Thursday, August 26, 2010

College is Boring??

No no no.. my college pretty darn rocks!! Im just helping some of my friends who are in college to say something.. Or should I say a little advice..

Well its been around 8 months already that some of us are in college already.. I was talking to an old friend through msn.. and i asked: 'so hows is the eight months of your college life like?' and they said..

'Boring.. Suck.. Sien.. Stress..'

Im going to tell you guys the truth. And this is not just what i said.. some of my other friends said the same thing as well.. (Nathanael, LenPing, etc...) College life can NEVER be sucky!!!

Okay mayb i was wrong.. it can be sucky.. XP

Whatever it is.. it really depends on how you do things there. Your personality, your style, your attitude, your way of socializing .. it really depends on yourself! XD True. College life definately have its time that you will face stress.. but i'll say it again.. it really depends on how you do thing.

Before i enter college, I have been doing a little bit of survery from some of my seniors and of course my brother and sister. And all of them said... well not all of them, but MOST of them said..

'College life is the most easiest life/time you will ever have!'

I totally agree with what they all say. I do have extra free time to relax and something.. the busy time is only exams period and assignments period. But if your an early period kind of person/hardworking person/on time person than that shouldnt be the a problem for you all..

Usually the common problem to this kind of bored situation.. lack of socializing.. When problem like these comes in.. All you have to do is grow some balls and go talk to someone? Once u have at least one friend.. things shud be easier that way onwards. XP Tag together and go know new friend la.

Thats how I get to know sooooo many friends in college. XP I still remember that my first friend in college is Peter and korean guy. But too bad he had to change college due to some reason. X(

Well dunno what else to say.. If you want to have a great college life u have to put a little bit of effort in making it better. X)

For those who are not having fun in college.. hope u guys get my advice. XP

College is the time to have FUN!! Its not the time to feel miserable and everything.. when you grow up and got a boring job that you are forced to do or u have to change into another university where u cant get the time to have fun no more.. It will never feel FUN no more..