Saturday, July 31, 2010

Back to Life

After spending several days to work on my 2nd day of my camp (yes is post.. scroll down and read it! XD) i decided to head back to reality and talk about my life! MUAHAHA! XD

First of all i would like to thank all the readers for the great comments that you all had left in my cbox. It seriously kept me going on writing blog posts and it gives me motivations as well. Thank you all sooo much! XD XD XD

They say that you will get lazy once your blog gets older and older.. but i dont think that will be a problem for me since i have you guys out there. XP Thank you all again~

Im going to talk about Friday.. which was like 2 days ago.. Which was pretty interesting day.. (This might bored u guys cause there is nothing much entertaining during that day.)

Friday was a pretty chillaxing day.. well its because i have classes which have no classes? Get it? XP It means.. I have class but the teacher is not teaching.. instead.. the students are teaching! its PRESENTATION WEEK!!

Ivan's presentation about Globalization was funny.. I even make a video of it but he asked me not to post.. Oh well.. too bad its IN my computer already.. muahaha! XD

I spend most of the time in class creating animations for my Internet Principle's assignment.. for one and a half hours of creating.. all i manage to make is a stickman sitting down and a chair playing guitar and music notes flying around him. DX (If your not skilled, not interested or not creative.. please dont take Internet Principle.)

Next we CTS class.. Same thing happened.. Presentations.. Listening talking about CTS makes me think as well.. yeah.. think for my animation assignment la. XD

During class i had a small talk with Nikita and Millie.. then i loan Nikita my laptop to present her presentations. I was wondering.. she brought a laptop herself.. Why didnt she use it!? o.O Mayb is cause of the Ferrari thing.. XD XD XD

After her presentation she said something really random and shocking..

Nikita: 'Klex.. i like u la Klex.. XD'
Me: 'WHAT!?' D8
Millie: 'Aiyo.. dont worry la.. she says that everyone one. XD'

It was shocking.. but im going to be honest.. that make me feel better. X) Any emo-ness inside of me just FUHHHHHH dissappeared. XP

After that.. I have 2 and half to spare for my modeling practise. So i went and look Mr.Siva to help me out with my animations assignments..

There was a part where he cant really figure out whats the code so he went and ask his old student which was a freaking computer expert.. Then, we all just sat down and discuss about the design on how to make it better, how to design it, clear all the problem and also how to encode everything.

During that period of that.. It was my first time sitting down and listen to all the computer experts talking and discussing.. whats really surprising.. I was totally focus and listened to everything that they said.. Im really feeling the IT thing flowing into my spines.. (alittle bit exagerrating but.. what the hell~ XD)

After that.. head to KFC and bought some food with WaiSin, Esther, KaiBoon and XiauWei. We decided to just tao pao cause we are late for our modeling practise already.. XD

WaiSin wanted to order the Chicky Meal.. So i made up something funny just to entertain everyone there including the guy at the counter. XP Heres what happened..

Me: Errr.. I want a Zinger Burger.. and.. errr.. you?
WaiSin: Chicky Meal!! XD
Me: You sure!? Dont wanna change?
WaiSin: Emmm! X)
Me: Okay.. she wants a chicky meal..
*counter guy starts typing something..*
Me: Can she really purchase a chicky meal? I mean shes a little over age issint it? XD
WaiSin: HEY!!!!
*counter guy starts laughing..*
Me: Your lucky he lets you to buy.. XD


Okay.. mayb its not funny la.. its pretty hard to make it funny through the blog.. you guys should have seen the LIVE one. XD

Head to HELP Residence and begin our modeling practise. Everyone was there including the happy holiday-ing march intakers. Its like Dejavu all over again! XD As a man speaking here.. im going to be very honest here.. Everyone there looked HOT. I said everyone! Including guys and girls! XD

First up was for the girls.. They have to learn how to walk with very high heels and also walk in the model way. They said that girls cat walking is hard.. i can tell by just looking at them.. especially walking with the high heel makes it more difficult. But some of them can walk.. mayb is because they have experience before or something.. XP

*Corliss Lee, you can walk with high heels la.. XD

Next i was a guy's turn. Guy's 'cat walk' is waaaaaay easier compared to the girls one. The all the coach told us to do was just walk.. XD So thats what we all did.. stand up straight (which was one of the hardest things for me to do!), focus at one point and walk..

Well its pretty FUN and COOL to like walk and everyone is looking at you. Dont you all feel that when you started walking on the walk way? XP

After a few rounds of walking.. Brandon ask all of us (only the guys) to UNBUTTON OUR SHIRTS.. Thats right and that means.. WE WILL BE EXPOSED!! D8 We have to do so cause some of our cloths design will be a little skin exposing.

Some of them are pretty shy to unbutton their cloth.. It takes a little motivation for them to do. Some of us just do it! XD In the end all of us have unbutton our cloths and we walk down the walk way.. Well sure its a little bit cold and extra windy around there but still we manage to do it.. I dunno what the others think but i had fun doing it.. i mean not because of the exposing la.. but the whole model thing. XD

I have leave the whole thing early cause Justin is fetching me back. He and Ashwin are rushing back for some reason. Well I have to rush home to do my assignment too.. XP

Spend 5 hours working on the animations.. thanks to that 5 hours.. i manage to finish 30% of what im about to finish. XP After that I went online and start facebooking and everything.

I stopped playing NDS emulator.. mayb cause Finals is coming and lots of assingments are coming in. Well that just prove that im not a game freak!!! XD

After that.. I talked to Winnie for alittle bit... For some reason, we made a promise not to smoke.. XP (I written it down here to remind myself. XP) We continue talking and dicussing.. and then we both grew tired and dooze off..

Well overall i find it a pretty interesting day.. XP I had fun.. That day.. there is NOT A SINGLE BIT OF EMO-ness! Could u believe that!? Coming from me!? XD