Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jasper = Women Repeller

To those of you who dunno whose Jasper or to those of you who forgotten whose Jasper. Let tell you guys now/again.

Jasper is my little doggie at my house. Heres a picture of how he looks like.

Yeap, that little brown/goldish/whitish dog is Jasper. Its looks young and small but its old. Its already 7 years old but still healthy! XP May seem very hyper and active on the outside its one freaking lazy son of a bitch on the inside.

Girls would normally go.. 'OMG!! Its sooooo cute!!' but once Jasper starts barking they will then go 'OMG!!! Its sooooo crazy!!!'

Yeah, it happens all the time.. ALL THE TIME! XD

Back to the main topic. My doggie is a women repeller! Not just because that its gay. (I'll tell you guys more about why my dog is gay. XD) its really really.. a women repeller!! Well let me tell you guys the whole story. Its short so dont worry..

One fine evening.. I was freaking bored at home (as usual). Then, I saw Jasper sitting outside looking right into my eyes like trying to tell me something. (You know when dogs want you to do something that time they will give u this 'look') That time.. what was Jasper trying to me..

'Come out and play with me!!!'

or either..

'I want food!!!'

okay.. mayb..


So i thats what i thought he said.. so i decided to bring him out for a little walk. Walking with Jasper is fun.. and funny at the same time. I dunno why its funny.. but i keep smiling when he walks here and there.

When I bring my dog out for a walk.. I tie him up with me. Not only because its crazy and will simply bite ppl.. but also because it can run. Yeah it may look like an old faggie dog but damm can that thing run! My two long legs are no match for his four short legs! But the bitting people was the main reason. XP

I was walking behide my house where is a large field where you can find people either jogging, playing basketball, at the playground or just loafing around for noooo apparent reason.

As i was walking around the field.. i saw two very familiar faces waving at me.. i took a closer look and it was a few of my basketball friends.(all guys) Coincidencely, they were there playing basketball. (reminder they are all guys.) they walk towards me and shook my hands and everything. (final reminder they are all guys.)

Whats really surprising is that my dog didnt growl or bark or try to bite them at all! Usually he does..but that time he didnt..

After that, a few of my basketball friend's girl friends came by and say hi to me. (reminder, they are girls.) Some of them i know, some of them i dont know. (reminder again.. they are girls) then walk towards my direction.. and then sudden.. jasper started barking and chasing them away!! D8

The same thing happen.. at first all of them went. "Is that ur dog, OMG its soooo cute!" after Jasper started barking.. They all started to be afaird and dont come near me anymore.

All thanks to Jasper's heroic action, I dont get to meet/talk with some of my old friends and i dont get to know some of them. (some of them are pretty cute/hot/pretty.)

So that concludes everything.. Jasper = Women Repeller.

PS: This story is real!! Its too fake to be made up!! XD