Monday, August 30, 2010

Telling Mother

If you havent read the blog post title 'Another Extra Semester' please scroll down and read that blog post first before reading this blog post! If not you wont understand what is going on and its going to be a BIG TIME SPOILER!!!







Read already? Alright then we shall continue our story..

Just to refresh your minds.. let me just summarize the whole story for you all first. XP

I did a stupid mistake in my college life.. and I have to stay for another semester due to that mistake that i made. I dont mind staying for another semester but the problem is.. will my mom like it or not? So i made a move and told her..

Yeah thats pretty much what i said for my previous post.. now lets continue..

The night before I told my mom everything I was totally freaked out.. Not because I have to stay for another sem.. thats just a tiny bit of excitement. Telling my mom is what really freaking me out.

For those who know how my mother is like when shes angry, you guys should know how fearful I am now.. and for those of you who dont know my mother when shes angry, let me tell you guys what she will do..

She will Scold, Shoot, Strike, Stab, Slash, Slap, Step, Scratch.. etc..

Yeap all of that in WORDS.. XD Her scolding is equivalent to all of what I have mention above. Sounds exaggerating? Well it is.. a little bit.. alot.. XD

Long story short her scolding is very very scary..

Due to this problem.. i was scared as shyt for the whole damm night.. its been 18 years that I have living with my mother and I still cant get used to her scoldings and everything. (I wonder how my brother and dad does it.. XD)

Since I am about to die.. I have to do something about it.. So i spend some of my night time thinking what to do help me die more peacefully at least not so much violence.. After only 12 minutes of thinking.. i finally have a plan and my plan is..

Clean up my room

She has been telling me to clean up my room for the whole semester break.. So i think cleaning up my room will make her happier and so she wont scold me that much. Plus, i am going to be a good boy for just that period of time.. (yeah, after that im me again. XP XP XP)

The next day.. the first i do when i woke up.. was start folding my blankets and removing my beds and everything.. move my computer aside.. and reconnect the cables and everything.. bla bla bla.. (its a very very long process)

After spending half the day cleaning my room.. i only clean a quarter of my whole room. I took and short break and play my PSP. XP After that continue one..

My mom was very surprise that I cleaned my room.. of course, she was very happy of what I have done to the room so far.

We both start to have some conversations and sudden we fly to the topic about studies.. there is when I got the signal to tell her everything..

Heres what happened..(FYI, the whole conversation was in chinese. XP)

Me: Ma, I have something to tell you..

Mom: Yes, what issit? *her faces turns serious*

Me: Erm.. I have to stay for another semester..

Mom: Ok la.







Nothing really happened!! No scolding.. No Saying.. No Stabbing.. Nothing!! D8 I was freaking surprise.. when she said nothing.. i was like.. WHAT!? (no kidding..)

I guess my plan turn out to be sucessful and my mom didnt scold me at all. XP

And when did this happened?


Talk about independence day huh? XD Although I didnt get to see the fireworks or celebrating with my friends or something but there is already fireworks and joys in my heart shouting 'YAY!! Freedom!!'. XD

Fuh~ Fuh~ Fuh~


Another Extra Semester

Yeah, you saw the words at the title.. I have to stay for another semester of my college life.. X(

Why do I have to stay for another semester.. Well lets just say that i made a extremely STUPID mistake. HUGE HUGE mistake.. Heres what happened..

A students need to pass 11 subjects in order to pass foundation. (7 core subjects and 4 electives) Each sem a student can only take maximum 4 subjects. They can only take 5 subjects if they are taking LAN subjects. (Malaysian Studies and Moral Studies). LAN subjects are not included in passing foundation. (remember that) So, is my explanations clear enough? Alright then heres the real thing.. (If you fail 2 a subject twice, then you will have to retake another sem.. keep that in mind)

My 1st sem I took 4 subjects.. I was suppose to take Malaysian Studies but i didnt know about it. (mistake number one) But its not really a big deal cause they say that i can take it during my 3rd semester. Okay.. So my four subjects are Intermediate English, Study Skills, Computer Principles and Calculus. (that time i was still a science student)

If you guys have been reading my blog.. then you all should know whats my results.. I passed 3 of my subjects and failed one which is my calculus. (mistake number two) Therefore, 3 subjects down 8 more subjects to go.

