Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Miss Kingdom Hearts (><)

Kingdom Hearts

Is been a while ever since i last played KingdomHearts. I kinda started to miss KingdomHearts game. Ever since my PS2 broke down i have been playing my PS1 the hole day!! Sobs.. i need a PS2.. A lousy one, a cacat one, big, small i just need one that can work and play! Today i was digging my drawer for my PS1 disc. Then i found my KingdomHearts 1 disc!!! XD

KingdomHearts is the best game i ever played in PS2! I love KingdomHearts!! Thank to SquareEnix fro creating such a wonderful climatic game! XD I played KingdomHeart ever since standart 6 until now! Sobz.. my first time playing KingdomHearts was suxy.. D8


Opps i cant help it! I gonna Spam KingdomHearts picture again!! XD

Kingdom Hearst 1 FinalMix

KingdomHearts Chain of Memories

KingdomHearts 2

KingdomHearts 2 FinalMix+

Sobs.. seeing this picture making me think back last times i used to play PS2.. Sobs.. CAN ANY ONE LEND ME A PS2!!! I wanna play KingdomHearts AGAIN!!

Cloner!! D8

Yesterday night i found there was this cloner in my MSN. A fren of mine Gloria was the victim. I found out there were 2 "Glowee" (Gloria display name) names in my MSN! Both of the MSN messengers have same display names, same personal messege and also same pictures! D8

I was pretty funny but shocking as well. Was Gloria stalked? Mayb she was too cute until some one is willing to grab her picture. XD I hope someone really goes and chat with the cloner(the other Gloria). I wonder what will the cloner answer? Who knws? Mayb your chating with the cloner right now? Mayb i have chated with the cloner! D8

And mayb who knws, you mayb the next victim? XD

Today's Wednesday

I woke up around 10.30am in the morning. That time was concider late already! My dad was home from work adi then he asked me what time did i wake up. Usually i will wake up like 8.00am like that, but today was far beyond the usual time. My dad understand my condition being "school sick", he problely could sense that i hav some one i like in school. (but actually i dun hav one) His my dad, i could understand my age and condition right now.. Haha! XD

After that my dad call me to do some sports outside the house. While i was walking out from the house, I saw Jasperboy shaking its talling infront of me. He was so freaking cute it makes me wanna pat him on the head!! So i decided to take it out for a walk. Waaaa.. freah air at last.. Its been a while ever since it step outdoors. I went and visit the basketball court near my house. No one was there playing basketball and Jasperboy was only sniffing all the way. Guess i was the only weirdo sitting on the swing talking to my dog. I talk to Jasperboy and asked him :"why arent you a real person. I wonder how will you look like if yur a real person. Problely handsome or cute like right now." But the Jasperboy was still sniffing and poop all the way. Guess my weird attitude has being to act again.

I went home and dad wasnt at home any more. Problely we went out and go lift something home. Man his sure a busy guy.. Then u open my PS1 and started playing FF7. I played for the past 3 hours. The time that i stop playing was around 1pm like that adi. So is time for lunch problely what i say breakfast. Done eating and then head to the bed. After a few minute lying down on the bed, my basketball fren ShiChao (we call him Chao for short) asked if he can come to my house to watch a movie. I dun mind at all, i was kinda boring that time. He say that he will becoming around 3pm. That will be 2hours of waiting.

While waiting i decided to go check out my blog. I started update a few blog then suddenly.. Gloria appears to be online! XD I was so happy that i could at least find some one to chat! Lucky she didnt went for the Genting trip which was organise by my school. Both of us chat a lot and also perasaan-ing a lot too!(^^) But then time goes by so quick while were chating, Chao appears to be infront of my house adi. I was decided to change to my laptop which is downstair so i can watch movie and continue chating with Gloria. But too bad my sis was busy updated her freaking long blog. So i guess i wont be chating with Gloria any more.

