Friday, July 2, 2010


Some times.. I really want to know how is everyone doing? X)

Not meant to be kepo or something but i just wanna know things about them.. like how things going on with them. Especially couples.. XP

The most important thing is.. i want to know how is 'she' doing.. Oh what the heck am i saying.. from facebook you can already tell how is she doing la.. X)

Sometimes.. i wish i was Buddha u know.. i mean.. he was the one who found the ways end suffering.. he was the one who had seek the truth. I want to end sufferings.. for myself and also the others..

Ever since 'shes' messing from my life.. i have not been lucky at all.. well not frequently unlucky la.. but still.. unlucky..

I have been play mahjongs with my family most of them time. Believe it or not.. its been 2 weeks and i have not luck in winning.. my cards are good but just that i cannot win..

Well there are lots of incidents that are unlucky to me as well.. not to say that its coincidence.. but seriously.. i was in better luck last time. XP

Well maybe its just me.. being superstitious..

Okay, how about another question to myself.. What will happened if i actually confessed to 'her' that day? Will I be happier? or will I be worst than how i am doing now?

Its impossible for me to figure that out now unless I have the ability to turn back time and make things right.. XP

Dont worry.. my emotional may be alittle unstable and I have been doing alot of thinking.. still but i can get the hang of it.. X)

-till the day I die..
God Eater