Monday, August 9, 2010

Julia Sheer and Tyler Wards

Whose Julia Sheer? Whose Tyler Wards?

Julia Sheer.

Tyler Wards.

Both of them are youtube musicians. I always thought that David Choi is the best youtube musicians ever.. well after listening to these two musicians.. i think that he got some extreme challengers. XD

Yes, I've watching youtube videos again.. XP

Tyler Wards and Julia Sheer are both friends.. and whats really awesome about them is their gifted voices. Tyler Wards has an awesome band (drummers, electro guitarist, bassist, rapper..) and Julia Sheer is a part time vocalist for their band as well.. Both of them have their own youtube account and make their own video covers. Their songs are slightly shorter than the originals but that just makes it more interesting as editing video is not very easy for them. Most of their some a pretty similiar to each other but i dont care.. I dont mind listening to both of their voices. XD

Here are some few video which i wanna share it to you guys. XP

Airplanes cover by Tyler Wards and his band.

Airplanes cover by Julia Sheer

Baby, Beautiful Girl
and Stand by Me (mash up) by Tyler Wards.

by Julia Sheer and Tyler Wards

Tik Tok
by Tyler ward, Julia Sheer and his band

California Gurls
by Tyler Wards, Julia Sheer and his band

by Tyler Wards, Julia Sheer and his band.

We are the World by Tyler Wards, Julia Sheer and other youtube users.

Amazing covers issint it? Visit their youtube to listen for MORE of their songs. Its really cool that they have fun doing all the covers. You can see them dancing and everything.. X)

What really makes me like them even more is they know Taylor Swift! D8

Yeap, they are friends.. dunno how close are they, but they are friends! 8D

Btw, listen to Taylor Swift's new song. 'Mine'! Sounds nice cause its Taylor! XP

Its an original song which is written by Tyler Wards for Taylor Swift. XP

Looks like i have a crush for Julia Sheer.. no only cause of her voice but her looks as well. XD I dont get why people say that shes fat.. but i dont think shes even close to be called fat/chubby/plump/wtv. and Tyler? His is offically another new friend in my top 5 youtube musician list. XP

Love both of them.

Im a youtube user myself and i really wish that i can be like them. but the truth is I cant be like them. I have my reasons.. one of them is because im more towards the country, classic, acoustic kind of songs. Therefore, i cant really play rock, punk, metalic kinds of song. Even if i try i doesn't sound original to me and i'll still be playing classical style. (this is just one reason.. I have many other reasons.)

Just some random picture that i wanna share to you guys. XP

No, i didnt do that on purpose.. the cat really was copying what im doing. XD

Credits goes to KaiBoon.