About the movie me and Chao decide to watch this super cool movie called "Shoot'em Up". This is a super cool block buster movie, sexy horny movie, gangsterism movie and also funny movie. I abt this guy which is a assasin found a pregent lady hunted by a group of bad people. This guy was called Smith. Smith manage to save this pregent lady and the baby inside for her. But the lady was shot after the baby was born. Smith must try to protect the baby from being killed by the others. So that is problely the main point of the story. (Im kinda lazy finding for pictures right now so i will not be posting any pictures abt this movie.)

After watching the movie, me and Chao went out to the basketball court which is near my house. Well is time to try the new shoes again. I been wearing the new shoes for 4 times including the first time i wear for basketball training. Im kinda get used to the basketball shoes adi but still i will get tired faster than the usual. After basketball training is tieme to go home.. Once i reach home the first i do was open the PS1 and continue my FF7 adventure. After playing until at nigth 10.03pm i stop when i finish the second disc of the game. My dad came back from his night work and we have supper whichc is "Chao Ying Yong"(in cantonese)

After eating supper this blog was created. Fuh..that all for today. It was kinda boring cos most of my frens where having fun in Genting. And some of my other frens from sunday school are just problely sleeping right now since the time tht i update this blog which is 11.19pm. Or even some of them are looking at this blog right now! XD End of today's wednesday guess i have to wait till tomolo for my next fun.


Mungkin Nanti -PeterPan-

As i said from my last blog. Okay to make u all to refresh yur mind let me tell you all again. If yur lazy you can skip this part or even skip this blog and see the last blog title "Maybe Some Day" to knw more. I have uploaded this new song called "Mungkin Nanti" a Malay song but this song has actually something connected to my condition right now. And i started to LOVE this song! XD

I was boring and dunno what to upload for my blog so i post out the lyrics of Mungkin Nanti. You can see and sing along while yur watching my blog. It is the first song in my imeem. Hope u all enjoy! (^^)

Mungkin Nanti -PeterPan-

Saatnya ku berkata mungkin yang terakhir kalinya
Sudahlah lepaskan semua kuyakin inilah waktunya
Mungkin saja kau bukan yang dulu lagi
Mungkin saja rasa itu telah pergi

Dan mungkin bila nanti kita kan bertemu lagi
Satu pintaku jangan kau coba tanyakan kembali
Rasa yang kutinggal mati
Seperti hari kemarin saat semua disini
Dan bila hatimu termenung bangun dari mimpi2mu
Membuka hatimu yang dulu cerita saat bersamaku
Mungkin saja kau bukan yang dulu lagi
Mungkin saja rasa itu telah pergi
Dan mungkin bila nanti kita kan bertemu lagi
Satu pintaku jangan kau coba tanyakan kembali
Rasa yang kutinggal mati
Seperti hari kemarin saat semua disini
Tak usah kau tanyakan lagi simpan untukmu sendiri
Semua sesal yang kau cari semua rasa yang kau beri
Hope you all enjoyed the song. Till in next time! Tata! XD

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Maybe Some Day..

Finally i get to slide on my bed for the past 10hours! Okay thats means i been sleeping for10hours! Pretty long huh? Then today i woke up in the morning and look around.. Seems that im all alone at home. This brings back memories when i was form 1 and 2. The same seroundings for the past 2 years. It was a No No for school days adi. Means i have to stay at home for the past 1+ month.

I was so freaking boring and tired i have to try and sleep again! But too bad the sleeping time is all over. Dad came back once i was awake. That was like around 10.30am!! Dad asked me what did i did this morning. I answer him very straight forwardly: "Sleeping.." Dad understand me, he called me take a walk outside the house so i can freshen up myself. I saw Jasperboy was super lazy. (lazy dog..) So i pulled him out from the house and jog with me.

