillax.. But I did take it a little bit too lightly.. So i faced stress at times as well when im in college. XP

If i would compare college life and high school life.. I would say my college life is waaaay better than high school life. That because i faced less dramas in college compared to high school. Maybe is because im smart enough now to not get myself into troubles and learn everything from my mistakes now.. i guess.. These things are not for me to judge..

Being 'Klex' is also another new thing about me. I guess the theory of using a fake/cool/weird/special name in college really works. It worked for me, my sister and my brother. XP Did I became popular? Well, that not for me to answer. XP

I would have to say.. that i became slighty more matured and grown up a little bit when Im in college. I know my ways for dealing with things .. but my ways are always the rough and tough way. XP Whats really important is.. I learn how to take in some stuffs.. like straight forward kind of things.. But still I have my limits. XP

Emo ah? Alright, im still the same old Tan Yu Ming that get emos half of the time. Yeah, i faced emo-ness this year.. i think its for the first half year if im not wrong. But the second half of the year, it was all good. XP I learn to not show my emotions and also not to put in on to other people around me. I learn how to stand up and walk away from pains and move on with life better now. Work out pretty good for me. X)

2010, I met TONS of awesome new friends. Crazy, smart, pretty, understand. All kinds of it. But still, i never forget my other old friends that I have in temple and high school. XP I remember on the first week of college, I started off with 2 friends only in college. Both of them are my high school friends which im not really close with. But now.. I think the number of friends in my college are uncountable nouns. XD

College friends + High School friends + Primary School friends + Temple friends = Uncountable nouns. XD

2010, has definately taken my guitar skills/life to the next level. From doing covers on youtube, to video editting covers, stage performance and now studio recording. Its pretty damm amazing. I totally apperciate the people that gave me all the support and my young teachers that tough me a thing or two about music. BIG THANK YOU. X)

long story short.. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE OF YOU!! You guys made my 2010 an amazing year. Kudos to every every one of you. (Yeah, blog readers too. XP)
I remember in 2009, I tell myself.. In college life, Im going to change my life.

If i would ask myself, Did I achieve that? I would to say, YES. X)

But this is just the begin of college life.. who knows what dramas/dangers/stress/epic-ness is heading to my way next going. No worries.. Im ready.. I think.. XD

GOOD BYE 2010, YELLOW 2011. XP

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holidays after Camp

Heya guys. Sorry for not bloggin as often as I use to be. And like always, I HAVE MY REASONS. XD (Bet you guys starting to get sick of looking at this word. XD)

After camp, I have been spending my holidays wisely.. Wisely as in going out and hang out with my friends more often. Both college friends and high school friends. XP

Right after camp, I went for Justin's B'day party. It was nice to see my temple friends and also my college friends all together at one party. I was busy half of the time learning how to BBQ from King with the help from Gabriel and Max. It was some good time we had there. XD

I was not thinking of sleeping over for the party but turns out I was drag to sleep over. (Okay, I admit, I did wanted to sleep over as well. XD) The sleep over turns out to be a drunkard baby sitting night for me. Not just that, me and Victor became a maid as well at the same time. XD Its funny to see how everyone react when they are drunk.. and its also a little scary at the same time. What I can say now is that its a new experience for me. X)

2 Days later.. i have to go over to Justin's house again to celebrate Christmas and have sleepover. Just like every single year. XP Well, every single recent year la. Kudos to Bryan for the transportation. XP

Me, Kai Chong, Kai Yuan, Suelyn, Bryan and Mun Ping doing something around Justin's house area which none of us remembered what we were doing! XD

Like always, theme for the christmas is red or white shirts. Then, its potluck like always. Since my sister is not attending this year, there will be not Kelly Jelly for potluck this year. So, I just buy some chips and go with it. XD Also, there is secret santa where we exchange present with some random person in the party. XP

Me and my Jolly good face. XD

Me, Mike and MunPing's jolly good faces. XD

What did i bought? I bought a simple dooodoll keychain. Its like a cute red devil looking thing. XP (What!? Im not cheap!? They say the price of the present is rm10~rm20!!) That was the best and cutest looking that I can find in a toy store.

Yeah, i filled myself up superbly and had fun there. Justin planned some games for us play. Twister, Musical Chair and Passing the Sherates. All the long legs people are forced to play Twister for some reason.. and then the not so tall ones played Musical Chair. Finally everyone played Passing the Sherates to laugh our asses off. XP

The konon-nya 'SURE WIN' gang. XD

Playing twister along with Mike, Bryan and MunPing. Kai Yuan was playing too.. but he got kicked out early.. XD

Yeah.. guess whose the one being squash? XP

Passing the Sherates.. never fails to make us laugh. XD

Had a sing along session with me as the guitarist. XP

Alright. Heres the thing about Justin's parties. I dunno whether it applies on every single party.. but it happens again. (read on and you'll get what i mean.) Remember the previous party? The one written above? Yeah, I have to sleep over and take of drunkards right? Guess what? The same damm thing happened again!! XD But this time, I was part of the reason that they all became drunk. XP

They played this drinking game that Ivan taught us during prom night. It is a very very interesting and yet funny drinking game. (Its kinda complicated to explain it here.. cause it too damm long.) So, basically, I was the judge of the game. Im in charge of giving out cards, and catching people. Once I caught the person, that person have to drink. So, yeah, you can say that I was part of the reason that why they are drunk.

