Friday, March 12, 2010

We dont make Noise, We make Music

Thursday is usually our jamming session but things have change alittle bit.. anyways, we still are jamming. XD So, I brought Libby to campus again! XP

First we had this social sphere meeting.. Seriously its been awhile ever since i get so pumped up for meeting. XD Overall, i think social club is great. The lecturers there are very friendly.. but still its serious business. XP i have a job for orientation night 2 which is im incharge of the music that night. Yes, Yes, Yes, although im a Taylor Swift but still that night i wont play any Taylor Swift songs okay? XP

Nothing related to the title.. but Ming Yi finally called himself Max!! 8D

Alright, after that time for jamming! Woke Libby up and start jamming! This time we have a new comer.. I asked Vania to join us along and also asked her to be our 'No Credit" lead singer. Plus, Justin was there as a spectator as well. XP

Nope, im not going to say what are we going to play or anything.. not one bit. XP Wanna know what song are we going to play? Just come for march intake orientation night la.. XD

Vania trying out for being Lead Singer.

Mash with his awesome electro accoustic.

Nick being a psycho who plays drums. XD

Justin being spectator.. and messing other ppl's stuffs. XD

Reuben is our full time drummer.

Max taking videos for us..

Owwww crap he spotted us! XD

Faris came and kepo.. XD

Ivan was being.. Ivan.. XD

Candy in her pink hoodie taking video..

After singing, playing, going crazy and etc.. we finally rap it up and its decided..

Vania is our lead singer! XD

Wanna hear how good can she sing? Just come for March Orientation Night and listen. XD Settle..

Mr Joel was being Mr Joel.. playing ping pong. XD

There he is!! XD

Look at how serious is he..

After that everyone got hungry and so we wanted to have dinner + lunch together before we go home.. while waiting for the others to rap up.. we kinda became jacoons ourselves. XP

Meet Max as red riding hood.. XD

Go find yur grandma la Max.. XD

Max, Corliss, Candy and Justin in hoodies.
Faris said they looked like power rangers from far.. XD

While walking to KFC, we became jacoons again.. Well not exactly we.. but Nick, Faris and Mash. XD (videos are post and uploaded in facebook.)

Meet the three monkeys. XP

Justin is tired of waiting already.. XD

Others are just loafing around.. XD

Faris JUMPS!!! D8 (dont worry his still alive.. XP)

After eating and everything.. Corliss was nice.. she was unwilling to fetch me home but still she did. XD It was a heavy rain so we started talking here and there just to entertain ourselfs. X)

Head home and its home alone series again.. bored.. i was soo bored i started taking pictures of mahjongs. XD

Tong, Nan, Si, Pei. (chinese)
Tong, Lam, Sai, Pat. (cantonese) XP

Fat Choi, Hong Zhong and Pat Pan. My favourite cards. XP

Meet my happy and prefect victory.. muahaha! XD

This is really some pure luck. XD

Okay.. call me lifeless but i can care anymore.. XD