Waa...fresh air in the morning.. I think even Jasper enjoy the air in the morning cos his sniffing around the hole morning. My weird attitude started to act again.. I begin talking to Jasperboy! Dogs dont talk! But i was so freaking lonely until i start to acr freaking weirdly also. I was wondering how do Jasperboy look like of his a HUMAN! XD Thats what i have been day dreaming the hole morning, the human looking of Jasperboy. (Note: Jasperboy is my doggie.)

Okay back to the main thing of this blog is.

I have uploaded a new song in B.M. which is called "Mungkin Nanti" from the singer called "PeterPan". The song is actually the main blog for my blog.(^^) After hearing this song i begin i felt diffrentily. Mayb this song have some connecting with my condition now. (even knw the song is in B.M.) I started to like this song! The song rocks! So i put the title of this blog Maybe Some Day almost the same meaning like the song. XD

I dun really have much things to write in this blog but..


You must have been thinking is mind right now what is my relation ship with this girl. Well i can tell you we are GOODY FRIENDS! If wanna think of something else abt me and her go a head but dun tell me or i will crush you became a roti canai! XD And also never insult her that shes short or else SHE will smack you like a slaping bag. XD All i can describe abt her that she SUPER friendly. Porblely a good girlfren of mine la. I shall always put her in mind right now. (Im not flurting around!) Once i blow the whisle i will think posting MaskedRider post infront of her! (Now that is just lame..)

Huh? Yur asking me abt my other frens? (actually you didnt) My schoolfrens are problely in Genting having fun and NOT think abt me. My sunday school frens are hang around or even staring at my blog now with their funny faces. But im leaving sunday school also already..

Well that all abt this blog! Mayb some day i will see all my frens again! XD Tata!

Thank You! Arigato!

Thank you lord Buddha for keeping my family safety..
Thank you lord Buddha for keeping all my frens and family happy..
Thank you lord Buddha for keeping me out from danger..
Thank you lord Buddha for the food and money tht you have allow us to have..

Thank you Father for taking care the hole family..
Thank you Father for keeping our family safety..
Thank you Father for understanding me..
Thank you Father giving me money daily..
Thank you Father for giving me freedom.
Thank you Mother for take care of me ever since im young..
Thank you Mother for scolding me..
Thank you Mother for teaching me..

Thank you Brother for understanding me..
Thank you Borther for letting me play your computer..
Thank you Brother for every thing you have me..
Thank you Brother for making me realise..
Thank you Sister for understanding me..
Thank you Sister for stay beside me all the time..
Thank you Sister for giving me confidence..
Thank you Jasper for taking care of the house..

Arigato JustinLee for belanja-ing me every time..
Arigato JustinLee for teman-ing me most of the time..
Arigato DarrenNg for talking to me..
Arigato DarrenNg for lending me your MP3..
Arigato YTL for protecting me..
Arigato YTL for helping me out..
Arigato LenPing for helping me out..
Arigato KayJun for helping me out..
Arigato JunJie for sharing KingdomHearts info with me..
Arigato ZhiHerng for helping me in Dota..
Arigato Si Jun for sharing anime stuffs with me..
Arigato John Wong for understanding me..
Arigato SuiLun for being such a good friend..
Arigato Nicholas for being my number one fan..
Arigato MunPing for playing facebook with me..
Arigato MunWai for camera-ing stuffs for me..
Arigato HeoChong for sharing anime stuffs with me..
Arigato KhaiSern for sharing KamenRider stuffs with me..
Arigato GeraldUng for being an old friend..
Arigato AlexLai for entertaining the class..
Arigato WeiSoong for teaching me studies..
Arigato MinYap for sharing other stuffs with me..
Arigato ShaunCheng for sharing pokemon stuffs with me..
Arigato WenJun for being such a nice friend..
Arigato JitPian for joking around with me..
Arigato Daniel for lending me you PS games..
Arigato Vincent for bullying me..

