Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Have you ever become a threat before? When i say threat, im not saying like your a gangster going around, kicking asses, bullying people, killing people, people are scared of you, police are afraid of you and they think that your a THREAT. Nope, im not talking about that kind of threat.. im talking about a much more smaller and harmless threat. XD

So, the other night me and my friends are sitting down together to have midnight supper session (aka 'yumcha' session) and we are just chilling sitting down and talking some guy stuffs and all. Then suddenly, one my friend brought up a topic and the whole conversation became more like a confession moment. It wasnt really like a confession moment like telling each other secret things, its more like telling each other "do you know?" that kind of thing? Get it?

Anyways, we continue on with the "do you know" topics.. Then, one of my friend told me this.. "Klex, do u know that I used to think that you are a threat?" Yeap, you guys didnt read it wrong nor was there any typo. The guy said that i was a threat. I was alittle bit confused with what he just said, and then he explained "Back then, before I was going out with (name shall not be mentioned here), i thought that you are going to get her before me wei!"

Then everything is starting to make alittle bit of sense.. Now, you see back then when i was in HELP, i talked to alot of people. I was a pretty socialable guy (unlike how am I today) so, I made friends with this girl who is currrently my friend's (the guy that i was having conversation with) girlfriend today. Before both of them are dating, both me and the girl have pretty similar time tables when I was still in HELP.. Therefore, we both hang out pretty often back then.

Apparently, I was close to her to the extend that my friend thought that i was going to be his love rival and I was a 'threat' since I was alittle bit more closer to her than he is. In a way, it gave him an impression that I have a 'head start' in the chase race. But I do have to admit that both of us DO look like something was going on.. Cause once in awhile, me and the girl will video msn each other and talk.. or sometimes she will come to me and go for lunch. I really wouldnt blame the guy if he really thinks that I was a 'threat' beside, I've been into his position before..

Now, I did said that everything is start to make alittle bit of sense but the truth is, all the while the girl was trying to grab information about the guy (my friend). Some time, when she went online and chat, whenever we hit a conversation related to relationship or guys, she will ask me "So, what do you think of (name not going to be mention here)?". The lunch with her moments are just a friendly thing that college students do with one another. Besides, it was not a one on one lunch session.. so its not like a date or anything..

Since, she was kinda into my friend, I did help to try and match make both of them.. But that time I was alittle busy trying to even match make myself to someone.. After awhile, both of time started to hang out with each other more and more, and one thing lead to another.. A new couple of born! XD

After hearing everything, my friend felt alittle bit relieve.. Cause he thought that I was going after her (even know back then he knew who was I actually going after). At the end of the night, the guy pat me on the back and said "Thank You bro.. Thank you for everything.." X)

If and ONLY if some of you guys are wondering.. Yes, they are still together.. Still a pretty healthy relationship. But it was alittle surprising that I was look as a 'threat' to other people.. Cause all this while, I thought I was the only person who will think guys who are close to the person I like are 'threats'. I guess all guys will actually feel that way when it comes to chasing someone you really like. X)


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