Monday, August 9, 2010

Bring Back to Life

Im bloggin now.. so does that mean exams is over for me? NOOOO~

3 papers down and one last one to go which is internet principles..

At first, my internet principle supposedly to be on saturday. Which means.. saturday i supposedly have 3 exams to sit. Pretty much a killer.. But the timetable seems to be a little bit messed up. My internet principles exams is EXACTLY crashed with my Advance English exams! D8 Therefore, they have to change the date for my internet principles exams..

From Saturday fly all the way to thursday.. 11.30am~1.30pm. Fuh~ means i have more time study~ XP Sensing a Distinction for this one.. XD

Anyways.. I having a study break now.. just a short one.. the long soon will be coming. XP Therefore im bloggin now! XD

Im just here to tell you guys that im bloggin again.. but i totally have no title to talk about. So, this will be just some random post. XP