Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Musical Play Idea

You know what? While i was watching a video from ZhenWhei's college performance.. an idea suddenly just came and struck into my brain! 8D

One of the best ways to make my youtube account more interesting is to make a musical play!! 8D Pretty interesting eh?

Yeah, musical play as in something like phantom of the opera.. but the songs are definately not so opera-lish. More like high school musical like but not so chilidish.

Well I was just thinking that.. since im pretty good at mashing songs up together.. I was thinking of mashing some songs up together and make it something like a capabella but in drama style..

Its not impossible to do.. i have the whole drama script in my brain right now.. pretty cool.. pretty lame.. and pretty downgrade funny.. (mostly lame cause thats my kind of style. XD)

The drama is more towards like a school/high school/college kind of thing. Where a student fell in love with another.. and some shyts happens.. something like but not exactly like that. I dun really know how to explain actually. XD

I got the songs and scripts ready in my head already. I did it while I was chatting to some of my friends.. (thats the reason why im replying pretty slow just now.. XP)

Songs that are in the playlist..

1. Stand By Me
2. Baby
3. Love Story
4. Beautiful Girls
5. Sorry Sorry
6. Oh My Love
7. Viva La Vida
(might be adding more.. who knows. XP)

Yeap, im gonna mash this 7 songs together and have a play at the same time.. sounds pretty impossible eh? But have some ideas in my head to make it work.. and interesting as well. *grims*

Basicly.. this drama really involve guys singing.. Yeap, only guys are gonna sing for this drama.. Its pretty gay.. but think it in a brotherhood kind of way. XP (these are not comfrimed.. i might change it.)

Therfore, i need 6 guys who can sing.. joke.. serious.. have fun and 1 really really cute/hot/pretty girl. Im gonna start looking for it now!! Wish me luck~

ANYONE interested?? XP