Sunday, August 22, 2010

Downgrade Bored

Hows everyone's holiday going? Pretty good?

Ask me the exact same question that i just ask u guys. Nah, try try try. Come just try asking. Just say the damm words la! Dont wanna ask? Im still gonna answer anyways!

I think u guys already knew the answer before looking at this retarded post. XP

My holidays is pretty downgrade bored.. Heres are some few things that i tried to entertain me but basically failed. XP

Asking someone/friends out.
The most simple thing to do during the holidays. Its actually the best thing to do during the holiday. Well first of all, I dunno who to ask out.. some of them are busy or some of them are at overseas. Another thing and the most important thing is that im broke.. XP Since this is my last week of holidays, i might ask someone out la. X)

Making Covers
Holidays is almost a perfect time to make covers since i have not been making covers during the normal non-holidays. So making it should probably be the best time. Well first, i not a very good singer. In order to make my covers more interesting, i need other ppl to help me sing covers for my song. Current still looking for ppl to help me sing and make covers. Another reasons why i cant make it myself is mainly because i lots my voice. XP

PSP Gaming
Gaming is almost another good thing to do during the holidays. But im not really a lifeless person.. playing games sometimes seriously bored me. (surprised since its coming from me? XP) To be honest, im not as a game freak as last time. Last time i can play game for like 12 hours straight no rest, no sleep, no eat. I wont even feel tired!! I wont get sick with the same game over and over again! (I finish Kingdom Hearts 1 more than 10 times!!) But now, i can even sleep while im playing game. D8 (well i guess its a good thing la.. XP) Long story short, i will get bored playing games now. Especially the types of game im playing now.

Write a Song
Actually this is a good idea. I thought of it every single time! But the thing is i dont really have a very good grammer. (as u all can see through all this bloggin.) and also i really need to have any inspiration to write any songs as well. Dunno what to write about.. I really need some like cool ideas to do this kind of things.

Hang out with Family
Well, i have been hanging out alot with my brother alot but he always go out around afternoon and i have to wake up the next morning only can see him. My parents are busy working.. and my sister is busy with some training she have. The only BEST bonding time i have is with Jasper. (my dog)

Any other idea or any other ways to spend my holidays? I have another 1 more week.. hrm..