Alright, so about 3~4 of them are high/tipsy/drunk. Guess what they all do after? They all play Musical Chair!! XD They cant even walk straight and still they want to play a game that makes their head go spinning round and round. XD But pretty funny thou looking at them playing musical chair drunkly. Not just that, got friendly fights during the game somemore. XD No worries, we got it all on video camera. Now its up to Justin whether he wanna post or not only. XP

The next day, we all had some breakfast and head to the curve to chillax somemore. Well, its christmas on that day.. We all wanna chill, hang out and have a jolly good time with our friends at the curve. XP

We walked, we stone, we ate meatballs, we watched movie. Typically chilled out time kind of thing. XP But I have to say.. Tron is cool but boring.. sorry Tron fans. DX

Kudos to Bryan for fetching me home again that night. XP When I head home.. online a little bit and BAM!!! Sleeped. XP

So thats two parties that I spend during the holidays.. Actually there are some other things that happened besides this two parties during the holidays. But I dont wanna make this blog post too damm epic long and bored you guys. XP

Hows your holidays going so far? Yeah, I know its about to end.. but still how did it go? XP

Saturday, December 25, 2010

9th BISDS Youth Camp


Alright people! Guess whose back!? XD No, not Michael Jackson!! Although we really want him back to life la. XD

I just came back from a 4 day 3 night camp. 1 day 1 night in temple and 3 day 2 night camp in Ula Langat. Not Ulu Yam but Ulu Langat.. Write that down. XD

I have been to Youth Camp ever since that 5th one start and now here I am at the 9th which is also my last Youth Camp as participant. Is either I dont get to come to Youth Camp anymore (Who knows right? I might be very very busy next year or something) or I become a committee of the camp next year. XP

Now usually I will like go through all the days of the camp and tell you guys every single thing that happened during camp. But this time, apparently, suddenly, i turned lazy... XP I decided to cut to the chase. Straight to the point. No cock and bull stories. You get me? XP

This year's Youth Camp. What can I say about it. Simple.. Its the most emotional Youth Camp i've been. This year's camp is title/themed, Jhayanti - Reflection. Reflections, Tears, hugs, sharing speeches. Those are what make this Youth Camp really really emotional. Part of why issit so emotional its because it my last year there as well. XP Did I answer your question? No, I didnt cry. XP

Oh yeah, I havent tell you guys about my groupings. Like always, every single camp there will be a group splitting session. This year's group was group by colours. So I was split into a the group colour 'PINK'. (yeah, of colours right? XD) My groupmates are Shu Mei, Jia Qi, Sharmaine, Pei Jie, Wei Qi, Yu Wein, Kevin, Tsung Mun, and Zhao Xin. I have to say that I have a pretty damm awesome group mates. Seriously, Imba.. XD

Team Patrick Star!!!
I was trying to do a jump shot as a candid shot. but FAILED. XD

Yeah, our group name is called 'Patrick Star'. Pink, Patrick is Pink.. so yeah you get the picture. XP

What I think thats really unique and special about this camp is most of the activities are involve with the theme. Not to say that last time they didnt do, but this time the committee did it more effectively. XP Plus, this camp involves more thinking power. Therefore, more critical thinking skills applied. DX

One of my favourite activity in the temple was 'The Noble Eight Fold Path'. Besides that, we have a little 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' of our own. XD Pretty unique eh? XP

Ulu Langat, what can I say about the place eh... Its definately not as awesome as Eagle Rench Resort of course. XD But its not as bad was sleep in a tent with 6 other guys. XP So yeah, i would say that the place is okay okay only la.. But they provide a pretty bad service there. Thats all Im saying..

But But But the activities held there are pretty cool. The ones that the committees planned of course. XD The rain kinda spoiled half of the camp's activity but the committee did a great job covering it back. XP Funny games like 'Chop Chili Chop', 'Cow Eat Grass Go Moo', and 'Passing the Sherates' are freaking entertaining and funny.

This was one of the action for passing the sherates.

The activities provided are there are pretty good.. i guess.. Thou they are not extreme or challenging (to me) but I still kinda enjoy-ed by looking at other ppl having a hard time crossing it all obstacles. (I guess being tall does bring some advantages.)

Cant believe that I can actually look cool in a picture! XD

Especially Nightwalk activity. It was nothing to me, but I had fun cause everyone was having a great time trying to communicate with each other without shouting or real names. XD The committees entertained us while we are walking for the other teams who are left behide.

Like most of the Youth Camps that I've been so far. Theres definately something going on for the last night of camp. Each group will definately do something like a performance, sketch or something unique that is made out from each and every group. This year's is another project/assignment/presentation thing. XP

The project that was given to us must be presented on the second last day of the camp. Each group have different topics to talk about. My group gotten the topic 'How to promote the awareness of Environmentally Friendly'. Immediately, my business principles brain cells began to react. All thanks to Daniel for teaching me hardcorely last semester about marketing. XD

Presentation Title: Green is the Next Black!!

The presentation went well. To make things more interesting we made two sketchs for our presentation to entertain our crowds. My groupmates are EXTREMELY co-operative. What ever suggestion I give they will leave comments and also give me ideas to change it and make it more funnier. Plus, they are not afaird to do stupid stuffs that will embarrass themselves. Great teamwork gives out great results. XP

What im really amazed by is how the other teams present their projects as well. Sketchs are pretty common for this kind of things. But how they made their sketchs is another thing. Suilun's and Justin's group was funny as hell.. But for theory and make sense kind of thing, I would say Suilun's group did a great job. X)

One of my favourite game is handicap ball. Its captain ball which big time changes. 1oppl in a team. One will be blindfolded, One will be tied both hands, One will be tied both legs, Two will have to tied one of their hands together, two will have to tied one of their legs together, One person have to carry/piggy bag another member and lastly, and one advisor/conductor for the whole team. Yeah, with this BIG TIME changes, we have to play captain ball. XD Very interesting indeed.

