Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My first Finite Maths Class.

Im really suspecting that Mr.Siva reads my blog.. cause he keep using me as examples related to blogs! XD Mayb its just me.. XP

Right after CP class.. i have extra 1 hour before my Eng class.. so i went and kacau Max's class.. All in the sudden, he come out and say he wanted to ponteng cause the class is boring. Then all in the sudden again, Hevind come out and say wanan go eat something in McD! D8 so i was like WTF!?

After buying food we came back and the lecturer didnt really bother (or mayb she didnt even notice). Max said that the class is seriously boring.. So i was thinking.. How boring can this shit be? So i entered and join along the class..

Surprisingly, the teacher didnt even notice there was one extra student there! D8 I've been sitting there doing nothing but just talking and making noise, and she didnt even say the word. Is she deaf!? o.O And Max was right.. she is boring! XD

The class looks pretty boring here..

The dickface who pull me into the class.. XD

I spotted Siendee.. shes was daydreaming if im not wrong.. XD

Corliss spotted me, so she came behide and join along the fun. XD

Harmika got balls to even bring out his laptop and play. XD

Seriously.. the teacher didnt even notice shit! D8

His acting like his listening but his actually listening to music. XD

Corliss said that she was bored and she wants to listen to music. So i loan her my phone and let her BURN my phone batteries. XD Turns out she LOVED my phone. XD My phone is sooo lucky now.. XP

I was saying: 'I cant focus shyts!'

Some retarded picture.. D8

Seriously, the lecturer really didnt notice the extra existance of me for the whole 30mins! D8 There was once she stared at me for like 5 seconds but she didnt ask or take any action! D8 i was behide doing the wave with Corliss and Max and she didnt notice at all! (even know the class is laughing) Next time im going to crash the class again and make everyone do wave. XD

Next entered English class.. Ms.Annie is cute as usual. XP Today, we got our HELP T-Shirt! 8D And i have to say.. it looks kinda cool. And they say that its a compulsory to wear that on our saturday day. o.O that just makes thing sooo interesting..

Ms Annie walking back to her table..

She pretty serious in her teachings..

Turns back and smile! *snap* got it.. XD

After english was calculus.. Calculus nothing much happened.. learn something new thats all. (Mr.Joel didnt let us go early today..) Right after calculus class was basketball and today, its elimination day.. means some of us will go out and the chosen ones will stay.

I was sooo pumped up for basketball but in the end, they break me down.. just like *snap* that. Yeap, i was one of the few people who got kicked out.. but you know what? Honestly, if i was chosen, i wont have fun playing with some of the ppl there. (yeap, the ppl who are too cool to even say hi to me on normal days and shake hands.)

Thanks to my lovely friends for cheering me up that day. X) The cheesy wedges really helped out alot. XD After that me, max, candy, corliss, nick, alex and dex decided to go makan..

Dex was staring at my food..

He cannot tahan.. so he steals it! XD

Alex with his new hair cut and phone. XP

Max and Dex playing Straight Stare, No Laugh Competition..

Our current champion, Max.

Surprisingly, that match turn out a tie.. Max got challenger already.. XD

After that day.. i head home with the help of Corliss again.. Dex joined along as well. We started singing pussycat dolls songs in the car.. freaking funny..

Head home calm myself down and sleep..

My new lucky charm works! 8D That night i won my brother and mother in mahjong.. fuh fuh fuh..

SPM results coming.. fark la..