Friday, December 17, 2010

Before I leave for Camp

*this post was suppose to be UP before i leave for my camp. But blogspot seems to have some technical problems during that time when I wanted to post this post. So, yeah~ *

Just so you guys dont know.. Im not going to be around tomorrow (18th Dec) till Tuesday (21st Dec) due my temple's Youth Camp. So, yeah, no craps for you guys for 4 days~ XP

Dont worry, I will TRY and blog everything that happened during the camp. XP

But before I leave for the next 4 days without crapping anything here. Let me just wish/advice/remind you guys alittle bit of something before I leave. XP

I hope everyone of you are spending your holidays nicely.. If not then go out and have fun. Play some sports, chillax with your friends, or just go out alone and take a walk in the park. Its better than staying at home doing nothing. (*coughs* like me *coughs*).

Spend time with your old primary/close/far/high school friends & family doing something crazy. (but dont get yourself into trouble.) Just do it, cause who knows, next year you guys dont have anything to do those stuffs anymore. Then you will cry, regret, and ask yourself why am i so stupid.

Nah.. I was just kidding.. but seriously.. spend your holidays wisely. (Quote: Stefira)

So, I guess thats all that im gonna talk about for now... Therefore, long story short, Just go enjoy your holidays.. especially those college students who in A-levels which are having exams right after the holiday ends or those who have graduate from foundations and cannot meet their friends that much anymore at degree.. Yeah something like that la. XP

Im off to camp now!! *PUMPED* XD

Shyt.. Im crazy about Victoria Justice, Selena Gomez, Miranda Cosgrove, etc.. Gotta start dilusioning!!! DX Guess camp will take my mind off that. XD