Owh, What was my job during the game? See for yourself.

Yeah, be very jealous people.. XD

Long story short, It was a great camp, great people, great memory. I had fun of course.. No doubt about it. In fact, i learned a thing or two through this camp. X)

These are some pictures that are taken during the photoshooting session of the camp. You can tell how happy/fun we are during the camp. X)

Will this be my last youth camp?? We'll see how it goes in the future. XP

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Month of Birth = ???

I sorta copied this from Wei Gin's blog while I was blog walking. She has some sort of list that states the personality of a person depending on the month of birth that he/she was born.

Im kinda lazy to copy and paste the whole damm thing. (The whole thing was pretty long too.) so I decided to just copy the one that I was born on. XP


Abstract thoughts. Loves reality and abstract. Intelligent and clever. Changing personality. Attractive. sexiest out of everyone.A real speed demon. Has more than one best friend. Temperamental. Quiet, shy and humble. Honest and loyal. Determined to reach goals. Loves freedom. Rebellious when restricted. Loves aggressiveness. Too sensitive and easily hurt. Gets angry really easily but does not show it. Dislikes unnecessary things. Loves making friends but rarely shows it. Daring and stubborn. Ambitious. Realizing dreams and hopes. Sharp. Loves entertainment and leisure. Romantic on the inside not outside. Superstitious and ludicrous. Spendthrift. Tries to learn to show emotions.

*The high lighted ones are the ones which I think is very very accurate about myself. XP

Wanna know more? Go visit Wei Gin's blog la. The link is around my friend link list. Shouldnt be that hard to find.

Yeah, this is just some random post to buy time and keep you guys entertained while im bloggin about the camp. XP

Friday, December 17, 2010

Before I leave for Camp

*this post was suppose to be UP before i leave for my camp. But blogspot seems to have some technical problems during that time when I wanted to post this post. So, yeah~ *

Just so you guys dont know.. Im not going to be around tomorrow (18th Dec) till Tuesday (21st Dec) due my temple's Youth Camp. So, yeah, no craps for you guys for 4 days~ XP

Dont worry, I will TRY and blog everything that happened during the camp. XP

But before I leave for the next 4 days without crapping anything here. Let me just wish/advice/remind you guys alittle bit of something before I leave. XP

I hope everyone of you are spending your holidays nicely.. If not then go out and have fun. Play some sports, chillax with your friends, or just go out alone and take a walk in the park. Its better than staying at home doing nothing. (*coughs* like me *coughs*).

Spend time with your old primary/close/far/high school friends & family doing something crazy. (but dont get yourself into trouble.) Just do it, cause who knows, next year you guys dont have anything to do those stuffs anymore. Then you will cry, regret, and ask yourself why am i so stupid.

Nah.. I was just kidding.. but seriously.. spend your holidays wisely. (Quote: Stefira)

So, I guess thats all that im gonna talk about for now... Therefore, long story short, Just go enjoy your holidays.. especially those college students who in A-levels which are having exams right after the holiday ends or those who have graduate from foundations and cannot meet their friends that much anymore at degree.. Yeah something like that la. XP

Im off to camp now!! *PUMPED* XD

Shyt.. Im crazy about Victoria Justice, Selena Gomez, Miranda Cosgrove, etc.. Gotta start dilusioning!!! DX Guess camp will take my mind off that. XD

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Need a TV

You whats the sad thing about my house.. Yes, just read the title and you will probably know the answer.

No kidding, my house doesnt have a TV. Okay I was wrong, I house does have a TV. A freaking LARGE screen TV. But sadly we dont have TV channels. No kidding, not even RTM1 or TV2 or whatever they have on TV channels nowathese days. The TV is only meant for watching DVDs or VCDs series or movies only.

The last time I saw TV there was this 8TV. Yeah, that was the last time i watched TV. Its not really that faaaar but still alittle bit lay back here.

So how do I know all the latest stuffs thats going on today? Simple, the internet. Thats why im sitting right infront of my computer all the time. XD Watching through different websites on the net. Like youtube, PPstream, megavideo, any websites which watch shows for free on the internet la. Just google it. XP

But the bad side about using computer to watch shows is that is just dont feel as comfortable as watching it on a large screen TV and you dont really get to lie down on the sofa/floor and watch the show. DX

Teman-ed King over to Esther's place on wednesday. While his fixing Esther's guitar, I was enjoying myself by watching TV there!! Watched some ICarly, Tom & Jerry, Accidentally on Purpose and How I Met your Mother. Had an awesome time there! It just make me realize how much i missed TV and some childhood cartoon. X)

Dear Santa. What I really want for christmas this year, is a TV with Astro channel in it.. thats all im asking for. XP

Guess its back to Youtube for videos and more PSPs.

She is the words that I cant find. How can the only thing thats killing me make me feel so alive~

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Spending my Holidays

Alright.. So I have 2~3 weeks of holidays to spend.. Lets check my list on what can I do during the holidays.