When second semester comes in.. I change my course into foundation in arts. So that i wont have to take that tough calculus again. But I have to take finite maths instead of calculus. Not a big deal.. So, my 2nd semester I have to take another 4 subjects. I took Advance English, Critical Thinking Skills, Internet Principles and Moral Studies.

Like i said before.. LAN subjects such as Moral Studies are not compulsory for passing foundation.. At least that what i thought at first.. So i stupidly went and took moral studies and have no intention to ask around whether am I suppose to take or not.. (mistake three and four)

I have/need to take 5 more subjects to pass my semester.. but I only can take 4 subjects for my 3rd sem.. so that lead to what? Another extra semester for me..

To be honest.. stay for another semester is not a problem for me.. its no big deal for me. but if the semester is like 10 months per sem, (like my brother's course) then i will cry so hard that the amount of tears coming out from my eyes is as much as the amazon river! XD (just something to break the tension..)

I have decided to take Finite Maths as my final/extra semester subject.. and i think i will take Malaysian studies as well.. so that i wont go to college sooo lifeless just for one subject. XD I think the march intakers will take malaysian studies as well..

Okay.. i have set my aim and my goal and faced my fate.. but now the only thing is.. I have to tell my mom.. and telling her is like the scariest thing of all!! D8

Alright here I go... wish me luck..





Actually before i wrote this post i already told her and I knew the results already. DX

Wanna know what happened? Stay tune la! XP

Thursday, August 26, 2010

College is Boring??

No no no.. my college pretty darn rocks!! Im just helping some of my friends who are in college to say something.. Or should I say a little advice..

Well its been around 8 months already that some of us are in college already.. I was talking to an old friend through msn.. and i asked: 'so hows is the eight months of your college life like?' and they said..

'Boring.. Suck.. Sien.. Stress..'

Im going to tell you guys the truth. And this is not just what i said.. some of my other friends said the same thing as well.. (Nathanael, LenPing, etc...) College life can NEVER be sucky!!!

Okay mayb i was wrong.. it can be sucky.. XP

Whatever it is.. it really depends on how you do things there. Your personality, your style, your attitude, your way of socializing .. it really depends on yourself! XD True. College life definately have its time that you will face stress.. but i'll say it again.. it really depends on how you do thing.

Before i enter college, I have been doing a little bit of survery from some of my seniors and of course my brother and sister. And all of them said... well not all of them, but MOST of them said..

'College life is the most easiest life/time you will ever have!'

I totally agree with what they all say. I do have extra free time to relax and something.. the busy time is only exams period and assignments period. But if your an early period kind of person/hardworking person/on time person than that shouldnt be the a problem for you all..

Usually the common problem to this kind of bored situation.. lack of socializing.. When problem like these comes in.. All you have to do is grow some balls and go talk to someone? Once u have at least one friend.. things shud be easier that way onwards. XP Tag together and go know new friend la.

Thats how I get to know sooooo many friends in college. XP I still remember that my first friend in college is Peter and korean guy. But too bad he had to change college due to some reason. X(

Well dunno what else to say.. If you want to have a great college life u have to put a little bit of effort in making it better. X)

For those who are not having fun in college.. hope u guys get my advice. XP

College is the time to have FUN!! Its not the time to feel miserable and everything.. when you grow up and got a boring job that you are forced to do or u have to change into another university where u cant get the time to have fun no more.. It will never feel FUN no more..


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Musical Play Idea

You know what? While i was watching a video from ZhenWhei's college performance.. an idea suddenly just came and struck into my brain! 8D

One of the best ways to make my youtube account more interesting is to make a musical play!! 8D Pretty interesting eh?

Yeah, musical play as in something like phantom of the opera.. but the songs are definately not so opera-lish. More like high school musical like but not so chilidish.

Well I was just thinking that.. since im pretty good at mashing songs up together.. I was thinking of mashing some songs up together and make it something like a capabella but in drama style..

Its not impossible to do.. i have the whole drama script in my brain right now.. pretty cool.. pretty lame.. and pretty downgrade funny.. (mostly lame cause thats my kind of style. XD)

The drama is more towards like a school/high school/college kind of thing. Where a student fell in love with another.. and some shyts happens.. something like but not exactly like that. I dun really know how to explain actually. XD

I got the songs and scripts ready in my head already. I did it while I was chatting to some of my friends.. (thats the reason why im replying pretty slow just now.. XP)

Songs that are in the playlist..

