Friday, December 3, 2010

Victoria Justice

Just so you guys dont know.. I not a really loyal kind person when it comes to superstars. I said im not really.. but that doesnt mean im NOT. XD Ahhhh~ Get it?

I have been following this female super/rockstar named Victoria Justice. Yeah, thats a pretty cool name. I never really heard of a girl name ends with 'Justice'. Thats just epic. And guess what? Shes only 17!? Yeah, she looks gorgeous and mature!!

Victoria Justice.

Anyways, this girl is freaking awesome. Part of her awesome-ness is that she can really really sing. Go to youtube and search for her songs, they are pretty awesome. What I can say about her is that, her singing voice is doesnt really sound like her original voice. But who cares man!! it sounds great! XD

This is just one of her song. XP

How I know this girl is all thanks to Vania. Well, not to say that she introduced this girl to me, but she sorta got me to know her. XD I went to Vania's house one day with King to do something, and while waiting for King and Vania to settle their stuffs, I was watching TV. (Its been awhile ever since I watch TV.)

Shes a pretty cool girl to hang around with. I guess..

Victoria Justice is acting in a comedy/musical series known as Victorious. Thats how I know that this girl exist. This show is pretty funny, and the song in the movie are awesome as well. XP (FYI, its not like Glee..) Watch the show on Nicklodeon.. errr.. dunno what date. XP

Sadly, i cant catch her show cause my mom totally hates Astro. Well the correct phrase is, she doesnt like US watching Astro. XP So, yeah, I have to catch her show on youtube instead. Downloading it will be long.. mind as well just stream for it..

After just a day of looking around youtube, I found her REAL youtube account. XP

Click Here to visit her REAL/Offical youtube account.

Taylor Swift?? Yeah, im still IN to her, but for now.. Its Victoria Justice. XP

I guess im the kind of guy who goes crazy towards girls who can sings. XD