Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Its Over!!! What Next?

Finally i have the time and the mood to blog back my bloggie again!! XD Woohooo!! Yes, finally SPM is all offically over for me!! Woohoo!!! (actually its already over ever since physics is over.. XP) but seriously.. this feeling is just great!! No one calling me to study or do things which i dont want ever again! 8D It really is freedom!! YES!!

Tons of my seniors even my bro and sis told me that, after SPM you will have nothing to do and you will feel most of the time bored.. And honestly, i understand what they mean now.. If you dont have plans, then your just going to be plain bored for 3 months.. So i have to find things to cure bored-ness!

One of the things to cure bore-ness is to play pokemon cards! XD Although is chilidish but seriously.. its freaking nice.. as in FREAKING nice!! Only when you play with your friends la of course. XD I invite KCY, WeiSoong, LenPing and ZhiYuen to my play and play pokemon. Totally awesome.. it feels like childhood again!! You think pokemon card is not Chee Gek ah!? Damm Chee Gek okay!! XD

Another thing is to play online game. Online game burns tons and tons of time. So guess what online game im playing?? XP Its the all, one and only, Maplestory!! D8 Yeah, im playing maple story again. A few reason. One is, tons of my friends are playing. Two, theres a new combo job called Aran. Three, Im bored. So yeah, maple it is!! XD (find me if you like to.)

This is Aran!!

Third is to organise outing to movie or basketball. Seriously, i havent been touching basketball for like almost 1 year! Its time to get back my pro-ness again!! XD I'll organise basketball practises every morning.. (yeah dunno why after spm is still can wake up early.) Outing?? Well, im actually waiting for ppl to invite me.. XP

My guitar is still dead. The string broke again.. and i need to buy a new one again.. ish.. mafan.. I need to play guitar la!! Its like the most important source to keep me out from bore-ness! Oh ya, Im going to back to band jamming again!! XD Me, Tarvin, Vania and Benjamin. Hope this time we will be better than last time. XP But first, i really need to repair my guitar or should i buy a new guitar? o.O

This one should do already la! XD

Im still in love with YUI's voice.. and that will never change!! 8D Whenever i play maple, i will always open YUI's music and play!! her voice is still sooooo amazing! Thou i notice some songs of hers are not really that nice but overall its still NICE!! Nothing can change YUI is my number 1 guitarist inspiration! X)
Yay, YUI!!! XD

I suddenly IN to All American Rejects all in the sudden. XP But still only for a few song of theirs Eg. Gives You Hell, Move Along, I Wanna, Dirty little Secret and etc.. Nothing much.. the best song i like about theirs is Move Along. That song is just soooo meaningful!! X)

Move Along, Move Along just to make it through.

Oh speaking of Movies, i just watch New Moon with WeiSoong, Megan and Rachel. I find the movie awesome.. especially cinematic graphics scene, where the vampire speed up or when the humans turn into werevolves. I think vampire sucks and werevolves rocks! XD They are stronger, better, faster and cooler!! I love it when they just turn into werevolves! Totally excites the movie!! If only i can control their anger, i dun mind being one myself! XD (i think..)

The Movie totally rocks..

See what i mean about Werevolves. XP

So much for movie.. i guess thats all i've been doing lately.. i get more updates real soon! XD Anyone wanna go gai gai?? Cause im really really bored..

I'll pull away your dark clouds and build you my own sky~ X)