Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Its not Dead, Its Alive!

You might think that the blog is dead.. but actually NO!! Its going to be alive now! XD

I've been checking out my own blog.. Im just extremely busy/lazy to blog about anything.. since there are many things going on lately and im also a very busy man.. XD

I've been busy with assignments, quiz and also presentation. Having a really busy college life but still FUN. XP Like they said, No Pain No GAIN! XD

March intake people are kinda friendly.. and i have to be honest.. there are lots of nice/friendly/pretty looking people. XP I just hope they are all sporting enough for the pajamas party. X)

I have been doing alot of thinking.. I sometimes think that we are getting further apart from each other.. Me and You? Sometimes... i think that things are not going to work out..

Sooo many things to do and so little time! BAH!!!! Lets just hope i can pull it through.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Orientation Day

Yeap, today is when all the march intakes comes in!! 8D Yeah!! More students, more friends and more chicks.. XP (Loyal! LOYAL!)

English, we had quiz.. its actually not that hard.. lets hope that i get some good grades this time la. X)

Crash into Max, Mandy, Corliss, Dex, Hevind and Mash's finite maths class again. Sometimes.. i really think that the teacher doesnt know my existance.. XD So we had a little fun during finte maths class..

Max was caught checking out my chick.. XP

Hevind, was playing with some pig wand! XD

From the look of his face.. his having fun with it. XP

Corliss's bear bear on the right, and Mandy's pig wand on the left. XP

*gasps* Taylor Swift!! XD

Dex is playing shotgun with the pig wand.. XD

Reloads.. XD

After that head to the lower foyer we head to the lower foyer to begin our tour guide journey with the new intakers. XP Justin, Kim Ngiam and JinHwei was in my group.. XD

After that we have to promote our orientation night which is also known as the Pajamas Party to the new intakers.. So Corliss, Candy and Joey dressed up in their pajamas and with some doll and bear bear to help out.

The white one is HUGE!!!
It reminds me of Taylor Swift's bear bear in valentine. XP

Our 3 pajamas ladies and the 2 bear bear.. XP

This will make a good wall picture for our pajamas party. X)

C2Age HELP's Anime club was promoting their club as well. X)

His trying to be Byakuya.. XD

Of course i have a little bit fun myself.. XP

After that, me, Max, Corliss and Candy went to Petaling street to buy something for the pajamas party. That time.. i was feeling kinda awkward.. my body feels like weak and my leg doesnt like me at all. I feels like someone is punching my leg every second.. anyways..

Before that, Corliss has to go to her office and settle somethings.. yes, HER office. And yes, she same age like us and she owns an office. Jealous? XD

She how the boss is multitasking! XD

Heres the product that shes selling.. its called Picabot.

Go facebook and search for a video abt this product in my profile.. you can see how extreme does the product do. XD

Head to Petaling Street and buy the things that we need! Its been awhile ever since i go shopping with girls.. and im still not getting the hang of it. XD Plus, my body was still kinda weak that time..

After buying some stuffs.. i really begin to sense my body heating up, next thing u know.. BAM! Fever.. So, everyone had to fetch me back to campus asap..

On the way back.. guess whose driving Max's car the whole time? XD


After that head home and rest.. and its comfirmed that i have fever..


Until thursday~ Im 90% cured on that day.. XP

Now.. 6~7 of my friends got my virus.. Why?? My mom still ask me to go to campus even know im not feeling well. Dammit.. Kinda stupid right?

Well.. i hope everyone else is okay..

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Random Pictures in my Phone

Yeap, random pictures again! XD

Corliss eats pretty slow.. well, one of the many reasons is that she finds a hard time cutting foods. (dont laugh at her! XD) Well heres how she solve the problem then..

