Friday, December 10, 2010

End of Finals!

Sorry, I have not been updating my blog for exactly one whole week.. But as usual, I have my reason. XP And its pretty damm obvious, unless you havent read my blog title. XD

Yeap, I was having my final exams for the whole week. But now, it all over. End of my third semester foundation. X)

So, what have I been up to these days? Lets write it all down here shall we? XP

1. Final Exams
- 4 papers this time for finals, monday 2 papers which is VB and Stats, thursday business and friday C-Prog. I would say that my grades for this semester would be better than my 2nd semester. The exams this time is still hard as hell.. XD Oh well, its all over.. lets just hope i get better grade la. XP

2. Hanging Out with My Friends
- Yeah, im hanging out alot with my college friends. Before finals, during finals and after finals. XD All the study groups session.. all the hang out after one exam paper.. and the finale after finishing all of the papers.

Reason that Im hanging out with them is because their foundation life is ending. This current semester is my january intake friend's final semester. Therefore, I think should spend more time with them. Yeah, sure we're gonna meet up cause some of them are still gonna be HELP but different building but still.. its holiday now, mind as well hang out now than later right? XD

3. Ragnarok-ing
- Yesh, im still RO during before exams, on exams and after exams. XD Pretty lifeless eh? Thanks to Dex Shan for pulling me back in again with another new server called Lifetime RO. Thankfully, this server is waaaay easier to play compared to vRO. XD

Less than 2hours your character is already lvl99 already (max level). Which still considered good. Unlike vRO, the damm thing takes about 2 weeks hardcore to become level 99. The drops rates for this server is the same as vRO but the cards drop rate is FANTASTIC. XD

For the first time, I get to fight in a epic MVP battle. Yeah, sure I did see before but i get to participate this time. XD Yeah, im lifeless..

4. Finding a way to watch 'Victorious'
- No kidding, im desperately looking for a way watch 'Victorious'. Youtube episodes are just so damm slow and outdated. They only have until episode 9 but astro its until episode 13~14 already. DX Plus, on youtube everything is flipped the opposite. What i mean its everything turn from right to left. So its not original. DX

I did try looking on the internet, and yes i did found some download websites. But due to my brother and sister's constant time of using PPstream that slows down the internet very very the much, downloading a 256Mb files takes 11hours! DX

Its holidays, and I really really hope my whole family can persuade my mom to get astro. DX

5. Selected as Top Ten Most Favourite HMC Students.
- Dont worry, im pretty damm surprised myself that I even get chosen for this. XD I received a message from Matrix after my business exams that day. A message saying that I was chosen to be in a list of top ten favourite students in HELP. Nick, Daniel and Faris went like.. 'WHART!?'

From what i know its done through some sort of survery. A survery asking people around college people to find out who is the most talk about, popular, recognized students in college and why. Apparently, I was one of the top ten for those.

Im not going to hide this. Im very HAPPY! XD

Before I end this post, I would like to thank to those of you who voted for me. Thank you guys soooo much. X) And I would also like to thank those of you still keep track of my blog. You guys are great. XP

Soooo, i guess now I have to find a way to spend my 2~3 weeks of holidays wisely..