Friday, April 19, 2013

The Second (Part 2): The Pathetic Chase

For this blogpost, i will not be mentioning names.. I shall be describing the girl of my first confession as 'first' and then second one (who is the main character of this story) as 'second'. I like to keep things alittle private and mysterious. XP Oh and pre-warned that this is going to be one hell of a long post.. Therefore the entire story will be split into multiple parts (roughly around 5 parts or lesser, depending on my mood)

If you are interested in knowing 'The First Confession' story.. Here is the link for you to start reading from part one. Fear not, the story of the first doesnt have much relation to the second one.. So, not reading the first one is fine. (but of course, it would be better and nicer of you if you were to read it! XD)

The Story of The First: 

For those of you who have missed the first part here the is link to read it! X)

The Second (Part 1): The Meeting & Knowing
So, at the age of 16, the 4th year im in high school, form 4, i have realized that I have develop feelings for 'second'. The quiet little girl which my first intention of talking to her is to bring her out from her study zone, slowly turned out to be another thing.

Now, i remember mentioning alittle bit about it before, but 'second' was a pretty popular girl back then. And due to that, I realize have quite a number of rivals around me. And the funny part is that I know almost ALL of them. I guess that probably explains the reason why im not close to any of them even until today. (except one which I will introduce to you guys later on in the story. XP)

With the intensive amount of rivals around me, it will probably be a dumb idea to just rush in the chase race without doing any research. Lucky for me, I already had a small head start which is knowing and getting close to her close friends (and double lucky cause one of them is apparently my close friend's gf. XP) But later, I got a HUGE information which will totally change my whole game plan. Apparently, 'second' doesnt want to get into a relationship until she graduate from high school. That kinda sucks cause i will probably only get to stick around with her until high school only. With that, I decided to just go for the chase race, try to score some points and who knows, with my kindness and maybe.. JUST maybe my good looks and charms things might change her mind set?

Even so, my chase towards her was pathetically weak.. Compared to my other rivals, my moves are ALMOST un-noticeable. According to her, she said that she could barely notice that I was actually chasing after her until her friends actually told her about it.

The only good move that I think I actually did was during Valentines day. That day, I actually wanted to do something really special for her.. Like buy her something or just do something impressive that could score some points for my chase. I kept on thinking, thinking and thinking and finally, I over thinked and in the end i couldnt find anything that I can do to impress her. I guess I was alittle bit too last minute to prepare for her anything. Things became alittle bit more demoralizing on valentines day.. I saw many of my rivals DID something. One of them bought her a whole bouquet of rose. Another one actually gave it to her infront of the class. Looking at how my other rivals have executed their plans for her on valentines day, I got demoralized hence, i got emo.

After school, I walked her home and the more we walked the more i started think about the things that I should have done.. Spending that little short walk distance with her was nice, and that short moment really made me feel like doing at least something for her for valentines day. The day is not over yet, so its still not too late to do something for her. So, on the way home i dropped by a cake shop and found a valentines day special chocolate cake which is selling for RM3. Coincidencely all i have in my wallet that time was RM3. So without any hesitation, i bought the cake.

Next is to give the cake to her, which is another problem to me.. I was scare that giving her the cake face to face would give her the idea and impression that Im chasing after her. (logically, i am SUPPOSE to give her the impression but i was stupid back then so yeah..) If that happens, i was worried that things will be different between us like maybe she will start avoiding me or something. So, I thought that giving to her face to face is a bad idea (again stupid me..) If I cant give her face to face, then how am i suppose to give it to her then? giving to her parents will be SUPER AWKWARD, giving to her maid should be fine but what are the odds of that happening? So, I decided to left it outside her house, near the front gate.. And the plan was to call her to inform her that there is a cake outside for her..

Now, like i mentioned this valentines gift was an extremely last minute plan. So, i really wasnt going thru my head while planning for this thing. My initial plan was to go home, grab the phone, call her and tell her that there is a cake outside.. BUT it takes me about 20minutes to go home. In 20 minutes, ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN!! Like what if it rains half way while im walking home? She will have a chocolate drink instead of a cake. Or like what if the sun is so sunny to the extend that it melted the cake? Then that case she will have chocolate soup to drink! I was quite a distance away from her house already, going back and grab the cake might be alittle bit awkward, what if she catches me do it!? D8

So I start doing the thinking in my head.. Then I remembered talking to a friend of mine while walking back home. Coincidencely, she lived just around the neighbor hood. I immediately head over to her place, ring on the door bell and ask her for help. She was with a friend (who is also a friend of mine) hanging out and getting ready to go somewhere. So,  i was pretty lucky that they are still around.  The new plan is to borrow her house phone to make a phone call to 'second' to let her know that there is a Valentines Day cake gift sitting right outside her house. Just as i was about to make the phone call, I forgotten about the most important thing.. her phone number. I have her phone number in my cellphone but my cellphone is not with me. (I was a good boy who dont bring his cell phone to school) BUT lucky for me, my friend's friend who is also a librarian have 'second's number (oh thank god!) so, initiate the plan, call her, tell her that there is a cake outside her house and lastly, wish her happy valentines day..

