Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Nothing to Talk about.

Hrm.. lets see.. nothing really big is going on today..

In College..

CP- Mr.Siva take me as this week lesson's example alot.. like 3~5 times he used me. XD

English- Mrs.Annie is still cute and funny as usually. She told us a little funny story of her but lets just keep it between ourselves. XP

Calculus- Mr.Joel was extra nice today, he let just go early! XD

Today was also the first day of basketball trial run. Well honestly, i didnt really enjoy myself. Mayb cause everyone there is too good/pro and im losing my touch. I think i'll just stick with guitaring. XP

Today im listening to 'Thunder' by Boys Like Girls over and over again.. Today is a winding road, so bring on the rain, your voice, your eyes, find a way out, i dont wanna ever love another, and bring on the thunder. These lines are pretty similiar to my situation now.. XP

I just woke up from a pretty bad dream.. No its not any dirty dream.. its typical Bad Dream.. not much of a ghost nightmare.. but just something else.. dont wanna talk about it..

People around called me an idiot. But still I think although I spend very little time with 'her' but when the number of hours and seconds when im with her adds up, it can be very long. X)

Sometimes, good things are worth waiting for you know? X)

Like i said.. nothing much going on today. XP