1. Stand By Me
2. Baby
3. Love Story
4. Beautiful Girls
5. Sorry Sorry
6. Oh My Love
7. Viva La Vida
(might be adding more.. who knows. XP)

Yeap, im gonna mash this 7 songs together and have a play at the same time.. sounds pretty impossible eh? But have some ideas in my head to make it work.. and interesting as well. *grims*

Basicly.. this drama really involve guys singing.. Yeap, only guys are gonna sing for this drama.. Its pretty gay.. but think it in a brotherhood kind of way. XP (these are not comfrimed.. i might change it.)

Therfore, i need 6 guys who can sing.. joke.. serious.. have fun and 1 really really cute/hot/pretty girl. Im gonna start looking for it now!! Wish me luck~

ANYONE interested?? XP

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jasper = Women Repeller

To those of you who dunno whose Jasper or to those of you who forgotten whose Jasper. Let tell you guys now/again.

Jasper is my little doggie at my house. Heres a picture of how he looks like.

Yeap, that little brown/goldish/whitish dog is Jasper. Its looks young and small but its old. Its already 7 years old but still healthy! XP May seem very hyper and active on the outside its one freaking lazy son of a bitch on the inside.

Girls would normally go.. 'OMG!! Its sooooo cute!!' but once Jasper starts barking they will then go 'OMG!!! Its sooooo crazy!!!'

Yeah, it happens all the time.. ALL THE TIME! XD

Back to the main topic. My doggie is a women repeller! Not just because that its gay. (I'll tell you guys more about why my dog is gay. XD) its really really.. a women repeller!! Well let me tell you guys the whole story. Its short so dont worry..

One fine evening.. I was freaking bored at home (as usual). Then, I saw Jasper sitting outside looking right into my eyes like trying to tell me something. (You know when dogs want you to do something that time they will give u this 'look') That time.. what was Jasper trying to me..

'Come out and play with me!!!'

or either..

'I want food!!!'

okay.. mayb..


So i thats what i thought he said.. so i decided to bring him out for a little walk. Walking with Jasper is fun.. and funny at the same time. I dunno why its funny.. but i keep smiling when he walks here and there.

When I bring my dog out for a walk.. I tie him up with me. Not only because its crazy and will simply bite ppl.. but also because it can run. Yeah it may look like an old faggie dog but damm can that thing run! My two long legs are no match for his four short legs! But the bitting people was the main reason. XP

I was walking behide my house where is a large field where you can find people either jogging, playing basketball, at the playground or just loafing around for noooo apparent reason.

As i was walking around the field.. i saw two very familiar faces waving at me.. i took a closer look and it was a few of my basketball friends.(all guys) Coincidencely, they were there playing basketball. (reminder they are all guys.) they walk towards me and shook my hands and everything. (final reminder they are all guys.)

Whats really surprising is that my dog didnt growl or bark or try to bite them at all! Usually he does..but that time he didnt..

After that, a few of my basketball friend's girl friends came by and say hi to me. (reminder, they are girls.) Some of them i know, some of them i dont know. (reminder again.. they are girls) then walk towards my direction.. and then sudden.. jasper started barking and chasing them away!! D8

The same thing happen.. at first all of them went. "Is that ur dog, OMG its soooo cute!" after Jasper started barking.. They all started to be afaird and dont come near me anymore.

All thanks to Jasper's heroic action, I dont get to meet/talk with some of my old friends and i dont get to know some of them. (some of them are pretty cute/hot/pretty.)

So that concludes everything.. Jasper = Women Repeller.

PS: This story is real!! Its too fake to be made up!! XD

Downgrade Bored

Hows everyone's holiday going? Pretty good?

Ask me the exact same question that i just ask u guys. Nah, try try try. Come just try asking. Just say the damm words la! Dont wanna ask? Im still gonna answer anyways!

