Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pictures in my Phones

Really really random pictures from my phone.. XP

A chocolate from Candy. Its the dark chocolate version of ferro.. XP

I finished it in seconds.. XD

Max's car keys hairband which is a life saver! Heat saver i mean.. XD

The injured leg that i got from the first day of basketball training.

A set of majongs that my parents bought. XP

I spotted Fly.Fm Myvi Troopers around my campus! 8D

A little pictures of my friends in campus.. it was during English class.. Mrs Annie set us up in group to do some english work. About Thesis Statement. XD (see i learn something!!)

Peter is figuring out some points.. XD

Cai Hong is playing with my fake injection pen. XD

Trish is working pretty hard in the work.

Zhong Wei is dodging the camera..

He did a great covering himself in the end.. XD

Dex is doing what typical Dex is doing. XD

I spotted some little puppies around the neighbour hood when im walking home from campus today..

Are they adorable!? 8D

Seriously, i like the middle one!! He always make funny reactions. XD

See what i mean! XD

Im not becoming a photographer.. dont worry..

Maybe i am.. o.O