Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sayonara Youth Camp- Day 3+4

Like i said before.. im going to finish this no matter what!! Lets finish this!!

Continue from Day 3..

After announcing the winner for the sketch and the egg catcher, we went down for supper and had a little bit sing along session.. its SYC's tradition song which is called [Kalyana Mitra] and with a little bit of addition [Beutiful Friends]. Both song also i knw how to sing!! But.. i just found out some of us OVOM dunno how to sing [Kalyana Mitra]. XD Thanks to the singing along session.. i lost my voice. XD

After that the overall results comes out.. (i nvr except it to be so soon. XD). bro.Vincent give each of us a title/strength of our own.. so yeah.. i only remember my team's one but i dun remember the others.. XD paiseh ah..

Justin and Nigel's group -Excitement

WeiGin and Allen's group- Sexy Bald

ZhiYang and SaiKhong's group- Fellowship

Me and Shaun's group!! -Gorilla Enforces!!
We got the award for best Spirit Team! X)

After that we got our overall results.. and the winner for Sayonar Youth Camp 2009 is..

Team Fellowship!!

Then we have a second winner which is..

Team Sexy Balds!!!

So yeah.. Excitement and Gorilla Enforces didnt win.. BIG DEAL!! We still get snacks!! They just get some chips and drinks extra only mah! XD

After the prize giving session then we had a little sharing along session.. from a circle and start shaking hands to each other and saying some sweets (and gay) stuffs to each other.. After that we played a little bit of 'Cow Eat Grass Go Moo!' and the ppl who are punish have to say how they feel abt this camp. (i already did that at the 2nd night! Woohoo~)

After everything.. good nigth! XD

Sayonara Youth Camp- Day 4
I woke up and this is the first thing i saw..

Its bro.WeiChiang trying to be a worm.. but it looks like his humping the floor more to me.. overall a good early morning entertainment! XD

Morning Excersie.. Breakfast.. and then a short Memory Lane video.. Then time for photo session!! Woohooo!!!

This is all of US!!!

Candid shot!! (Justin and ZhenWhei blocked me..)

Another candid.. If you zoom you can actually see me jumping..

Last Candid.. and the BISDS traditon.. block ppl!! XD

Then we start to organize ourself for team photo..

Yay! Another picture of me with YanLeng! XD

The team Commitess!!

Team Gorilla Enforces!!

Team Fellowship

Team Excitement!!

and Team Sexy Bald.

Certificate time!!

Me and banana king Bryan (BKB) also knwn as the chairperson of the camp!

Clean up.. then time to go home.. Some of them went to IMO mall to have FUN and some of us stay and wait for our mama and papa. I teman BinQian talk for awhile the i slept until YanLeng woke me up.. Took a long trip to 1U and ate KFC with the commitees! XD

Reach home.. grab my phone.. put in the earplugs and *snore*

This is my first, last, best Sayonara Youth Camp ever! XD who knws! there will be another new TRYBS to host SYC again.. (hinting YanLeng)

The best part is.. I HAD FUN!!!


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

YUI again!!

Sayonara Youth Camp part 4?? That can wait.. cause this is very important! XD

YUI has a song!!! No is not called [again] (althought that song is still nice..) but yeah YUI has another new song!! XD And guess what's her song called?


(yeap, thats yur name yuenhee)

Kinda cool issint it? The song is just like.. [Gloria].. XD Well they say is a song for some new anime.. XD So yeah.. i dunno whats anime is that called but i dun care all. XD Heres how the song is!! Listen!!

it kinda nice.. wait what am i saying.. this is one nice song!! (thats what i said for all YUI songs..) it better than [Never Said Die] la.. XP And what i see, YUI has her long hair back! Yay!! Woohoo~

Okay here we go again..

Can someone help me Download the song plsss!!! Before the song gets band!! (Japan ppl just love doing that dont they.. sheessh..)

All the Best YUI!! X) I still love her~

Friday, December 25, 2009

X'mas Party!

Some of you might be thinking this way.. "Why so potong steam? Mana Sayonara Youth Camp part 4?? Continue la.." Well too bad, im the one taking control of my blog so just sit down and wait for that post to come. XD Thus, part 4 is gonna be very short.. so i mind as well post this one first.