I think u guys already knew the answer before looking at this retarded post. XP

My holidays is pretty downgrade bored.. Heres are some few things that i tried to entertain me but basically failed. XP

Asking someone/friends out.
The most simple thing to do during the holidays. Its actually the best thing to do during the holiday. Well first of all, I dunno who to ask out.. some of them are busy or some of them are at overseas. Another thing and the most important thing is that im broke.. XP Since this is my last week of holidays, i might ask someone out la. X)

Making Covers
Holidays is almost a perfect time to make covers since i have not been making covers during the normal non-holidays. So making it should probably be the best time. Well first, i not a very good singer. In order to make my covers more interesting, i need other ppl to help me sing covers for my song. Current still looking for ppl to help me sing and make covers. Another reasons why i cant make it myself is mainly because i lots my voice. XP

PSP Gaming
Gaming is almost another good thing to do during the holidays. But im not really a lifeless person.. playing games sometimes seriously bored me. (surprised since its coming from me? XP) To be honest, im not as a game freak as last time. Last time i can play game for like 12 hours straight no rest, no sleep, no eat. I wont even feel tired!! I wont get sick with the same game over and over again! (I finish Kingdom Hearts 1 more than 10 times!!) But now, i can even sleep while im playing game. D8 (well i guess its a good thing la.. XP) Long story short, i will get bored playing games now. Especially the types of game im playing now.

Write a Song
Actually this is a good idea. I thought of it every single time! But the thing is i dont really have a very good grammer. (as u all can see through all this bloggin.) and also i really need to have any inspiration to write any songs as well. Dunno what to write about.. I really need some like cool ideas to do this kind of things.

Hang out with Family
Well, i have been hanging out alot with my brother alot but he always go out around afternoon and i have to wake up the next morning only can see him. My parents are busy working.. and my sister is busy with some training she have. The only BEST bonding time i have is with Jasper. (my dog)

Any other idea or any other ways to spend my holidays? I have another 1 more week.. hrm..

Friday, August 20, 2010

The words that a Girl Wants to Hear

Heres a story where I found on the internet.. I find it very touching and I thought of just sharing with you guys out there. X) The whole story is just conversations, thats all. Its up to you all to imagine how everything else is like.. XP

Some of you might have seen this somewhere else.. It was pretty famous for a period of time.

Girl: Thanks for the fun day.. X)

Boy: No problem.

Girl: Can I ask you a few question?

Boy: Sure.. o.O

Girl: And.. Be honest..

*Both of them then stared at each other*

Girl: Have I ever cross your mind?

Boy: No

Girl: Do you like me?

Boy: No

Girl: Do you want me?

Boy: No

Girl: Would you cry if I left?

Boy: No

Girl: Would you live for me?

Boy: No

Girl: Would you do anything for me?

Boy: No

Girl: Choose me or your life?

Boy: My life.

*A shocking face expression then went cross the girl's face. After that she ran away with tears falling from hey eyes..*

*The boy quickly ran after her.. hold her hands.. and said..*

Boy: The reason that you never cross my mind is because.. Your always in my mind.

Boy: The reason why I dont like you is because.. I love you..

Boy: The reason I dont want you is because.. I need you..

Boy: The reason why I wouldnt cry if you left is because.. I'll die with you if you left.

Boy: The reason I wouldnt live for you is because.. I would die for you..

Boy: The reasons Im not willing to do anything for you is because.. I would do everything for you..

Boy: The reason I choose my life is because.. You are my life..


Thank for reading.. X)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Just Yappin~

Just like before. After 2 blog post about video is back to reality with my lifes. Thats the whole point my blog is for actually. XP

To be honest, I got nothing to talk about. XP Im just bloggin for the sake of bloggin. Nawww.. Im bloggin for the sake of entertainment.. No wait! Im bloggin for the sake of burning time!! AHAH!! Perfect! (See how lifeless am I?)

Holidays are great.. its a good time to relax. But Im just relaxing in wrong way.. Yes, Staying at home.. doing pratically NOTHING is a wrong way of relaxing!! (for me la, since im a guy who cannot sit still. XP)

Okay beside doing covers and memorizing chords/lyrics la.. those are like the only exceptions. XP

Well i did do something thinking during the holidays about fundraising event.. but after a few minutes later.. I totally forgotten what the idea was already. XP

Whats the things that most guys like to do during holidays? Gaming.. Of course as a very normal guy, i did play some games.. FF3, FF4, and Persona 3. Find any similarities in these games? Yes, they do.. they all have the same battling system.. which means im like playing the same game over and over again but just in a different character, graphic and storyline. So far.. Persona is best! XP

I have been getting alot of ideas of making my covers more and more interesting. The best idea is asking some famous ppl to make covers with me or find some of my friends who can really sing to record covers with me.. Pretty great ideas huh? (nah, they are actually very common nowathesedays.)