1. Playing PSP.
2. Playing Computer.
3. Blogging.
4. Sleeping.


Now, thats very lifeless!! D8

Nah, just kidding.. I do have plans.. but they are just later on during the holidays. XP

I have a camp called BISDS Youth Camp which is start on 18th~22nd December. (If im not wrong la.) So yeah, I'll be not around to blog craps for that few days. XP

Next, is probably Zhen Whei's Birthday party.. which is like RIGHT AFTER CAMP itself. I said probably.. so that means.. I MIGHT be going.. XP We'll see how it goes.

After that, its Justin's Christmas Open House partay. Which is also after camp but its few days after camp. So i'll be going over to his place and farking sleep over. XD Who knows? I might grew bored and then make some covers there with whoever is sleeping over. XP

So.. I guess those are the BIG plans I have for my holidays. Yeah, its pretty little.. What am i going to do for the other days of the holidays? o.O That really I havent plan.. Probably doing some covers at home and then spend time editting videos and hang out with my friends. XP

Its funny that my dad keeps asking me to go to Genting with him. XD Its nice.. I guess he just wanna spend more time with me and my brother sister before our busy works starts..

Owh before I end this blog post I just wanna wish someone very special to me.. Its 'her' special day. XP

Happy 21th Birthday Taylor Swift! <3

See i told u im still loyal to Taylor Swift. XD But still.. Victoria Justice is HOT! XD

I told her to spend 'her' holidays wisely.. but im not doing a very good job myself. XP

Friday, December 10, 2010

End of Finals!

Sorry, I have not been updating my blog for exactly one whole week.. But as usual, I have my reason. XP And its pretty damm obvious, unless you havent read my blog title. XD

Yeap, I was having my final exams for the whole week. But now, it all over. End of my third semester foundation. X)

So, what have I been up to these days? Lets write it all down here shall we? XP

1. Final Exams
- 4 papers this time for finals, monday 2 papers which is VB and Stats, thursday business and friday C-Prog. I would say that my grades for this semester would be better than my 2nd semester. The exams this time is still hard as hell.. XD Oh well, its all over.. lets just hope i get better grade la. XP

2. Hanging Out with My Friends
- Yeah, im hanging out alot with my college friends. Before finals, during finals and after finals. XD All the study groups session.. all the hang out after one exam paper.. and the finale after finishing all of the papers.

Reason that Im hanging out with them is because their foundation life is ending. This current semester is my january intake friend's final semester. Therefore, I think should spend more time with them. Yeah, sure we're gonna meet up cause some of them are still gonna be HELP but different building but still.. its holiday now, mind as well hang out now than later right? XD

3. Ragnarok-ing
- Yesh, im still RO during before exams, on exams and after exams. XD Pretty lifeless eh? Thanks to Dex Shan for pulling me back in again with another new server called Lifetime RO. Thankfully, this server is waaaay easier to play compared to vRO. XD

Less than 2hours your character is already lvl99 already (max level). Which still considered good. Unlike vRO, the damm thing takes about 2 weeks hardcore to become level 99. The drops rates for this server is the same as vRO but the cards drop rate is FANTASTIC. XD

For the first time, I get to fight in a epic MVP battle. Yeah, sure I did see before but i get to participate this time. XD Yeah, im lifeless..

4. Finding a way to watch 'Victorious'
- No kidding, im desperately looking for a way watch 'Victorious'. Youtube episodes are just so damm slow and outdated. They only have until episode 9 but astro its until episode 13~14 already. DX Plus, on youtube everything is flipped the opposite. What i mean its everything turn from right to left. So its not original. DX

I did try looking on the internet, and yes i did found some download websites. But due to my brother and sister's constant time of using PPstream that slows down the internet very very the much, downloading a 256Mb files takes 11hours! DX

Its holidays, and I really really hope my whole family can persuade my mom to get astro. DX

5. Selected as Top Ten Most Favourite HMC Students.
- Dont worry, im pretty damm surprised myself that I even get chosen for this. XD I received a message from Matrix after my business exams that day. A message saying that I was chosen to be in a list of top ten favourite students in HELP. Nick, Daniel and Faris went like.. 'WHART!?'

From what i know its done through some sort of survery. A survery asking people around college people to find out who is the most talk about, popular, recognized students in college and why. Apparently, I was one of the top ten for those.

Im not going to hide this. Im very HAPPY! XD

Before I end this post, I would like to thank to those of you who voted for me. Thank you guys soooo much. X) And I would also like to thank those of you still keep track of my blog. You guys are great. XP

Soooo, i guess now I have to find a way to spend my 2~3 weeks of holidays wisely..

Monday, December 6, 2010

Teenage Dream Cover ft. King and Max

I didnt type the title wrong, its true!! XD

Yeah, me, Max and King did a cover of Teenage Dream by Katy Perry. Yeah, we're not the best singers but we certainly are the BEST comedians. (PS: This is not a parody, we ARE making a cover. XP)

It was all thank to Wei Gin for sealing the song into King's head. One day, Max and King were bored, so they came over to my place to chill out. Then suddenly, King says that he wanted to make a cover of the song. Max didnt wanted to do at first, but still we pulled him in. XD It took us a few takes to really figure out what are we going to do. Finally one serious moment, we manage to do it prefectly fine. XD

This time, I was going to take my movie maker skills editting to the next level. So sorta made this video a little bit different from the other covers I made. I was actually just testing out, didnt know that my discovery fitted in sooo prefectly.

Now, heres the video.

