Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Another Dream

Guess what? I just had another dream about 'her' again..

No kidding.. It felt soooo real...

But when i woke up, I was very very disappointed as its not real.. DX

To be honest, this is the third dream that I have with 'her' for this year. And each one of those dreams are soooo realistic. Is like my heart is actually inside the dream itself!! D8 (do you just understand what I was saying?)

But those dream can NEVER happen.. unless theres such thing as Miracles in life..

*Actually miracles DO happen. One of the many examples is passing my Moral Studies. XD

Anyways, I just really really wish that what happen between me and 'her' in the dream can really come true..

*I put my email as dream never exist for a reason.. XD

Okay, let me answer your question..

'Her' = Taylor Swift. XD

Just incase you guys get the wrong idea.. ITS NOTHING DIRTY!!! I repeat.. ITS NOTHING HORNY!!!

Kkthxbye~ XD