Max was sooo gentlemen to cut it for her. XD

Scared.. if yur really really really LUCKY, u can see one around my campus. XP

This person walking infront is not a students.. looks like one but not..
Its Mr.Siva! XD

Alex challenge our all time SSNL winner Max.
This picture prove that Alex lost! XD

Heres something interesting that Suelyn brought to sunday school today. XP

She brought a set of mahjongs to sunday school! XD

Fat Choi!! My favourite card of all! XD

Suelyn was nice.. so she gave a piece.. i dunno what does that me so yeah.. after looking and touching it.. i figure it out what was it! Here.. let u guess..

Got it now? Well.. if u still cant figure it out mayb the next picture will..

*bites* yeap.. Its mahjong chocolate!! 8D cool huh? XD

I love Suelyn's phone pattern.. XD

These sweets reminds me of someone.. XD

This is me and you now.. X)

Alright thats it for this time.. I get very little blog material lately.. so this is all i got. XP

Thank you for reading! X)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Got Fooled..

It was a fine normal saturday.. but it was the first time i got fooled by someone deeply closed to me..

I was on facebook all day long.. Spaming, chating, stalking and some little gaming. Then all in the suddenly.. my words starts turning upside down! As in, my words becomes backwards.. And i was thinking.. its problally some upside down day event on fb i accepted la.. so i dont bother..

All in the sudden, my words starts changing into different languages! D8 It all started off with Korean.. i was like SHYT!! What happened to my facebook? So i waited for awhile.. and its not korean anymore.. turns out to be some france or spanish or arabian language! D8 Then it keep changing! (at one point it turns into japanese.. XD)

I start complaining abt it to Corliss.. and yes shes nice to hear everything i complained to her. XD

At a moment, it turns back into english.. I was relief for a moment.. then suddenly it turns back into different language again! My brother was like "waaaa.. damm geng ah yur facebook?? XD"

Yes, i tried log-ing out and in again.. its still the same.
Yes, i tried changing the language back.. but still it changes into a different language again!
Yes, i close the whole windows again and open again.. still do difference..
Yes, i tried using other accounts to log-ing and see anything wrong.. still same..

I thought that my facebook account kena virus or bug or something scary la! and i spread that i will spread into my sister's laptop which have tons of her infomations inside it. D8

After that, i entered my brother and wanted to tried it on my brother's computer and check and see whether issit really my account got screwed up..

When i used his com.. i notice that there was another windows for firefox (which im the only one who is using it in his computer) on and it was right at the setting page..

Think.. Think.. Think.. SHYT!!!

Yes, my brother was the one changing my settings and everything the whole time! My brother room was the other side playing my account's words and language and all the shyt..

So i run to my brother and said.. FARK U!! XD

Yes, i got fooled by my own freaking brother.. it was idiotic but yet extremely funny! XD But still im relief cause it shows that my facebook account has no bug or virus. XP

One day.. im going to do this shyt too! watch out ppl! XD

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Harsh Day

Lets see.. Computer Principle, Computer Principle and Study Skills. o.O

It was funny.. Mr.Siva thinks im the most popular guy in foundation 1st sem. XD I dunno.. but i just found it kinda funny. XP Well, shows that im making a good legacy of my brother then.. (his famous in Sunway. XP)

Mr.Siva caught me loafing around other ppl's class.. so he called me back into his call. No he didnt scold me, infact he called me just because he wants me to be in class. XD How nice of him. X) Im going to miss him when his not teaching me anymore.. X)

JinHwei came to HELP and register today!! 8D Yay!! First Justin and now JinHwei! Both are my very good friends are coming to HELP and studying foundation! Amazing! College life will be so much better at sem Two! X)

After having lunch with Canny (she belanja-ed me. XP), Tracey, WaiMeng, Corliss and Max, i paid a visit to the music club audition.. Im cool with auditions, so i gave it a shot.. turns out to be a total insult to me. BIG BIG insult. I sang 'Thunder' which is the song which i frequently used for many many different auditions this year. And so far.. i've been getting good comments.. except this one.. this one is a real insult!