Yeah I know.. the bloooper part was alittle bit tooo long and boring.. But I find it extremly funny!! And if i put music in the bloopers section, it will be too loud and it will cover up what we have said. I didnt want to put subtitles cause it too damm long. So, yeah. XP

LIKE, COMMENT and SUBCRIBE my youtube channel if you want to hear/see more. XP

Now since i know that I can do this movie/MV style on movie maker.. i shall take my ambitious to the next level. XP XP XP

Friday, December 3, 2010

Victoria Justice

Just so you guys dont know.. I not a really loyal kind person when it comes to superstars. I said im not really.. but that doesnt mean im NOT. XD Ahhhh~ Get it?

I have been following this female super/rockstar named Victoria Justice. Yeah, thats a pretty cool name. I never really heard of a girl name ends with 'Justice'. Thats just epic. And guess what? Shes only 17!? Yeah, she looks gorgeous and mature!!

Victoria Justice.

Anyways, this girl is freaking awesome. Part of her awesome-ness is that she can really really sing. Go to youtube and search for her songs, they are pretty awesome. What I can say about her is that, her singing voice is doesnt really sound like her original voice. But who cares man!! it sounds great! XD

This is just one of her song. XP

How I know this girl is all thanks to Vania. Well, not to say that she introduced this girl to me, but she sorta got me to know her. XD I went to Vania's house one day with King to do something, and while waiting for King and Vania to settle their stuffs, I was watching TV. (Its been awhile ever since I watch TV.)

Shes a pretty cool girl to hang around with. I guess..

Victoria Justice is acting in a comedy/musical series known as Victorious. Thats how I know that this girl exist. This show is pretty funny, and the song in the movie are awesome as well. XP (FYI, its not like Glee..) Watch the show on Nicklodeon.. errr.. dunno what date. XP

Sadly, i cant catch her show cause my mom totally hates Astro. Well the correct phrase is, she doesnt like US watching Astro. XP So, yeah, I have to catch her show on youtube instead. Downloading it will be long.. mind as well just stream for it..

After just a day of looking around youtube, I found her REAL youtube account. XP

Click Here to visit her REAL/Offical youtube account.

Taylor Swift?? Yeah, im still IN to her, but for now.. Its Victoria Justice. XP

I guess im the kind of guy who goes crazy towards girls who can sings. XD

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Another Dream

Guess what? I just had another dream about 'her' again..

No kidding.. It felt soooo real...

But when i woke up, I was very very disappointed as its not real.. DX

To be honest, this is the third dream that I have with 'her' for this year. And each one of those dreams are soooo realistic. Is like my heart is actually inside the dream itself!! D8 (do you just understand what I was saying?)

But those dream can NEVER happen.. unless theres such thing as Miracles in life..

*Actually miracles DO happen. One of the many examples is passing my Moral Studies. XD

Anyways, I just really really wish that what happen between me and 'her' in the dream can really come true..

*I put my email as dream never exist for a reason.. XD

Okay, let me answer your question..

'Her' = Taylor Swift. XD

Just incase you guys get the wrong idea.. ITS NOTHING DIRTY!!! I repeat.. ITS NOTHING HORNY!!!

Kkthxbye~ XD

Happy Birthday Mike!!

I would like to spend a blog post to say/wish a friend of mine whose turning 23 this year.. (1st December) Yeah, a pretty nice birthday date eh? XP


Yeah, the dude on the right is Mike. XP

Ignore the fark face.. (I meant me.) XD

Alright, im not just gonna spend this one post to wish him. Im here to share you guys a video as well. Not just a video, its a video cover I made with a friend of mine. No, shes not Nicole. XP Its Mike's XOXO, Wei Gin. XP

Heres the story, Wei Gin wanted to make a cover of Teenage Dream for Mike as a pre-surprise birthday present. I willingly volunteered to help her out with the cover cause I wanted to do that cover as well. XP So, there you go, a simple and short story. XD

So heres the cover that both us made just for Mike. XP ENJOY~

FYI, theres a blooper in the video.. so make sure you stay until the whole video ends! XD

*Extra Credits to Mike Tompkin's Teenage Dream cover as my background music.

Remember to LIKE, COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE this video if you like it! XD Click here to visit the offical video on youtube. XP


Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Let me just bring up the tension for those of you who are in HMC aka Foundations.


and its like when?


and come to think of it..


Yeah, I bet those lines would have made you guys panic and pee in your pants already. No, didnt? Guess you guys are not well influenced by the lines that much. XP

Alright, get back to the main topic.

One day i was lying down on my bed, staring at facebook home stonning... repeat, NOTHING ELSE but stonning infront of the computer. Theres actually alot of things that I could actually do at home. Let me list it out for you guys..

1. Grab the guitar and sing my lungs out.
2. Read some new archie comic books that I bought.
3. Play Counter Strike with AIs.
4. Pump my God Eater character.
5. Sleep extremely early. (It was about 9pm that time.)
6. Bring my dog out for a walk.
7. Go downstairs and trying to play some piano.
8. Watch some old movies again.
9. Watch Ghost Adventures.
10. Theres too much to talk about.. Lets just leave it that way. XD

Yeap, theres actually a whole list of things that I can do at home. But what do i choose to do? I choose to stone infront of my computer and stare at my facebook and msn for noooooo apparent reason.

Suddenly, my conscious stuck me and Im actually thinking about the exams!! Thinking of what kind of topics are coming out, how tricky can the questions get, refreshing what the lecturers have though, flashing back whether the lecturers got gave up any hints.. etc...

And then.. In my head, I was thinking and saying it to myself..

"If shes studying now.. Why not I study too?"

Yeah, thats what I was really thinking, No kidding..