I tried asking some famous ppl like David Choi, Julia Sheer, Janice and Sonia, Tyler Wards.. its seems that I was OVER THE CLOUDS. Its pretty impossible to ask them to do a cover with me since they all life like another side of the world. I have been waiting for replies for almost a month now and still no replies. DX All along a good try..

The only one who reply me was.. Eriel. Which is practically DAYUM good! If she replies my next message.. I'll see what cover can i do with her. XP (wish me luck~)

Next, I did ask some of my friend from choir and college to help me out. And thankfully, most of them replied my message and agreed to help. But the thing is most of them are not free when i am free.. like now.. im sitting here typing some blog and they are probably studying for their finals or something. XP

God Im soooo bored that i cant stop making craps out of my brain..

Do you want me to stop?



Nah, im still gonna stop. XP

Thank you for your time reading.. I promise that im not gonna make a blog post like this ever again. (Dont mark my words.. XD)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Brick By Boring Brick Acoustic Cover

Yes another video cover post. Im starting to post videos in my blog instead of sharing it in facebook. (unless someone helps me to share then its s totally different story. *winks* XD)

This one is a pretty tough one.. Yes, Paramore's Brick by Boring Brick. Its a very common song to be covered on youtube. You can find this cover anywhere in youtube, just type there and ur see TONS of cover. Even though its common and tough, i still want to make this cover.. XP

I was actually inspired by this girl named Eriel to make this cover. Her Brick by Boring Brick was good! Pretty awesome i should say. Whats REALLY important is that shes cute.. XP (at least thats what Faris thinks..)

*You find her blogspot link in my friend list. Feel free to check it out.

Back to my cover~ Hope you guys like it..

Yes, the chords is different from the original. Its paramore!! I definitely cannot reach her pitch. XP Therefore, i place capo again to tune it into my voice range and walah! This cover, i made a little bit of my own arrangement.. A little bit different from original.. just abit..

Like always, rate, comment and subscribe from youtube to show your supports. X)

Im deciding to do another Paramore cover.. But this time i need help.. and i just found the prefect person to make the cover with..

Stay tune~ XP

That Should Be Me Acoustic Cover

Yeap, I've made a Justin Bieber cover? Got a problem with that? BITE ME!! XD But seriously, i made a cover of one of his songs. XP

That Should Be Me

First of all, i have to say that I have nothing against this guy.. Although my good friend Justin Lee has something (which i never know what) againt him. XP I think his songs are pretty good.. and watch really important is.. Girls like this guy! XD (okay that was really irrelavent..)

Anyways.. Of all songs i choose thing song is because its nice.. this song resembles a little bit of me.. plus, its emo.. thats like the biggest reason ever! XD

I hope you guys enjoy it.. XP

Have a hard time singing this song because its Justin Bieber's pitch (but i changed the pitch with a capo. XP) and the lyrics are Justin Bieber's things. So yeah.. pretty tough song for me.

Like always, go to youtube and Like and comment this video. Subscribe my channel if you guys wanna hear more covers.

You guys can recommend some songs for me if you all want. XP

Thinking of my next cover.. hrmmm...

Monday, August 16, 2010

Know how It Feels

Since I have been only posting about videos, videos and videos these days.. I decided to make a decent blog post this time. XP

I finally know the feeling when someone is posting something in facebook/blogs/anywhere! about something that you hate and feel disgusted by just looking at it..

This few days.. or should I said weeks.. was a great experience for my own.. (yes, it has been going on for a pretty long time.. XP)

Calvin Tan.. I finally really know how you feel.. X)

To be honest.. i dont feel a thing when i post about stuffs like that.. I totally ignore the fact that how people will feel about that wall post/status. and When people start posting an 'undirectly reply' of my particular wall post/status. I felt very angry.. (to be honest.. I was very angry!!)

But I was very inconsiderate.. I totally didnt know how that person feels.. Until.. I was placed into the same situation as he/she is in..

If you dont really get what Im trying to say? Then let me show you guys a few examples...

Lets say your are in a state of being very emotional and its like your about to cry or something.. But you manage to control your emotions.. Then suddenly, someone posted a status which is soooo emo that will make you wanted to cry. How does that feel? Will you feel like calling that person to shut up?

Heres another examples...

