Thursday, July 15, 2010

Finally End from Busy

Sorry guys I havent been keep you guys update again.. but I have reasons.. some of it might be reasonable and some of them are just ridiculous.. XD

Alright the main thing about why im updating my blog is because College has been keeping me busy. Assignments and quiz are coming like waterfall waters! (whao.. thats a bad use of example...) Advance english term paper, argumentative essay, moral studies quiz and internet principle quiz.. both are like the one that keep me busy.. and thats not all.. more are coming..

1. CTS quiz
2. CTS Presentation
3. Internet Principle Presentation 2
4. Final Exams

More are coming.. so I be busy for awhile.. but I will still keep this blog update! XP

Now for the ridiculous reasons for why im not updating my blog is because of Pokemon! Yeah, i said pokemon! It all started with Daniel.. he invited me to play pokemon using the new and prefect version of NDS emulator on computer. So I have been playing pokemon all this time to beat his ass.. XD

Not just pokemon.. I have been playing Megaman Starforce 3- Red Joker, The World Ends with You, FF3, FF4, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and FF Chocobo Fables. Yeap.. games are the one keeping me busy but mainly is because of pokemon la. XD

Believe it or not.. Im playing pokemon right now.. Haha..

More post coming soon..