Arigato KaiShin for being an old friend..
Arigato GloriaChan for being a nice friend..
Arigato JinHwei for letting me be you pet bro..
Arigato XinWei for being monkey-lish..
Arigato YiXuan for chat along with me..
Arigato HuiEe for lending me your racket..
Arigato JasmineGan for be a good friend..
Arigato PeiYin for cheering for Tissa..
Arigato SueSan for being such a nice girl..
Arigato SienDee for keeping my bone..
Arigato YanLeng for being a good friend..
Arigato XinYi for being perasaan..
Arigato SuWei for saying "hi" to me..
Arigato ShuNing for teman-ing me while duties..
Arigato LynnKam for concerning me..
Arigato SeeHui for letting me pet you..
Arigato AudreyTan for being an old friend..
Arigato Angela for being an old friend..
Arigato PorLing for being childlish..
Arigato SuQi for being an old friend..
Arigato J-Yee for sending food to me..
Arigato YuenChing for joking around..


Monday, October 29, 2007

Final School Day 2007

Finally! School Days hav finally ended! Even knw in School i get to see my fellow friends, but still most of them still wanted to have the same thing also. Actually i was suppose to go to school today, but since i have already passed up the class form thingy i mind as well just skip it! Okay back to the main point. My final school day for 2007 story..

Okay as usually woke up in the morning, do things there are suppose to do in the morning and then head to school. Early in the morning entered school i saw LenPing and KayJun talking to each other and i started to join it too! Then after a few minutes later, people started to reach school. I saw Gloria then i approach to her and let her hit my hand. The reason is because i kinda pissed her off on a day. OUCH! She hit darn hard! I regret agreeing her to hit my hand. After tht as usual, enter the hall and gather around. We passed up our forms and then begin our boring day again.. But that day was something speacial! It was some kind of sports day! Well of course is only for form 3! Thing are started to get intresting cos that day luckily i brought my PJK shirt! WoooHooo! XD

But the sport that they are having for that day is FootBall, VolleyBall and NetBall. Im a "kaki bangku" so i dun reli knw how to play FootBall. Even knw i knw how to ply BasketBall doesnt really mean i knw how to ply VolleyBall, is two diffrent kinds of thing. And im not a girl so of course i wont be plying Netball. Arhh!!! Fate is not with me!! Luckily Justin came and we talk abt our camp thingy. Even knw is kinda boring and brain storming but at least i get to make myself busy. After that i started get out from the hall and observe the sports.

While observing i found something rarely to be seen.. JinHwei is wearing PJK cloths! I thought that she was those kind of girls tht stay indoor and dun really do sports. Looks likes my guess is wrong. Then i saw MOST of my frens plying VolleyBall, it was kinda fun and funny.(^^) So i decided to change my cloths and keep myself playing Volleyball. But too bad they dun allow me to join in.. sob.. all my changing for nothing. After sitting along for a few minutes, i decided to find some one to chat. Some one like Gloria or YiXuan or XinWei. But then i just notice..ALL OF THEM ARE GONE!! Then i started to ask KayJun where have they been. KayJun told me that they went some where outside the school. Crap..

Then i saw poeple plying badminton in the hall so i decided to play along with them. But i dun have a racket. I remember that a fren of mine HuiEe brought a racket and most important she is still in School. So i decided to ask her cousin WuiTing to borrow me her racket. Gladly I manage to get myself a racket an begin playing badminton, at least i get myself something to do. After hitting and smashing a few time, I begining noticing tht the string of the racket just BROKEN! I asked WuiTeng what if i break the racket string. WuiTing told me that i would be in big trouble.. OMG..Things are begin to be scary. What will HuiEe do to me? Kill me? Chop me? Smack me? But still Im the one who broke the string, I should go and admit it.

