Monday, August 2, 2010

Frutti Tuutee

This is just something funny i remember few days ago and i wanted to share to you guys. XD

Friday.. (Yes, that interesting day that i just blogged about.. XP) I saw Samanta Oon and Millie sitting are the stair of the corridor. I decided just to kepo and join into their conversation since I have time to spare.. XP

Heres what happens.. (this happened somewhere in the middle of the conversation..)

Samanta: I want Tutti Frutti!! XD

Me: You want what!? D8

Millie: We will get your tutti frutti later!! (ignores me..)

Samanta: I even have a dream about it yesterday!!

Millie: Yes, Yes.. so lets plan some where to go and get your tutti fruiti la! DX

Me: Wait.. Wait.. Wait.. WTH is Frutti Tuutee?? o.O

Samanta: Its Tutti Frutti!!

Me: Its what!?


Millie: Its a kind of yogurt la Klex..XD

Me: I dont care.. its gonna be Fruttie Tuutee from now on! XD

Believe it or not.. both of them have been sitting down there for almost 1 and a half hours.. partically doing nothing!! Amazing.. XD Poor girls.. they are just a little bit lost la.. thats all. XP

It was great having a conversation with them.. I can understand what are they talking about.. But i dunno why.. Millie was surprised and she said..

Millie: Wow! You actually understand what we are talking about! 8D
Me: Yeah.. what about it? o.O
Millie: Cause some time we dont even know what are we talking about!? XD

I repeat.. they are just a little bit lost.. XD

Believe it or not.. I actually really dont know what is Frutti Tuutee.. so i search the net to see how this look like.. and why is Samanta soooo crazy about it.. In the end.. i found out what issit..

For those of you who dunno how issit looked like.. heres some pictures..

Drooling now? Yes.. thats how i react when I just saw these pictures..

No wonder Samanta is soooo crazy about these things! XD They looked really good and tasty! Mayb next time im going to buy it if i see it somewhere.. XP

So I've learn something new through that conversation I had with Samanta and Millie..

1. Samanta is crazy about Frutti Tuutee!
2. Millie can take Samanta's crazy-ness.
3. Both of them sometimes dont really know what are they talking about.
4. Women can actually just sit down and do nothing! XD

All my friends are unique in their own way.. thats why i like them.. X)

P/S: Dont get confused.. it really is called Tutti Fruitty. XD