First of all most of them never heard the song 'Thunder' before and im singing most of the parts alike with the original and they start giving comments the total opposite from what comments when i heard so far.. I felt so freaking insulted i say it straight to their face "I actually came here is not for auditioning to become a guitarist or vocalist, im just here to audition for fun. No offense." Seriously.. insulting me is not big deal.. but insulting me with 'Thunder' is a real tick off!

I dun care if that leave me a bad impression in them.. but seriously.. Music Club is not my thing anymore.. mayb cause i dont listen to chinese song as much as they do. Mayb they just want chinese educated ppl in it.. bah!

Who cares.. I got 'No Credit' to cheer me up tomorrow anyways.. X) Im going to strum soo hard and let go all the stress in me!

I got back my mid-term Study Skills paper.. and i saw everyone did so well and i didnt.. i felt soooo stupid all in the sudden. Things became worst when my mid-term assignment came to me.. I feel like breaking down BIG time.. totally no mood to study anymore..

I had an alone time in campus after that.. and sittting around alone without friends around really its different.. No out to cheer me up or make me laugh.. hrm.. its pretty harsh day..

But still.. thanks to Dex for kinda calming me up a little bit when we are taking the bus home. X) Although he didnt do anything much but got someone to talk abt it feels good. X)

Calculus Quiz tomorrow.. Dammit! Im really really really scared! D8

Things are really different when your around.. X)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

No, I wont be It again

So you think that im a happy life now? So you think i wont emo anymore?

Honestly.. im still YuMing (although im Klex la). Im still going to get emo once in a while.. but at least.. this time i wont be a douchebag and emo for no farking reasons la. I know its bad for emo but just let me emo here once more okay?

I flunked my calculus.. as in really FLUNKED it!! real bad.. i thought i did great but i turns out really really bad.. like really REALLY bad! (with all the capital words, u shud know how bad i really did).

I got kicked out from basketball team.. why? cause im not the choosen one.. bah.. actually this is not big deal la.. Its just basketball with some show off ppls around me (im not say all, i meant some like one or two. the rest are great. XP)

Lastly.. i just knew today.. that i was with this friend of mine.. she was kinda close to me i guess.. we keep in contact although she still goes NS and everything.. Honestly speaking.. I missed her.. but it turns out.. she doesnt understand me much as i do towards her.. alright..
Suan Le Bah.

I was going to emo but i remember there was once a friend how told me a line that kinda cheer me up in almost any situation..

Life is Sweet, Emo for awhile is More than Enough.
Life is Short to be unhappy, look forward, stay positive.
You can pull it through..

Guess who said that? XD Its a new college friend.. and her name are coloured in yellow in my blog.. so guess who? XP

So yeah, i maybe be hurt or bring down again.. and again.. but this time im standing back up!! I will try not to be emo again. (highlight the try.)

I said it once, and im going to say it again..

In college life, im going to change my life!

Yeah!! im pumped!! im going to strum the guitar all night long! XD

Who wants mahjong!? XD *semangat gila already*

They say blog are for letting out feelings.. well thats what im doing and it works pretty much good for me. XD

Something no related to this post:

I just got a new line.. XP

Wolf Aint going to Howl Alone.

Write that down.. XP

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Random Pictures in my Phone

Here are some random pictures there are in my phone.. XD Since i cant post it out on facebook, i mind as well post it in my blog. XP

Let us begin from SPM results day.. (no im not going to talk abt my results.. XP)

Rachel and Megan took my phone to camwhore. XD

JinHwei calling her parents about her wonderful results. XP

We found this two kids who have more balls then us. XD

Reminds me of someone.. XD hinting: Candy.

KCY aka Alvin with his chicken.