I dunno whether that whole small part of the story was actually romantic or not. I was not even sure myself whether what I did was romantic or not!? All I know that, i was really really messy. XD But the two friends of mine who witness the whole thing said that it was extremely sweet. So, oh well.. good enough~ Other than that, there is pretty much nothing which is sweet and romantic anymore.

Now, I dont know about my rivals but there is a little 'something' that always kept me and 'second' on going.  And thanks to that 'something', that is pretty much how me and 'second' really developed our bond and friendship. That 'something' is called walking. Yeap, walking has always been part of our routine, and it is probably the only 'something' that I have with her that stands out between me and my rivals. Cause from what I know and what i heard, not many guys have the privilege to get to walk home with her. Not just walk home, just the chance to get to walk with her to places was already good enough.

Anyways, like i said.. my chase was pretty pathetic compared to the other guys.. more importantly, SPM was just around the corner. If i spend too much time thinking of chasing after her, then I would most probably flunk my SPM papers and resit my entire form 5 life. (noooooo...) Besides, she will most probably be busy studying for SPM as well. So, i decided to stop down on the chase and focus more on SPM.

Lets skip the story alittle bit forward shall we? Cause during this time frame, there is really nothing interesting happening between both of us but just study study study. So lets fast forward all the way to the day we got our SPM results shall we? Now, on SPM results day, we met each other again after the long after SPM break.. During that long break, we did keep in touch thru texting but that time i was in HELP doing my foundation and she was working that time.. So both of us are pretty busy in a our own way. Sadly, it was not much different even on SPM results day. I didnt really get the chance to talk to her much.. After she got her results, she was either on the phone with someone or snapping pictures with other people. (again, I cannot stress this enuf, she was popular. XP) Besides, I have my own things to do as well that day. After the whole thing, I was thinking of accompanying her back home but I still have classes to attend that day, so I have to head back to HELP ASAP.

So, the day that we got our SPM results, was the probably the last day that we will meet each other.. Well, thats what I thought at first. A few days after the SPM results day, one night, she called me. (Or was it I called her? This one both of us are not very sure about it either. BUT for the sake of continue-ing this story and to make it sound better for my side *muahaha* lets just leave it this way~XD) The phone conversation was pretty long because besides doing ALOT of catching up, we also discussing about college stuffs. Apparently, she is still have trouble deciding what and where she wants to study. So, as a HELP student, I suggest to her HELP and do foundation as well~ XD

A few weeks after that phone conversation we had that day, she called me and told me that she decided to go to HELP and do foundations as well! The moment when I hear her say that, you guys have no idea how happy and excited I was.. Despite, how bad our communication was all this time and how bad my chase performance was back in high school, someone up there decided to give me this second chance to redeem myself. Plus, both of us are college students.. So things are going to get much more interesting..



Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Have you ever become a threat before? When i say threat, im not saying like your a gangster going around, kicking asses, bullying people, killing people, people are scared of you, police are afraid of you and they think that your a THREAT. Nope, im not talking about that kind of threat.. im talking about a much more smaller and harmless threat. XD

So, the other night me and my friends are sitting down together to have midnight supper session (aka 'yumcha' session) and we are just chilling sitting down and talking some guy stuffs and all. Then suddenly, one my friend brought up a topic and the whole conversation became more like a confession moment. It wasnt really like a confession moment like telling each other secret things, its more like telling each other "do you know?" that kind of thing? Get it?

Anyways, we continue on with the "do you know" topics.. Then, one of my friend told me this.. "Klex, do u know that I used to think that you are a threat?" Yeap, you guys didnt read it wrong nor was there any typo. The guy said that i was a threat. I was alittle bit confused with what he just said, and then he explained "Back then, before I was going out with (name shall not be mentioned here), i thought that you are going to get her before me wei!"

Then everything is starting to make alittle bit of sense.. Now, you see back then when i was in HELP, i talked to alot of people. I was a pretty socialable guy (unlike how am I today) so, I made friends with this girl who is currrently my friend's (the guy that i was having conversation with) girlfriend today. Before both of them are dating, both me and the girl have pretty similar time tables when I was still in HELP.. Therefore, we both hang out pretty often back then.

Apparently, I was close to her to the extend that my friend thought that i was going to be his love rival and I was a 'threat' since I was alittle bit more closer to her than he is. In a way, it gave him an impression that I have a 'head start' in the chase race. But I do have to admit that both of us DO look like something was going on.. Cause once in awhile, me and the girl will video msn each other and talk.. or sometimes she will come to me and go for lunch. I really wouldnt blame the guy if he really thinks that I was a 'threat' beside, I've been into his position before..