How was your christmas ppl? Did you guys have fun?? Me?? I sure did!! XD This year we are celebrating X'mas at Justin's place again!! XD We had BIG time of FUN!! So heres how and what happend there..

Proofs that show u guys that we did have fun..

Just look at tht laughers..

Another one..

And another one!! Basicly we really had fun!! Thanks Justin! X)

I took LRT from my place all the way the Sungai Besi. Freaking far issint? And i did all by myself!! Alone!! Muahahaha!! (actually i did get some help for tarvin and hveyjci before my journey begins.. XP) Reach Sungai Besi and waited for the others to come and off we go to Justin's house!! Woohooo~

Meet our sexy host! XD

Let just cut the crap and go straight to the game.. okay?? Here goes our first game.. Split into two teams and then we have to walk in a very very narrow path.. easy walk on the narrow path and scrizzor paper stone. You win move along and then continue continue continue until one of them reachs the end. Simple.. super easy to understand.. XD

this is the narrow way..

Not much picture abt this game.. so let just move on! XD

We had dinner first.. and i have to say Dinner was NICE!! XD Potluck dinner are always nice.. its easy and its delicous no matter what you bring. (except somthing stinky la..) Whoever brought the KFC, buddha bless you~ I love KFC!! XD

Some Random Pictures during Dinner..

XinYi's favourite post of the day.. XD

Jason wanted to learn guitar.. XD

You knw.. when i retire.. Jason is going to take my place. XD

XinYi and Bryan being emo.. and they say that i was emo!

YanLeng surpise all of us and WeiChiang gave her a nice big hug.. X)

We sang a little bit of karoake..

Patrick star was looking for his house.. XD

Bryan's home made muffin. Mmmmmm...

FOOD!!! *drools*

On to the next game~

We have this kind of lucky draw game.. we will get to choose a card.. the 3 person who get a LOSER on the card losess. Then they shall we different toturing punishments.. (i dun remember the punishment names so i just made it up. XP)

Punishment Number One!

Everyone Slap!!
Victimes: WeiChiang, Bryan and Kevin

Just one slap.. from everyone!! No big deal.. XD

Punishment Number Two!

Cheese on the Face!!
Victims: WeiGin, Justin and KaiChoong.

KaiChoong was first.. brave indeed..


Tons of us are hold weigin cause she just keep moving around!

After the smash we see results.. XD

Justin's one was the most..

And he was asking for more!!! XD


Punishment Number Three!
Smelling Dirty SOCKS!!!
Victims: WeiChiang, KaiChoong and YanLeng

WeiChiang first.. and he was having fun i think.. XD

KaiChoong was next.. he looks like his fainting.. XD

YanLeng was last.. she wasnt really smelling the socks cause she couldnt smell it at all!! XD


Punishment Number Four!!
Lipstick on the face!!
Victims: SzeMei, Bryan and QiWei

Ladies love make up.. so SzeMei first..

Bryan was Next~ Mmmmmm...

QiWei was last.. See those ultraman eyes on his face.. i drew those!! XD

They look good that we cant help it.. we have to take a picture! XD

Moving on~

Punishment Number Five!!

Victims: XinYi, QiWei and MunPing

Is okay XinYi.. its fated.. XD

When you see yellow things on the floor.. Its egg york!! (what guys think i was??)

From the picture.. you can tell that XinYi was scared..

MunPing and QiWei are MIA-ing. So lets look for them..

We found one!!

and then the other one!!

QiWei enjoyed it.. XD (btw, i burst the bellow for him one.. XD)

MunPing's ballon burst into flames!! Woohooo!! Merry X'mas!! XD

On to the Next one!!

Punishment Number Six!!
Secret Recipe!
Victims: XinYi, WeiGin and HveyJci

They will have to drink this specially made juice by Bryan and MunPing. XD

HveyJci take it in like a man.. and guess what? She said its nice! XD

Then the ladies take their drinks too.. mmmmm~ XD


Punishment Number Seven!!