I told HuiEe that i broke her racket string. At first she was shocked and then she begin to calm down and forgive me. She told me that is nothing but she will get srcewed by her father! OMG! I begin to feel bad for her..I get scolded cos of me..Sob... Looks like the luck of the day is 1 out of 10. I saw JinHwei sitting alone some where near the VolleyBall arena. So i decided to kacau her a bit. I poke her, then she begin to get piss off. I was scared with the looks of her eyes. But then luckily she didnt make a single move like hit me or poke me back or something. Then we two started to chat along.

LiAnn and Jasmine was sitting not far away from JinHwei. So i mind as well chat along. There was the volleyball prize beside Jasmine, so i tooked the trophy and started to make funny speech. Then back to JinHwei and we two continue talking.. Suddenly SukTing (SukMunn's sister) asked me to help her out wif the point. So i started recording the points and get myself a wisel. I was so freaking busy talking to JinHwei and busy recording the point. Finally then game ends so i thought i get to talk with JinHwei, but then the time is running out. Is almost after school. So i quickly packed my stuff and go out.

Suddenly.. GLORIA IS BACK!! Yeah at least i get to talk to her a bit. Then KhaiSern, YiXuan and XinWei as there too! So i started wiseling to them. They dun reli understand what im wiseling abt but it sure is funny. XinWei says that wisel brings back memories abt the Digimon first movie. (watch it and yur understand why) I continue letting Gloria wacking me. The long she wack, the more pain i'll get. So i trying to get free of myself by plying scizzor, paper,stone. But end up she wack me more then i hit her. I told Gloria it was my last day. She took out a phone and take a picture of me and her. At least that a good memory picture for me!(^^)

At first i was hoping that time go faster on that day..But then after leaving the School, talking to Gloria, JinHwei and my other frens..I started to think why time runs so fast? I regret wishing for that.. I will miss every single one of my fren specialily JinHwei and Gloria. (cos we dont really see each other that much.) They shall always remains in my heart, forever..

The finally thing that i could get back from the school is the wisel. Every time i blow the wisel i shall always remember of ALL of you. I'll see you again Cookies!


Sunday, October 28, 2007


After a while i begin to be seriously boring. I dun wanna end my special day just like tht! So i decided to make another blog to try to cheer me up. Mayb this would help.. Okay there was a post in my blog also called "Questions". So heres the part 2 of it. Just some question to cheer me up a bit la.(^^)

1.Do you think you act like a monkey?
-Yes, i always do stupid things like monkey does.

2.Do u ever lie to you friends abt love relationship.
-Never!! Im very serious towards love things.

3.What will to do to make a person forgive you.
-Try to let her do something towards me la. Like draw my hand or hit me.

4. Will you ever slap a girl?
-Depends on how much i hated her.

5.Did you ever stare at girl chest?
-I try to some times if the girl chest are HUGE but mostly are just accidentily.

6.What will you do if there is no electricity?
-Wait for it to repair or get out from the house.

7.What if there is no electricity at night?
-Light some candle and chat wif my family.

8.What do you talk wif you sister usually?
-Anything as long as its something intresting.

9.Do you believe in Taro cards?
-To tell you the truth i do!

10.What do you sister like to do towards you?
-Hit me on the head.

11.What do you usually talk wif you brother?
-Anything as long is not abt love and horny stuff.

12.What similiarity do u think u have with your brother?
-Erm..both of us are tall?

13.What similiarity do u think u have with your sister?
-Chubby faces i think..

14.What similiarity do u think u have with your mother?
-Love to talk a lot!

15.What similiarity do u think u have with your father?
-Love to joke around!

16.Do you concern of other people?
-Yes even knw i dun knw that person.

17.Do you wanna grow taller?
-Not really but i wanna grow more mature!

18.Are you very emotional?
-I dun think I am but theres what other people think.

19.Who do you past yur precious thing to help u keep it?
-My best frens or my close frens or my pet sis/bro

20.What do u like to stare in the nature?
-The sky..

