Saturday, November 28, 2009


SPM is still on running.. and yeah i havent be really updating my blog these days or should i say i shouldnt be updating my blog these days. XP

People FIGHT for another 9 more days then everything is all over already!! XD FIGHT-TO!!

SPM is still on running and im still slacking.. the exams is like no feel.. but i think, i did pretty well for some exams papers like english, moral, mod-maths and bm itself. But after accounts.. all are my dead meat subjects.. argh!! I hope i did well to least get a Credit or at best a B well do. XP

Spending time studying with friend is way more effective for me i think.. I've been spending tiem studying with KCY and WeiSoong around the corner.. Some time Zerhann and Zhao Yang will come by and join along.. I find it.. FUN! XD (Thou, we talk more than we study sometimes. XP)

Elroy recommanded an AWESOME card game to play!! XD If you love playing Yu-Gi-Oh. You definately LOVE this game!! XD

Bookmark it to your facebook and play!! Simple as that! XD If you have facebook u dont need make and account at all. Thus, you can link it to facebook and play! XP Its just and cool and simple card game only la..

Everybody seem to be saying this.. "I cant wait for spm to be over". Of course, as a normal i would say the same as well.. Ahhhh.. some many things that we can do after that.. i can smell freedom!! XD Woohooo~

Remember to stay tune on fly fm. Everyday!!! From 8~10pm!! I will on it to demand any of your songs that you wanna hear. Any!! (i doing most problally every thursday) XD I might call anyone of you for your song demand. XP I doing just for FUN call me lifeless if you want!

Btw, to all Taylor Swift fans. Taylor will be work as a DJ today on American top 40 from 7pm~12pm (not sure the timing) for just today only!! (sunday) if you wanna her gossip about her relationship and comments about other musical star and you better listen to fly fm tonight!

These days i have been hurting someone alot.. and you know what.. Im very very sorry but thats really nothing i can do.. basicly nothing.. if you were in my shoes.. what will you do?? You think your the only who is crying at home meh??

STRSSS at the same time SLACKING... ARGH!!! Fast fast over la!!