Your a single guy who just got rejected by this girl.. This girl is in a relationship with another guy. Instead of sms/msn/skyping or something else to communicate to each other.. they both choose to send each other love messages through facebook where everyone else can see.. Will you feel jealous or something?

I think that last one should be good enough to understand what im trying to say. XP

At first, some people will feel okay about.. but as it gets more and more and more.. its starting to get very very annoying.. and Some of them will intent to burst out!! And then they will start writting indirectly comments about that particular status/ wall post. (Like what im doing now.)

When you receive such kind of things.. you will think that.. that person is a jackass and is not being very considerate about what your doing.. But the truth is.. the whole thing is just another way around..

How will you feel if your in their state? In their condition? In their shoes? Will you feel the same way like they did? What will you do??

In critical thinking skills.. we should have learn that is EMPATHY!!

Yes, i was one of the people who post status and comments in facebook which are inconsiderate about others.. I like to comment about things which are very emotional.. For what i have done..

I sincerely apologize..

Im not asking for forgive-ness.. As i know now what im getting and facing are all a comeback.. I think i deserve to be punish a little bit.. XP

What happen to me? Its secret.. wanna clue? Listen to the song 'That Should Be Me' by Justin Bieber. XP That should be a big enough to explain what is going on to me..

To be honest.. This experience teached me not to be so inconsiderate.. and to think twice before saying or doing something.. cause it might hurt someone.

Im still practising.. So bear with me okay? X)

Stand By Me Acoustic Cover

Like i said from the previous post.. Im already in the making of another cover. Since 'Battlefield' was so difficult to cover, I decided to make this next one simple.. So i choose 'Stand By Me' by Ben A King. XP

I wanted to do this cover for a very long time already. To be honest, it was back then when Mike and Kaiyuan were doing this cover with me guitaring.. I already have the thought of doing it already. But just that during that time i dont know the lyrics. XP

Oh well I hope you guys enjoy my cover. XP

I cant really heard the Bom~Bom~Bom~ part.. Can you guys hear it? o.O

Like always.. Leave your comments on youtube and 'like' this video if you guys like this cover. Subscribe my youtube account if you guys wanna listen to more covers. XP Basicly, just do everything in youtube. XP (you can leave your comments here if you dont have a youtube account. XP)

Im already having a thought of my next video cover.. XP

Friday, August 13, 2010

Battlefield Acoustic Cover

I just made my next video cover.. and i though of sharing it out here and not to facebook. XP

Its not the full song cover.. well mainly because im lazy to memorize the lyrics and also lazy to figure out the chords for the bridge part. XP Plus, that time when i was recording, my camera battery is dying.. so yeah~ XP

You can leave your comments here if you dont have a youtube account.

But its better if you leave your comment at my youtube account. XP I just prefer it that way more.. Plus, click 'LIKE' if you like the cover and 'DISLIKE' if you really dont like it. And finally subscribe if you are looking forward to more video covers. XP

Im making another one now actually.. XP

Monday, August 9, 2010

Julia Sheer and Tyler Wards

Whose Julia Sheer? Whose Tyler Wards?

Julia Sheer.

Tyler Wards.

Both of them are youtube musicians. I always thought that David Choi is the best youtube musicians ever.. well after listening to these two musicians.. i think that he got some extreme challengers. XD

Yes, I've watching youtube videos again.. XP

Tyler Wards and Julia Sheer are both friends.. and whats really awesome about them is their gifted voices. Tyler Wards has an awesome band (drummers, electro guitarist, bassist, rapper..) and Julia Sheer is a part time vocalist for their band as well.. Both of them have their own youtube account and make their own video covers. Their songs are slightly shorter than the originals but that just makes it more interesting as editing video is not very easy for them. Most of their some a pretty similiar to each other but i dont care.. I dont mind listening to both of their voices. XD

Here are some few video which i wanna share it to you guys. XP

Airplanes cover by Tyler Wards and his band.

Airplanes cover by Julia Sheer

Baby, Beautiful Girl
and Stand by Me (mash up) by Tyler Wards.

by Julia Sheer and Tyler Wards

Tik Tok
by Tyler ward, Julia Sheer and his band

California Gurls
by Tyler Wards, Julia Sheer and his band

by Tyler Wards, Julia Sheer and his band.

We are the World by Tyler Wards, Julia Sheer and other youtube users.

