Wednesday, March 10, 2010

When College Turns High School

Today we have our very own dress code day. No, HELP didnt ask us to do so.. we decided to do it among ourself. Why? Cause i just think that we need a day of fun with dress code.. so far i have seen very very little dress code event in HMC.

Dress Code Credits goes to: Corliss, Nick and Alex.

Today's dress code title is:
High School wear.

Yeap, we have to dress up anything that is related to our High School wear.. white shirt uniform ah, Sports wear ah, Club wears ah, school tie ah, etc.. as long as its related to our school. Pretty simple huh?

Heres what i wore for the day.. XD

Take one..
Take two..

I wore my school white t-shirt, school tie and school shoes! XD I removed my school badge, tanda sesi and my name tag. Yes, no school pants.. so, i wore 70% complete school wears.

I know i look like a nerd or something.. but still its college life! Its going to be different! I think.. Of course.. but im not going to be the one alone wearing like this.. i was told that some of them will dress the same like me. XD

Something not related to the topic..

Meet my konon-nya lucky charm. XD Im very supersitious..

I came to campus.. I spotted everyone with there school wears..

Alex and Fiona with her club or PJ wear i think..
Btw, Alex is not wearing school wear! XD But still i forgive u..

Fiona, Candy and Ysabelle.
Btw, Candy is wearing american style high school wear. Still acceptable..

Faris was one of my friend who wore the same like me. XD

Corliss and her sexy back.. XD and her PJ wears..

Corliss being the nerd.. she did a good job.. XD

Corliss, Alex, Fiona and Ysabelle being nerds.. XD

Nick, HanHan and Max.
Max was the other person who wore the same like me! XD

Nick with his high school wear.. Yeap, thats his uniform.. no joke.

Caught a candid of Ysabelle.. its was hard.. XD

Mash with his club wear..

Cai Hong with his club wear..

Shiau Ling and her club wear..

Even Gloria (the dog) dressed up for high school day..

Shun Zhi with his PJ katholik wear..

Esther with her PJ wear as well..

Saiful and his school uniform..
Saiful is also another person who wore like me that day! XD

KaiBoon with his club wear..

Candy with her american high school wear..
For some reason she looks like a teacher/lecturer to me..

Elaine with her PJ wear..

Dex with his Class wear..

I find his shirt kinda cool..

Trish with his club wear..

Justin came and visit campus being superman.. XD

When i was in McD i spotted someone very and extremely familiar..

I spotted Qiao Xin!! 8D and her campus is just besides McD!

Back to campus's High School wear..

Daniel with his sport wear..

Milie with her music club cloths..

There are too many of them.. but all of them with her school wears.

Alison with her KRS pants and boots.
I didnt expect school wear pants but its still acceptable.. XD

Huikey, Agnes and LaiYee with their club shirts..

This is not school wear but still its cute! XD

I caught Mr Siva off guard.. XD

After the 2 hours break of taking picture.. now back to classes..

I have English class with some extra students.. HanHan and SezKian joined our class for replacement. XP

Look of them focus in the class..

And we did a great job with essay.. thanks to HanHan. Shes good..

After that i was bored and i dont wanna go home.. i crash into Alex's computer principle class. Then, I thought i was going to get away when the lecturer comes in.. but noooooo.. Alex insist i stay.. but still it worth a shot staying there with a new teacher..

Caught Ysabelle off guard again.. XD

Failed catching Fiona off guard.. (=3=)

They may look focus but no they are not.. XD

The other dont look so focused as well.. XD

I leaved the class right after the class is about to end.. Me, Dex and HueiSan is going home together by bus again. X) Waited for the bus for so long.. Dex decided to entertain us..

He was balancing himself! XD

*balance balance balance* i say his doing a good job.

And his about to fall.. XD

After that head home and have take a break.. upload pictures and walah! XD

Today turn out pretty well.. i hope that we shud do that every wednessday.. just for fun. XD We'll see about that..

Today.. i dun think i can sleep.. although today was great but still.. when i reach home.. I WAS SCARED like fark! XD

SPM results is coming.. and im freaking scared..