Tuesday, August 17, 2010

That Should Be Me Acoustic Cover

Yeap, I've made a Justin Bieber cover? Got a problem with that? BITE ME!! XD But seriously, i made a cover of one of his songs. XP

That Should Be Me

First of all, i have to say that I have nothing against this guy.. Although my good friend Justin Lee has something (which i never know what) againt him. XP I think his songs are pretty good.. and watch really important is.. Girls like this guy! XD (okay that was really irrelavent..)

Anyways.. Of all songs i choose thing song is because its nice.. this song resembles a little bit of me.. plus, its emo.. thats like the biggest reason ever! XD

I hope you guys enjoy it.. XP

Have a hard time singing this song because its Justin Bieber's pitch (but i changed the pitch with a capo. XP) and the lyrics are Justin Bieber's things. So yeah.. pretty tough song for me.

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You guys can recommend some songs for me if you all want. XP

Thinking of my next cover.. hrmmm...