21.What do u hate to stare in the nature?
-The dirty waters

22.Do u you like bathing?
-Yes, espeacially after something sweaty

23.Do you think studying is fun?
-Not really.. depends of the subject that im studying

24.Do u like to walk home?
-Yes, it counts as exercising!

25.What would u say if u saw a people u like to chat wif online?

26.Do you share things with your brother?
-Yes! Shirt, pants, gel cream, etc...

27.Do you share things with your sister?
-Some calculator, pens, etc..

28.Do you like playing computer games?
-Not really..there arent really nice games in computer.

29.Do you like playing online games?
-Not really also.. Sooner or later i will felt bored with it.

30.Do you like playing PS 1/2 games?
-YES!! there are lots of games i can play with.

31.Whats your fav colour?
-Black joined with Silver (not mix)

32.Do u like watching Cantonese series?
-Yup, mostly cantonese series are funny.

33.Do u like watching Cantonese movies?
-Yup, as long as is not horror movie and those boring movies.

34.Are you lame?
-I think i am..for some time..

35.Do you day dream a lot?
-YES! i dream lots of weird things

36.Do u like seeing people suffer?
-Hell No!! I will felt hurt too..

37.If some one laugh will you follow?
-yes, and its also depends the reason that he laughs

38.If some one cry will you follow?
-nope, but i will try to make her stop crying

39.If some one is emo what will you do?
-Follow her/him EMO!

40.If you saw yur girlfren with some one else on a bed wht will you do?
-I will dump her before her dumps me!

41.What if the person she sleep is a GIRL?
-I will dump her faster!

42.Do you think your a anime freak?
-Nope, i dun really watch anime.

43.What will you do if one of yur frens died?
-I will cry..seriously!!

44.Do u knw how to take a LRT?
-Of course i do! Im 15 u knw!

45.What if yur fren (boy) slept wif yur girlfren?
-I kick his ass!! and dump the girl no matter what!

46.What if yur fren (boy) slept wif a GUY?
-I will not make frens with him any more!

47.Do you like gay fella touching you?
-Hell no!! I feel very uncomfertable.

48.What if you want to have sex wif you girl?
-Depends if she wants or not.

49.What if she says yes?
-To tell you the truth..I will go for it!

50.How high will you rate yur blog?
-5 out of 5! HAHA!

Hope you all enjoy the blog! TATA!!

Favourite Songs

I was still bored thought out the hole day so i decided to make this boring blog abt my favourite songs. All kinds of songs like chinese, bahasa melayu, japanese, etc.. Just to let you all knw more abt me only! If yur not intrested or just feel it very boring, u can just skip this blog.

Chinese Songs:
Fast Songs: Wu-Haa!(Tang Wei Puo) , J's Mission(Jolin Tsai), Shake it Shake it (Hei Se Hui MeiMei), Fang Tian (Ha Bi Wa Wa), Ma De Ling (Jolin Tsai)
Slow Songs: Melody (chinese version), Mu Tou Ren (Hei Se Hui MeiMei)
Emo Songs: Zhuan Shi Tian Shi (Tank), Ni Bu Zhai (Wang Li Hong)
Rap Songs: Huo Yuan Jia (Jay Chao), Zhong Guo Hua (S.H.E.)

Malay Songs:
Fast Songs: Api Di dalam Hati
Slow Songs: Melody
Emo Songs: Peter Pan

English Songs:
Fast Songs: Still Waiting, Thank For the Memories, All for One
Slow Songs: It Ends Tonight, Bet on it , Simple and Clean, ShiningFriends
Emo Songs: Pictures of You, Brahma of my Heart
Techno Songs: God is a Girl (techno style), Terikayi Boys
Rap Songs: Stronger, Feel Good Inc

Japanese Songs:
Fast Songs: Climax Jump, Lord of the Speed, D-Techno Life
Slow Songs: Sunny Side up, Biggest Dream
Emo Songs: First Love, Hikari
Techno Songs: Intial D-Night of Fire, Intial D-Dog Fight