So, what did I do? I took out my business book from my bag, stand up, walk to my tuition room, sat down, open the book and READ!! DX Pretty unbelievable huh?

I guess she sorta influenced me with her.. errr... study-nesss? XD

But her influence wasnt strong enough.. After flipping through my business text book for about 30mins, I gave up, stood up, enter my room, turn on the PSP, and play. XD

Okay, at least I did try to study right? XP

Today, I was walking around the corridoor and talking to her and I just found out that she was pretty slacking off these few days as well! D8

So, looks she influence me and mayb just mayb I influenced her as well. XP

Question is..

Am I influecing her? Or Shes influencing me. XD

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Treat it like A Day

I have tons of people coming to me and asking me..

"Why do u have tons of story to tell in your blog?"
"Does this kind of things always happens to you?"
"Are you making stories up?"

Yes, I always have tons to story to tell in my blog.
Yes, you can say that this kind of things always happens to me.
No, these stories are NOT made up.

The stories that I tell in blog are all the things that I see/face in life. Well you can say I actually go and cause this stories to happen sometime. Yeah, I tend to kepo and do things to help people and sometimes i even get myself into troubles. XP

Besides that, why do things always happened to me is because I think I have a cute family? funny/amazing/stupid friends? And i tend to see alot of things in life as I walk/take bus/go out everytime? XP

I always ask a friend of my a question like everytime before we start a conversation..

"Hows your day?"

She finds it really difficult to answer my question cause theres really nothing much happening. Well, shes not the only one who finds it really difficult to answer such question. XD

To me, in every single day, theres definately something special on that day itself. (I said to me.) That something special doesnt really have to be BIG. Even a small thing that happen on that day is special day to me. So I'll treat it like A day to be remember as well. XP

Yeah, i can get happy really easily. XP (It works the other way around as well.)

So, I tend to treat my blog like a diary but this is like some public diary where people can see what Im doing everyday. Yeah, I admit im a pretty LOA person. XP

Im bloggin because I wanna share something to you guys, tell stories, crap and also send a message to everyone whose reading my blog. X)

Life can be really really fucked up at times, and you tend to wanna close your eyes and just walk away. But just think about it, what if you do something about it? Just TRY and do something about it. Give it a shot. Who knows? Will there be a difference? You choose.,

Yeap, Im crapping again.. XP


Crazy Bus Driver

It was one fine saturday morning.. and yet i still have to attend college classes. It was a replacement college day for one of the wednesday public holidays. So, i woke my ass up to attend my first class which is about 9.30am.

I step out from the house at about 8.30am, and walk all the way to tropicana city to wait for my bus. The bus arrive at about 8.45am, which is pretty damm lucky cause usually i will have to wait for about half an hour for a bus. The bus driver of the bus was a short chubby malay dude. (about Esther Teng's size. XD)

Alright waiting for the bus journey was just crap.. lets just head straight to the real story then..

Right after my station, there was this passenger entered the bus. I dunno about him but it seems to me that the pessanger is new cause he didnt know where to put the money. (FYI, his a malay dude too.) In the bus, we're suppose to put the money in some sort of metal container.

The passenger finally figured out that he is suppose to put the money in the metal container. But that time, the metal container was sealed, so that means you have to give the money to the bus driver. The passenger didnt know, so he tried to stuff the money into the sealed container. (His a newbie, so lets not use the word stupid here.)

For some reason, the bus driver got pissed and starts yelling at him. Heres what happened.. (Please forgive me for my bad malay)

Bus Driver: " Woi, you tak tau mana letak wang kah!? Tak pergi sekolah kah!?"

Passenger: "Mana letak wang ah?"

Bus Driver: "Beri saya lah!? You buta kah tak tengok tangan saya di sini!?"

Passenger: "Oh, okay okay." *gives the bus driver the money*

Bus Driver: "Yish, bodoh punya budak tak pergi sekolah!! Orang macam kau biar tidur di rumah dan tunggu orang hantar kamu la! Kacau saje!" *Give the ticket to the dude aggressively*

Seriously, I have no idea what did that passenger did wrong. He just didnt know where to put/give the money and the bus driver just starts yelling for nooooo apparent reason.

The fight wasnt over.. through out the journey in the bus, the bus driver didnt stop complaining about the passenger out loud. He starts saying really really mean things like "Balik tidur, jangan keluar." and something like "Bodoh punya orang balik sekolah belajar lah!" and some other stuffs which is really annoying, disturbing and hurtful.

It would make the passenger very dumb if he wouldnt react or count back what the bus driver said. So the passenger starts talking back.. heres what happened..

Passenger: "Apa you mau dari saya ni!? Kau tak puas hati apa ni!?"

Bus Driver: "Saya tak puas hati dengan tabiat kacau buat macam bodoh!"

Passenger: "You tak kenal saya pun!!"

Bus Driver: "Saya tak suka orang seperti kamu tak datang bas says ni buat kacau saje!"

Passenger: "Apa saya telah buat!?"

Bus Driver: "You sendiri tau!"

Theres a moment, the passenger kept his mouth shut cause he didnt want to make the fight worst. The bus driver thought that he was not happy with his attitude and the fight still continues..

Bus Driver: "You tak puas hati dengan saya you turun dari bus saya!!"

*bus driver breaks the bus and opens the front bus door*

Bus Driver: "YOU TURUN SEKARANG! Saya tak mau tengok orang seperti kamu dalam bas saya, keluar!!"

