Friday, November 13, 2009

Jump then Fall

Yeap, that the new Taylor Swift song name!! Only available in Fearless Platinum edition!! Weeeheeee~ Wanna hear more of her songs?? Go buy the freaking album!! (if only its out in malaysia)

The song is soooo into me now!! Usually Taylor will sing those song which usually girls can only sing, Example.. Love Story, You Belong with Me, Picture to Burn, White Horse.. etc... Most of her songs are about dudes.. Well "Jump and Fall" is different!! The song is more of a guy song for a girl. Simple love this kind of song..

Taylor Swift won CMA best entertainer award!! Wooohoooo!!! Sooo happy for her! X) Proud to be her friend in Youtube.. (its a very very minor friend but who cares!!) She deserves the award man.. X)

You all have been wondering.. Is Taylor Swift dating the werewolve in new moon?? My answer is yes.. most problally.. Am i angry? No im not.. no way man~ XD (lier, lier, pants on fire)

Study fark la!!! Stupid SPM..