Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekends going to Weekdays

Jasper: ZzZzZzZzZZ...
Damm cute right!? XD

Sunday, the only place that me and Libby will be every sunday morning is most probably temple! XD No surprise..

Today is Sanghika Dhama. (did i spell it wrong) and for 14 years in BISDS, i dont really understand the meaning of this event. o.O (what have i been doing there? XD) The only thing that i know is that.. we the Youths need to help out for this event! XD

Ever since form 4, i have been helping the monks to carry the umbrella and 3 years straight i have been holding Chief Reverend's umbrella. XD It feels great to do it cause Chief Reverend actually remember me! Plus, cause of that last year my picture was taken as well and was post into the newspaper! 8D (dunno what paper la..)

This year, same thing going on.. help Chief Reverend to hold his umbrella. XP and today, i have to tuk in my shirt again. (we HAVE to do that every year) Feels nerdy but feels very young cause its high school like. XD Miss high school.. (not cause of the tuk in of course!)

Suelyn was damm naughty today.. ppl dun wanna put their shoes on the shoes rack mah, so she go put the shoes on the floor on the shoes rack. Thats a good thing, but she put the shoes far far away from its original place. XD

Elaine stayed back in sunday school for the first time! 8D Well i bet she had fun cause got me and suilun around to entertain her.. its a shame that she actually dont know most of the popular ppl there! D8

After that, me, my sister, Victor, Suelyn and Justin wanted to walk to KL central.. but in the mean time we went makan first. XP

Libby is sleeping nicely in her sleeping bag. XD
Then this lonely cat came along..

Then it starts flirting with my Libby! D8
Luckily the cat is cute or else i'll whack the shyt out of it! XD

Justin!! Damm.. im really starting to like his new hair style.. XD
This guys is coming to HELP for March intake! 8D

Victor! My assistant Jason Mraz singer! XP

Suelyn! Zhu meimei fascinated with gas release by the ice in the cup. *slaps forehead!*
This is what makes her sooo adorable! XP

Here you have a Teh O'Ice.

And here we have a limau..

If you add it up.. it because..

Teh O'Ice Limau!!! XD

Im lame.. but i dun care..

College starts again tomorrow! Yay! XD