While the fight was going on, there was this young indian girl whose scared and wanted to stop both of them from fighthing. But she was just girl, so she most probably would get herself into trouble if she tries to step up and stop them. She then looked around and see if anyone who can help to stop both of them. Sadly, the other bus passengers in that bus was stoning staring at the fight as if it was some sort of movie drama to them. What a bunch of dumbasses.. Why didnt I move? Read on and you'll know..

The passenger then stumbled out from the bus. Really, what in the world did the passnger do to that bus driver?? Is not that he killed the bus driver's family or something..

Okay, if you get chase out by a bus driver for noooo apparent reason, of course you be pissed like hell. When your pissed, you will do some kind of hand motion like waving the air which indicates the person is crazy or stupid.

So, that what the passenger did when he got down the bus. The bus driver in the bus saw and then he got angry. He took off his seat belt and get down the bus heading towards the passnger and both of them started like fighting.

I cant stand watching it anymore, so I stood up and head down to the bus and stop both of them. I pushed the bus driver away and asked the passenger to quickly leave before things turn bad. The passenger quickly left the scene..

The bus driver then started cock staring me. Now I just got myself into the passenger's trouble. Heres what happened then.

Bus Driver: "Kenapa you kepo ni!? Kenapa you datang kacau!?"

Me: "Saya cuma tak mau ada orang cedera."

Bus Driver: "So, you cakap saya buat salah la!?"

Me: "Bukan, Bukan!"

Bus Driver: "You jangan duduk bus saya lagi!!"

Yeah, WTF right? I was innocently chased out from the bus.. theres more.. heres the second stupid thing that i did to get myself to more trouble..

Me: "Okay, tapi saya mau duit saya balik!!"

Hey, I only sat for 2 station in that bus!! I have the right to ask for my money back la! And IM CHINESE! XD But really it was stupid move.. After I said that phrase I sorta triggered his anger.. guess what happened?

The fella tried to freaking PUNCH me!!! No kidding! But have I seen it coming, so i block his punches by sorta flapped my arms around to block his fists. And you know whats really dumb? NONE of the passengers in the bus are doing anything to help me! I saw some fine mens in the bus, but NONE of them freaking come down and help me with any shits.

Yeah i got hit at my arm and my shoulder but it wasnt painful.(Looks like all the random punches by my brother paid off. XD) I tried to fight back like punch him or kick him or something. But I cant seem to land a punch on him cause my hands are too busy blocking, and my legs are busy keeping myself balance from his punches.

The fight really wasnt really long, i think its like a 30seconds or more fight only.. the bus driver suddenly grew tired and stop fighting already. I was about to get ready to counter a few punches back to him but then he said..

Bus Driver: "You ingat muka saya, YOU INGAT!! You mau complain, pergi complain la! Saya tak takut!! Tapi, you ingat muka saya, jangan biar saya tengok muka kamu di dalam bus saya lagi!"

He ran up the bus and drove off quickly. I think his afraid of me cause I was about to fight with him seriously and I was really bigger size than him. Or mayb he was too tired to fight cause he was sorta fighthing with the pessenger. Well, the fight was over..

In the end, I lost my bus ride, cant get my money back and the worst is I never get to land a single punch/kick on that person. (I feel really lousy back then..) But still, i did something good which is stop someone from getting hurt although I got myself into his trouble.

When the next bus arrive, I have already ran out of small changes. I went up the bus and told the new bus driver the whole story. The new bus driver was a really really nice guy, he asked me whether I was hurt or not and he gave my a free ride. Looks like good karma really struck me back immediately. X)

By the time I reached to college, I was about to be late for my class. But thankfully, I manage to reach there right on time. XP

Yeah, if u sit a bus every single day, you can see lots of crap dramas like this. But when u see something like that, dont be an asshole and sit down there and be an idiot watching the whole thing like some sort of movie. If you can help GO HELP, if u cannot GET SOME HELP!!

When I said bus U82 is a sohai bus, I meant it for real.. The next time i see that dude, I will really whack the shyt out of him. (I knew I shud have learn some Wing Chun or something. XD)

I told my brother the whole story and heres what he said..

Bro: "So, he was fat."

Me: "Yeap."

Bro: "and short."

Me: "Uh huh"

Bro: "and was tired fighting with you."

Me: "Get straight to the point please."

Bro: "Haiya.. then you know what u shud have done?"

Me: "What? Kick the shyt out of him? o.O"

Bro: "Nope, even better. Quickly run to his bus and quickly get the bus keys."


Yeah, I think i shud have done that.. XD

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thought There was Another Me

I repeat, whatever that I wrote in my blog are all TRUE STORIES!! I mean, come on, its too real to be made up. XD

Okay, cut the crap, straight to the point.

Today, I was running to KFC to buy myself a lunch before my next class. The queue was pretty damm long, but still i waited cause I want the taste to Zinger Burger sooooo badly. (Been eating it for 5 years, never get sick of it. XP) Plus, I was really really hungry. All thanks to my VB Program for burning up my break time.

Standing beside me was this father and a little boy. From the way I see the father was dressing, he seems to be like a chinese street hawker. He was wearing an apron along with a shirt that has stains on it. So, that shows that my guess is most probably correct. XP Guess what? Coincidencely, my dad is hawker as well.

