Saturday, March 20, 2010

Got Fooled..

It was a fine normal saturday.. but it was the first time i got fooled by someone deeply closed to me..

I was on facebook all day long.. Spaming, chating, stalking and some little gaming. Then all in the suddenly.. my words starts turning upside down! As in, my words becomes backwards.. And i was thinking.. its problally some upside down day event on fb i accepted la.. so i dont bother..

All in the sudden, my words starts changing into different languages! D8 It all started off with Korean.. i was like SHYT!! What happened to my facebook? So i waited for awhile.. and its not korean anymore.. turns out to be some france or spanish or arabian language! D8 Then it keep changing! (at one point it turns into japanese.. XD)

I start complaining abt it to Corliss.. and yes shes nice to hear everything i complained to her. XD

At a moment, it turns back into english.. I was relief for a moment.. then suddenly it turns back into different language again! My brother was like "waaaa.. damm geng ah yur facebook?? XD"

Yes, i tried log-ing out and in again.. its still the same.
Yes, i tried changing the language back.. but still it changes into a different language again!
Yes, i close the whole windows again and open again.. still do difference..
Yes, i tried using other accounts to log-ing and see anything wrong.. still same..

I thought that my facebook account kena virus or bug or something scary la! and i spread that i will spread into my sister's laptop which have tons of her infomations inside it. D8

After that, i entered my brother and wanted to tried it on my brother's computer and check and see whether issit really my account got screwed up..

When i used his com.. i notice that there was another windows for firefox (which im the only one who is using it in his computer) on and it was right at the setting page..

Think.. Think.. Think.. SHYT!!!

Yes, my brother was the one changing my settings and everything the whole time! My brother room was the other side playing my account's words and language and all the shyt..

So i run to my brother and said.. FARK U!! XD

Yes, i got fooled by my own freaking brother.. it was idiotic but yet extremely funny! XD But still im relief cause it shows that my facebook account has no bug or virus. XP

One day.. im going to do this shyt too! watch out ppl! XD