Tarvin aka Brown with his brown hair and brown shirt.
(Now u are completely brown. XD)

Nat aka Bitch.. seriously he still looked blur after so long. XD

Failed to take Rachel but got Megan in the end. XD

Sharon and Eng Siew. Sharon blur, Eng Siew fast. XD

YESH, caught Huiee off guard.. and a little bit of WeiSoong as well. XD

LenPing was fast.. and darn smart. XD

Alright enough of SPM result day and get back to College life pictures. XP Here are some pictures of the ladies in my campus..

Fiona, Candy, Corliss and Ysabelle are having their cotton candy moments. XD

Fiona feeding Ysabelle. *yum* XP

Fiona feeding herself.. *yum*. XP

Candy eating her cotton candy and Ysabelle taking pictures.

Corliss find the cotton candy sweet.. *yum* XD

Ladies with their cotton candies.. XP

Stupid facebook dont let me upload pictures.. sheesh.. dunno why.. but nvm.. u guys can feel free to steal it from my blog. i wont call the blog polices.. XP

No. I am not turning to a photographer.. I just volunteer to take pictures for my blog materials only. XP No pictures this blog will be very sien.. XD

Friday, March 12, 2010

We dont make Noise, We make Music

Thursday is usually our jamming session but things have change alittle bit.. anyways, we still are jamming. XD So, I brought Libby to campus again! XP

First we had this social sphere meeting.. Seriously its been awhile ever since i get so pumped up for meeting. XD Overall, i think social club is great. The lecturers there are very friendly.. but still its serious business. XP i have a job for orientation night 2 which is im incharge of the music that night. Yes, Yes, Yes, although im a Taylor Swift but still that night i wont play any Taylor Swift songs okay? XP

Nothing related to the title.. but Ming Yi finally called himself Max!! 8D

Alright, after that time for jamming! Woke Libby up and start jamming! This time we have a new comer.. I asked Vania to join us along and also asked her to be our 'No Credit" lead singer. Plus, Justin was there as a spectator as well. XP

Nope, im not going to say what are we going to play or anything.. not one bit. XP Wanna know what song are we going to play? Just come for march intake orientation night la.. XD

Vania trying out for being Lead Singer.

Mash with his awesome electro accoustic.

Nick being a psycho who plays drums. XD

Justin being spectator.. and messing other ppl's stuffs. XD

Reuben is our full time drummer.

Max taking videos for us..

Owwww crap he spotted us! XD

Faris came and kepo.. XD

Ivan was being.. Ivan.. XD

Candy in her pink hoodie taking video..

After singing, playing, going crazy and etc.. we finally rap it up and its decided..

Vania is our lead singer! XD

Wanna hear how good can she sing? Just come for March Orientation Night and listen. XD Settle..

Mr Joel was being Mr Joel.. playing ping pong. XD

There he is!! XD

Look at how serious is he..

After that everyone got hungry and so we wanted to have dinner + lunch together before we go home.. while waiting for the others to rap up.. we kinda became jacoons ourselves. XP

Meet Max as red riding hood.. XD

Go find yur grandma la Max.. XD

Max, Corliss, Candy and Justin in hoodies.
Faris said they looked like power rangers from far.. XD

While walking to KFC, we became jacoons again.. Well not exactly we.. but Nick, Faris and Mash. XD (videos are post and uploaded in facebook.)

Meet the three monkeys. XP

Justin is tired of waiting already.. XD

Others are just loafing around.. XD

Faris JUMPS!!! D8 (dont worry his still alive.. XP)

After eating and everything.. Corliss was nice.. she was unwilling to fetch me home but still she did. XD It was a heavy rain so we started talking here and there just to entertain ourselfs. X)

Head home and its home alone series again.. bored.. i was soo bored i started taking pictures of mahjongs. XD

Tong, Nan, Si, Pei. (chinese)
Tong, Lam, Sai, Pat. (cantonese) XP

Fat Choi, Hong Zhong and Pat Pan. My favourite cards. XP

Meet my happy and prefect victory.. muahaha! XD

This is really some pure luck. XD

Okay.. call me lifeless but i can care anymore.. XD