Now, I did said that everything is start to make alittle bit of sense but the truth is, all the while the girl was trying to grab information about the guy (my friend). Some time, when she went online and chat, whenever we hit a conversation related to relationship or guys, she will ask me "So, what do you think of (name not going to be mention here)?". The lunch with her moments are just a friendly thing that college students do with one another. Besides, it was not a one on one lunch session.. so its not like a date or anything..

Since, she was kinda into my friend, I did help to try and match make both of them.. But that time I was alittle busy trying to even match make myself to someone.. After awhile, both of time started to hang out with each other more and more, and one thing lead to another.. A new couple of born! XD

After hearing everything, my friend felt alittle bit relieve.. Cause he thought that I was going after her (even know back then he knew who was I actually going after). At the end of the night, the guy pat me on the back and said "Thank You bro.. Thank you for everything.." X)

If and ONLY if some of you guys are wondering.. Yes, they are still together.. Still a pretty healthy relationship. But it was alittle surprising that I was look as a 'threat' to other people.. Cause all this while, I thought I was the only person who will think guys who are close to the person I like are 'threats'. I guess all guys will actually feel that way when it comes to chasing someone you really like. X)


Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Hello everyone.. How are you guys doing? *trying to act like nothing happened*

Alright, alright.. I know I havent been bloggin for a very long time.. like a very LONG time. Two months by far is the longest break that I ever had since I started bloggin. So here it is again, a blog post of excuses about "WHY I HAVENT BEEN BLOGGIN FOR TWO MONTH"

One and of course the MOST crucial reason is because university is back! Yeap, hell chapter 4! (aka 4th semester) It sucks to know that I have to go back to university and stress myself up with all the assignments and all again.. (but not presentation, presentation as ALWAYS fun. XD) Gonna miss the days of working with my manager in the shop and the long relaxing holidays that I had.. But hey, on the bright side i get to hang out with my good old uni buddies again and just think about it, 2 more semesters of this shyt hole and IM OUT OF HERE!! (that is of course if i didnt fail any subjects la.. *cross fingers*)

As you all know that gaming has been pretty much a big part of my life.. and back a few months ago I was working in a game shop (which is also another minor reason that i didnt blog for the first couple of weeks before I start uni life agian. XP) Anyways, so i've been keeping in touch with games stuffs. I've been busy doing research about up coming games and of course, watching and reading reviews about them as well. Not really because its was part of my job to know the games but I am personally interested in the games. I was so caught up about it that I even flip back to the old games that I've always wanted to play and read about it. Yes, u read that right, I said read. I didnt actually played the games but i read about it. I guess game stuffs are the only thing that I bear to read about it. XD

Oh speaking about games, I bought myself my very own original game.. And its an ONLINE game. (FYI, this is another MAJOR reason why didnt blog. XP) The game is called Guild Wars 2, great game and its pretty addictive. Me and my friends have been playing with it for quite some time and I have pretty much been focusing on the game for the most of my time. Therefore, my free time are usually occupied by this new game. Hence, no bloggin. XP Oh yeah, its also the first original game that i bought with my own money. So, psychologically to me it would sound like im wasting my money if i dont play the game. (first world problems of a gamer. DX) So yeah, u can say that i am current in a committed relationship with this game. DX

And speaking of spending money, I also bought myself another thing with my very own money. I bought myself a new phone and FINALLY, i got myself an Android phone. Friends have been buggin me to buy some so that my life would be beutiful. If you guys are interested in knowing, the phone i bought was called "Ninetology Black Pearl 2" and its a Malaysia brand phone. (google that for more information) The phone's price was RM599 originally but thanks to the government rebate and my brother's help I got the phone for just RM299. (sweet!)

So yeah, with that i've pretty much join the dark side where people will be spending half of their times with their smart phone and stuffs. And i cannot stress this enough  im a gamer so of course my phone will be filled with games which again will occupy most of my free time again. XP

Besides that, the non-anti social and out going thing that I've done which is also the reason why I didnt blog is that I've been going around telling stories to people during the 2 months time. For some reason, people are very interested in the story the 'second'. Maybe cause the 'second' story happened pretty recently.. thats why people are dead curious about how things happened and all. But not just 'second' story is getting all the attention, the 'first' story is still pretty popular. I've been travelling to different places to share my stories to people who are interested in. The most epic one was probably the one I have to go all the way just to Sunway Pyramid to share a story to a friend of mine. But she was not alone, she was along with her friends and her juniors (total 5 of them) and I share the whole story to all of them.Yeah, im starting to think of making a career out of story telling. No kidding.

But really, i would like to thank everyone who are interested in my stories and also cared enough to comment and give feedbacks about it. It was a great pleasure to just share the little story of mine to you guys. I hope you guys have fun listening to it cause I really really have fun telling the story. X) And yes, for those of you who are still waiting for the part 2 of the 'second' story, I will TRY and find some time to work on it la. Dont worry, I've been telling the story so many time to the extend I think I will not miss any parts out anymore. XD So be patient and wait for it alright? XP

I guess that enough for one update eh? gotta start working on my assignments and also try and at least finish 2nd part of the 'second'. NEED MOTIVATION!! DX XD