Next to him was his son which is short, specy, and shy. If some of you who actually looked at my child hood pictures, I look something like him. XP Yeah, coincidencely, the kids some how looks like me. XD

How do I know that the kid is shy? I was standing beside him and staring at him. (Yeah, im weird, i stare at kids who look something like me. XD) Then i smiled at him. (Yeah, im weird, i smile at kids who look something like me too. XD) the kid saw me and quickly hide behind his father holding on his trousers. The father then smile back at me for some apparent reason.. which i really dunno why.. O.O

From the looks of how the kid reacted, is either im scary or his shy. (I prefer saying his shy cause I dunno get the bad side of me in my blog. XD)

And again, coincidencely, that was what I do/react if i see random strangers or scary relatives smiling at me. Im a pretty BIG wuss when I was young. XP

Then, the little boy keep asking his father for Zinger Burger set. Again, coincidencely, the kid was ordering the same thing like me.

Suddenly I had a flash back.. Remembering that my father used to bring me to the ss2's KFC to buy me zinger burger everytime before my Edu Smart tuition. (No kidding, this is true) My dad used to tell me not to eat so much fast food but still, in the end he still buys me what i want. Which I find it really really sweet. XP (come to think of it, its bad for me as well. XD)

After that, the father and son bought their food and left KFC. Both of them hold hands and walked out from KFC.

Then again, I had another flashback of my dad doing that to me when I was little. He likes to hold my hand and start making farting sounds with it. That always made me laugh when I was young. (Come to think of it again, its funny. XD)

After the flashback, i smiled at the father and sons again and gave myself a little scratch on the head. (dont ask me why) At that moment of time, I really thought that there was another me. Not just me, maybe another my dad. XD

Well this is just one of my stories.. Who knows? That kid will turn out to be like me! XD

And its not a very happy thing to be like me.. XP

Monday, November 22, 2010

What Im Up to Lately

Hey guys.. I have been talking alot about random stuffs hese days.. lets just talk about what im up to these days. XP

1. Visual Basics Assignment
Alright, whats really interesting about C++ is that there are totally no assignments!! No bring home assignments and everything. XP Our marks are all based on some sort of quiz. But Visual basics is another way around. Real pain in the ass. Visual Basics assignments are HARD ASS SHYT!! No kidding..

Part of the reason that its hard is cause I delay until the last minute. XP So yeah, i sorta blame myself. But still, the whole damm thing is soooo complicated! DX Die lah my future job. DX Thank god everything is over. XP No more presentations, No more quiz, but now all thats left is the freaking finals. DX

2. Writing Songs.
Just so you guys dont know, I play guitar. XD Nah, thats old news. Whats new is that im starting to write songs. XP Yeah, again. But this time, I have a friend to assist me in it. XP Yeap, the one and only King. (No kidding, his name IS King! XD) King has been working with music technologies for a pretty long time. One day, he came to me and asked me to whether I want to write a song or not. Not surprisingly, I said yes. XP

After spending 3 and a half hours in my house brain stroming, we manage to write a song. The song is something like a confession song and also about a comforting song. We called it 'Just You'. Yeah, the title of the song is even harder to crack than the lyrics and the chords of the song. XP

Who knows, both of us could be writing more song in the future? XP

3. Hanging out with Bros
That doesnt mean I usually dont hang out with my bros. I do hang out with them, but this time, I hung out with them more.. XD We sorta made like this Bro Council thing and made a HQ (Head Quarters) this thing. XD Yeah, the HQ is house. Dont ask me why.

FYI, Bros does not mean its all male. There are females as well. XD Me, myself and I declare them as Bro-Sis. XD Who says females cannot be bros as well? They can be a cooler/better/smarter person to hang out with. XD But dont mess with them or they will EAT YOU ALIVE or maybe KICK YOUR ARSE! XD

4. Finished God Eater BURST part 1
As you all know, im a gamer. What kind of games into? Hack and Slash games. XP So yeah, God Eater was one of my favourite games of all time. Good game, but once the seconds version (also known as God Eater BURST), i think that Burst is WAAAAAY better than the original. It even have another extra storyline! 8D Its like KHFMz. XP

Im currently at the part 2 of the story. I dont read japanese but I can tell that things are getting more and more interesting. XP The bosses are waaaay stronger as well althought some of them do look the same. XD

Okay I cant really think of a topic anymore.. So, I guess thats all to update about myself. XP

Guess its back to random post, game faqs, and sharing stories again. XD

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Songs = Them

Okay.. heres one weird thing about me.. I dunno whether you guys do this or not.. but I do this practically ALL THE TIME. So yeah. XP

I always like to choose a song to represent someone. Its like everytime i heard that song, I will always think that one particular person. Whats really weird about this is that.. one song can only represent ONE person. So, when that song plays, that ONE person is the only person that I have in my head. I can pratically picture an imaginary Music Video and he/she will be in it. XP

This usually happens to girls that i know.. (especially girls who I have history with.) guys, it still happens but not so much. XP

And these songs will be updated as well. Like when theres a new song that will still makes me think of him/her, I will change song and make it into the song that represents them. XP

Its a weird and yet a funny thing to do.. XP

You can find most of the songs in my computer or in my handphones. Yeah, my blog post songs also represent people. XP

The question is.. Which song represent who?

Well that my friend is for me to know and you to figure it out. XP

Really, its not that hard to find out which song represents who.. Its pretty damm obvious.. All you have to do is use some critical thinking then you should be fine.

This is just one weird and random fact about me. There is actually one WHOLE list of weird facts about me. XP Lets just keep that for other blog post then.

Yours is 'Ho Ho Hopefully' by the Maine.

And hers is 'Mine' by Taylor Swift. X)