Amazing covers issint it? Visit their youtube to listen for MORE of their songs. Its really cool that they have fun doing all the covers. You can see them dancing and everything.. X)

What really makes me like them even more is they know Taylor Swift! D8

Yeap, they are friends.. dunno how close are they, but they are friends! 8D

Btw, listen to Taylor Swift's new song. 'Mine'! Sounds nice cause its Taylor! XP

Its an original song which is written by Tyler Wards for Taylor Swift. XP

Looks like i have a crush for Julia Sheer.. no only cause of her voice but her looks as well. XD I dont get why people say that shes fat.. but i dont think shes even close to be called fat/chubby/plump/wtv. and Tyler? His is offically another new friend in my top 5 youtube musician list. XP

Love both of them.

Im a youtube user myself and i really wish that i can be like them. but the truth is I cant be like them. I have my reasons.. one of them is because im more towards the country, classic, acoustic kind of songs. Therefore, i cant really play rock, punk, metalic kinds of song. Even if i try i doesn't sound original to me and i'll still be playing classical style. (this is just one reason.. I have many other reasons.)

Just some random picture that i wanna share to you guys. XP

No, i didnt do that on purpose.. the cat really was copying what im doing. XD

Credits goes to KaiBoon.

Bring Back to Life

Im bloggin now.. so does that mean exams is over for me? NOOOO~

3 papers down and one last one to go which is internet principles..

At first, my internet principle supposedly to be on saturday. Which means.. saturday i supposedly have 3 exams to sit. Pretty much a killer.. But the timetable seems to be a little bit messed up. My internet principles exams is EXACTLY crashed with my Advance English exams! D8 Therefore, they have to change the date for my internet principles exams..

From Saturday fly all the way to thursday.. 11.30am~1.30pm. Fuh~ means i have more time study~ XP Sensing a Distinction for this one.. XD

Anyways.. I having a study break now.. just a short one.. the long soon will be coming. XP Therefore im bloggin now! XD

Im just here to tell you guys that im bloggin again.. but i totally have no title to talk about. So, this will be just some random post. XP

Monday, August 2, 2010

Frutti Tuutee

This is just something funny i remember few days ago and i wanted to share to you guys. XD

Friday.. (Yes, that interesting day that i just blogged about.. XP) I saw Samanta Oon and Millie sitting are the stair of the corridor. I decided just to kepo and join into their conversation since I have time to spare.. XP

Heres what happens.. (this happened somewhere in the middle of the conversation..)

Samanta: I want Tutti Frutti!! XD

Me: You want what!? D8

Millie: We will get your tutti frutti later!! (ignores me..)

Samanta: I even have a dream about it yesterday!!

Millie: Yes, Yes.. so lets plan some where to go and get your tutti fruiti la! DX

Me: Wait.. Wait.. Wait.. WTH is Frutti Tuutee?? o.O

Samanta: Its Tutti Frutti!!

Me: Its what!?


Millie: Its a kind of yogurt la Klex..XD

Me: I dont care.. its gonna be Fruttie Tuutee from now on! XD

Believe it or not.. both of them have been sitting down there for almost 1 and a half hours.. partically doing nothing!! Amazing.. XD Poor girls.. they are just a little bit lost la.. thats all. XP

It was great having a conversation with them.. I can understand what are they talking about.. But i dunno why.. Millie was surprised and she said..

Millie: Wow! You actually understand what we are talking about! 8D
Me: Yeah.. what about it? o.O
Millie: Cause some time we dont even know what are we talking about!? XD

I repeat.. they are just a little bit lost.. XD

Believe it or not.. I actually really dont know what is Frutti Tuutee.. so i search the net to see how this look like.. and why is Samanta soooo crazy about it.. In the end.. i found out what issit..

For those of you who dunno how issit looked like.. heres some pictures..

Drooling now? Yes.. thats how i react when I just saw these pictures..

No wonder Samanta is soooo crazy about these things! XD They looked really good and tasty! Mayb next time im going to buy it if i see it somewhere.. XP

So I've learn something new through that conversation I had with Samanta and Millie..

1. Samanta is crazy about Frutti Tuutee!
2. Millie can take Samanta's crazy-ness.
3. Both of them sometimes dont really know what are they talking about.
4. Women can actually just sit down and do nothing! XD

All my friends are unique in their own way.. thats why i like them.. X)

P/S: Dont get confused.. it really is called Tutti Fruitty. XD