Thursday, July 8, 2010

Memories Beyond..

Remember i told you guys that I went to a genting trip with my friends? Remember? Neh... the one with Me, Dex, Alex, Mandy, Candy and Corliss one ah?

Still dont remember? maybe these pictures will get your memories refreshed. XP (btw, all of these pictures have me in it.. if u wanna see the whole album go facebook and see then.)

I was being a monkey at the play ground. XP

Dont believe that i can drive? Heres a proof that i can! XD

Corliss and Me~ X)

Me and Alex~ X)

Candy and Me~ (my first picture ever taken with her. XD) I had a bad smile..

Candy and Me again~ okay.. this one looks better. XD

Me and Alex imitating the statue behide us. XP

I was making a 'emergency' phone call. X)

Yes, I pointed the middle finger towards the bus.. XP

Alex, Me and Dex along with Candy in a toilet.. fuh fuh fuh.. XP

Klex, Alex and Dex. the THREE 'X's! XD

We are Cute!

and we are AWESOME! XD

My shoes, Candy's and Alex's. Yes, mine is the broken one.. X)

Alex with my jacket and me with his scarf. XP

Yes, i was posing.. XP

Mine and Candy's sexy backs...

Credits goes to Alex for uploading and editing the pictures. X)

I find this photo extremely cool.. XD

After looking at these photos again.. i kinda miss the old day that we have been through. Especially this day..

Although its not the kind of trip that we we're expecting but overall.. i think its a great memory. Truly a memory beyond.. X)

I find this the most suitable picture to say 'bye bye.' X)