Skin and Clippers!
Victims: KaiChoong, HveyJci and SzeMei

It hurts but HveyJci take it like a man.. You go girl!! XD

KaiChoong barely even feel anything! XD

And SzeMei is acting SzeMei like usual.. XD

Punishment Number Eight!! This is the last one..
Hair Leg Gone!

Victims: KaiYuan, SeeToh and ME.

Me, KaiYuan and SeeToh are soooo lucky that they.. that we pissed them off! So matter what we must still be punish.. for no reason at all.. actually WeiTing also kena but shes just double lucky! XD

Here we go.. *gasps*

XinYi was happy for me.. XD

Actually when they pull out the duct tape, i have no feel at all.. cause i think that the duct tape sucks.. XD But SeeToh was in deeply pain.. oh well.. No leg hair lost! Dunno worry ppl! XD

Here are some random pictures during the game..

Now we knw that XinYi is horny.. XD

Im santa and bryan is my red nose raindeer. XD

Another picture of me and YanLeng! XD

The ladies waiting for the game to begin..

And i was waiting for the secret recipe to be done! XD

After that we enter back the house and played secret santa! XD It means switching presents with each other.. I got XinYi's lovely present which is a photo book! Honestly that my first photo book! X) And WeiGin too my present which is a little santa bear..

More pictures after the game..

I was tired.. ZzZzZz..

For some reason.. I like this picture.. XD

I was singing.. Oooohhhhh My Love~ XD

Bryan stole my Batman pose.. POSE STEALER!! XD

Like i said.. these are random pictures.. XD

See the bear bear in the sky?? Thats my present to weigin and see how she treat it. XD

Bryan was shock cause i caught him playing my guitar! XD

We do the wassup signand the head banging.. we were actually listening to 'Move Along' by AAR. XD

MunPing joined along.. XD

and finally WeiChiang.. XD

Everyone is getting ready for group picture.. (Justin has a long stick.. XD)

*SNAP*!! X)

After the party.. We walk all the way for some reason..

Me and SeeToh was having fun loafing around.. XD

Erm.. to those of you who dont knw.. thats XinYi.. Not a ghost. XD

Then alot of spraying happened.. I was one of their best victim.. XD

Merry Christmas!! Yay!!

You think that the night it over.. and everyone went home and everyone.. true.. most of us went home but some of us slept over at his place that night.. The was just getting started.. Had a little bit of supper and again KFC! XD

Before that we watch some touching movie.. Dunno whats the movie name called but its nice.. Very touching indeed. Then we talked a little bit, watch some youtube video and go ZzZzZz..

Next day.. Morning.. I had KFC for breakfast again!! (KFC fever!) The some of us have to go and some of us stay for some sunway fun~ X)

This are the US that stayed over. Oh and plus Justin! X)

We took tons of bus and LRTs just to go Bryan's house first.

Its my first time going to Bryan's house.. for a tall guy, he lives in a pretty small neighbour hood i have to say.. XD And we meet his doggie, the name is Fifi. (Yes, weisoong.. Your nickname. XD) Soon, off to sunway!!

Bryan was our driver of the day~ Woohoo!! XD

Went to some bread restoran to each sandwichs. XD

These are my order.. Mmmm.. Thank you for the ppl who belanja-ed me for that meal.. X)

A random snap shot.. XP

And a quick shot with weigin.. X)

Then we went for alittle bit of bowling.. Justin pawned all of us. XD Anyways.. who cares!! All of us have fun! XD

You might think i hit a strike but actually i hit nothing.. XD

Then we decided to go home but we dont have to go home.. so guess where go again? Back to Justin's house again! Weeee~ XD

Here we are once again.

We ate dinner at Justin's place.. it was terriblely FILLING!! I was sooo freaking full but there are just sooo many nice food to eat! Tempting.. XD Thus, that day was the first time i ate turkey.. Mmmmm.. Thanks again Justin! X)

Slack around and after that, it gets real late and we really have to go..

This was our goodbye picture.. X)

The night was still kinda young so Bryan decided to paid YanLeng's house a visit! In the end we just cause more mess and trash! XD

Finally, everyone of us goes home and good night~ X)

Great X'mas party.. if time reverse back to where we started the party.. I dun mind! XD