Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holidays after Camp

Heya guys. Sorry for not bloggin as often as I use to be. And like always, I HAVE MY REASONS. XD (Bet you guys starting to get sick of looking at this word. XD)

After camp, I have been spending my holidays wisely.. Wisely as in going out and hang out with my friends more often. Both college friends and high school friends. XP

Right after camp, I went for Justin's B'day party. It was nice to see my temple friends and also my college friends all together at one party. I was busy half of the time learning how to BBQ from King with the help from Gabriel and Max. It was some good time we had there. XD

I was not thinking of sleeping over for the party but turns out I was drag to sleep over. (Okay, I admit, I did wanted to sleep over as well. XD) The sleep over turns out to be a drunkard baby sitting night for me. Not just that, me and Victor became a maid as well at the same time. XD Its funny to see how everyone react when they are drunk.. and its also a little scary at the same time. What I can say now is that its a new experience for me. X)

2 Days later.. i have to go over to Justin's house again to celebrate Christmas and have sleepover. Just like every single year. XP Well, every single recent year la. Kudos to Bryan for the transportation. XP

Me, Kai Chong, Kai Yuan, Suelyn, Bryan and Mun Ping doing something around Justin's house area which none of us remembered what we were doing! XD

Like always, theme for the christmas is red or white shirts. Then, its potluck like always. Since my sister is not attending this year, there will be not Kelly Jelly for potluck this year. So, I just buy some chips and go with it. XD Also, there is secret santa where we exchange present with some random person in the party. XP

Me and my Jolly good face. XD

Me, Mike and MunPing's jolly good faces. XD

What did i bought? I bought a simple dooodoll keychain. Its like a cute red devil looking thing. XP (What!? Im not cheap!? They say the price of the present is rm10~rm20!!) That was the best and cutest looking that I can find in a toy store.

Yeah, i filled myself up superbly and had fun there. Justin planned some games for us play. Twister, Musical Chair and Passing the Sherates. All the long legs people are forced to play Twister for some reason.. and then the not so tall ones played Musical Chair. Finally everyone played Passing the Sherates to laugh our asses off. XP

The konon-nya 'SURE WIN' gang. XD

Playing twister along with Mike, Bryan and MunPing. Kai Yuan was playing too.. but he got kicked out early.. XD

Yeah.. guess whose the one being squash? XP

Passing the Sherates.. never fails to make us laugh. XD

Had a sing along session with me as the guitarist. XP

Alright. Heres the thing about Justin's parties. I dunno whether it applies on every single party.. but it happens again. (read on and you'll get what i mean.) Remember the previous party? The one written above? Yeah, I have to sleep over and take of drunkards right? Guess what? The same damm thing happened again!! XD But this time, I was part of the reason that they all became drunk. XP

They played this drinking game that Ivan taught us during prom night. It is a very very interesting and yet funny drinking game. (Its kinda complicated to explain it here.. cause it too damm long.) So, basically, I was the judge of the game. Im in charge of giving out cards, and catching people. Once I caught the person, that person have to drink. So, yeah, you can say that I was part of the reason that why they are drunk.

Alright, so about 3~4 of them are high/tipsy/drunk. Guess what they all do after? They all play Musical Chair!! XD They cant even walk straight and still they want to play a game that makes their head go spinning round and round. XD But pretty funny thou looking at them playing musical chair drunkly. Not just that, got friendly fights during the game somemore. XD No worries, we got it all on video camera. Now its up to Justin whether he wanna post or not only. XP

The next day, we all had some breakfast and head to the curve to chillax somemore. Well, its christmas on that day.. We all wanna chill, hang out and have a jolly good time with our friends at the curve. XP

We walked, we stone, we ate meatballs, we watched movie. Typically chilled out time kind of thing. XP But I have to say.. Tron is cool but boring.. sorry Tron fans. DX

Kudos to Bryan for fetching me home again that night. XP When I head home.. online a little bit and BAM!!! Sleeped. XP

So thats two parties that I spend during the holidays.. Actually there are some other things that happened besides this two parties during the holidays. But I dont wanna make this blog post too damm epic long and bored you guys. XP

Hows your holidays going so far? Yeah, I know its about to end.. but still how did it go? XP