Monday, August 30, 2010

Telling Mother

If you havent read the blog post title 'Another Extra Semester' please scroll down and read that blog post first before reading this blog post! If not you wont understand what is going on and its going to be a BIG TIME SPOILER!!!







Read already? Alright then we shall continue our story..

Just to refresh your minds.. let me just summarize the whole story for you all first. XP

I did a stupid mistake in my college life.. and I have to stay for another semester due to that mistake that i made. I dont mind staying for another semester but the problem is.. will my mom like it or not? So i made a move and told her..

Yeah thats pretty much what i said for my previous post.. now lets continue..

The night before I told my mom everything I was totally freaked out.. Not because I have to stay for another sem.. thats just a tiny bit of excitement. Telling my mom is what really freaking me out.

For those who know how my mother is like when shes angry, you guys should know how fearful I am now.. and for those of you who dont know my mother when shes angry, let me tell you guys what she will do..

She will Scold, Shoot, Strike, Stab, Slash, Slap, Step, Scratch.. etc..

Yeap all of that in WORDS.. XD Her scolding is equivalent to all of what I have mention above. Sounds exaggerating? Well it is.. a little bit.. alot.. XD

Long story short her scolding is very very scary..

Due to this problem.. i was scared as shyt for the whole damm night.. its been 18 years that I have living with my mother and I still cant get used to her scoldings and everything. (I wonder how my brother and dad does it.. XD)

Since I am about to die.. I have to do something about it.. So i spend some of my night time thinking what to do help me die more peacefully at least not so much violence.. After only 12 minutes of thinking.. i finally have a plan and my plan is..

Clean up my room

She has been telling me to clean up my room for the whole semester break.. So i think cleaning up my room will make her happier and so she wont scold me that much. Plus, i am going to be a good boy for just that period of time.. (yeah, after that im me again. XP XP XP)

The next day.. the first i do when i woke up.. was start folding my blankets and removing my beds and everything.. move my computer aside.. and reconnect the cables and everything.. bla bla bla.. (its a very very long process)

After spending half the day cleaning my room.. i only clean a quarter of my whole room. I took and short break and play my PSP. XP After that continue one..

My mom was very surprise that I cleaned my room.. of course, she was very happy of what I have done to the room so far.

We both start to have some conversations and sudden we fly to the topic about studies.. there is when I got the signal to tell her everything..

Heres what happened..(FYI, the whole conversation was in chinese. XP)

Me: Ma, I have something to tell you..

Mom: Yes, what issit? *her faces turns serious*

Me: Erm.. I have to stay for another semester..

Mom: Ok la.







Nothing really happened!! No scolding.. No Saying.. No Stabbing.. Nothing!! D8 I was freaking surprise.. when she said nothing.. i was like.. WHAT!? (no kidding..)

I guess my plan turn out to be sucessful and my mom didnt scold me at all. XP

And when did this happened?


Talk about independence day huh? XD Although I didnt get to see the fireworks or celebrating with my friends or something but there is already fireworks and joys in my heart shouting 'YAY!! Freedom!!'. XD

Fuh~ Fuh~ Fuh~