Once u look above u all should knw that i only really hear Japanese, English Songs and Chinese Songs. Of course there are more songs but these are the songs that im had in mind right now. So the other we will just leave it a side la.(^^)

Today's Sunday

Sunday School day.. But today was a pretty special day in SundaySchool! Kathina Day!(^^) Kathina is something like a monk's birthday , of course there are so many monks of course not in a same birthday la. It just tht today the monks get to receive presents! For each of every one of us!!(^^) Its a pretty special birthday to recieve more than 200 presents!(^^)

Okay the hole sunday school thingy was pretty boring.. Just that there is a part there me and another 2 frens of mine was helping the monks to put the present they receive a side. It was SUPER boring tht time even knw there are 2 frens there. Is been a while that i didnt go Puja (blessing time) but today i was force to enter the hall and take Puja! Haiz..Thats why i said that my today was super boring!

But after the SundaySchool thingy , me, Justin, MunWai, Charmaine and SueSan get to go to John's house. Well because we have to settle a little bit things in his house is also a very good time to take a look around. OMG!! I didnt knw that John has 3 houses until today!! One was the house that he live in. The other one i dun really knw abt it. But the Last house which is the one that we all are going. Wow! SUPER BIG!! Crap that house is for Tadika Kids!! And we are going to dicuss our things there!! Man there is seriously more than 10 toilets in the house!(^^) And of course there will still be some others rooms. Damm his house has 7 computers! Every one of us get to play DOTA but was actually what we plan...We end up not even playing a single game of DOTA..(=.=) His house even hav swiming pool even its not really that big. After exploring the house we get some idea from doing this and there in his house. We begin our dicussion in the Computer room.

Then after discussing the things for our Backsitterz Camp we decided to talk a rest. So John told us abt the basketball court near by. I was Super Alert once i heard that there is a basketball court. SueSan invited me for a basketball challenge which is rarely girl do. So every one of us head to the BasketBall court! Soon we arrive at our destination. I quickly started playing basketball and of course challenge SueSan too. I thought that SueSan was going to challenge me in a basketball game of something like that la. But we end up challenge each other shooting balls only.(=.=) After that every body take a rest and i was continue-ing playing. I begin to think abt the past things..i started being emo. So i started shooting basketballs to release my anger and emotion abt the past. I was trying exceed my usually limit. As the long i begin shooting balls the faster it will be tired. I was pissed after tiring myself in my mind was all the past things. I dun think that the others notice that i was emo that time..

Before going back to John's house we decided to take a look at the mamak stall near by to get some drinks. While we were sitting down and drink out stuffs , my mom suddenly called John's phone (cos i dun reli have a phone.) She was so angry and she called me to go home NOW!Cos i told her tht i was going home around 3.30pm like tht. That time it was around 4.49pm like that already. So i was decided to rush home quickly without getting screwed by my mom.

Me, Justin and Charmaine sit the train to KL central. And then we all got spit up after that. I took the train to TamanBahagian. And quickly entered my mom's car. I was lucky that i didnt got screwed by my mom. But it was worst i got DRILLED by my mom. No choice after knwing her for so many years Im kinda used to it already.

Every thing today end up BORINGLY!! Even knw lots of thing happend. But still think that today was much boring than the usually sunday school. I just wish that my day could be better tomorrow in my normal school.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Light and Darkness..

Where there is a Light..
There will always be a Darkness inside it..
Where there is a Darkness..
There will always be a Light inside it..
What im trying to say above is.. No matter how good you are there will still something bad abt you. No matter how evil you are there will still be a little kind side of you. No matter how smart you are there will still be things that you do not knw. No matter how happy you are there will always a sad times before. No one is 100% prefect in this world.

If your sad.. that will only take a moment.. Sooner or later u will get back you happy self!(^^)
Time will tell and Fate will be the answer to every thing. The most important thing is dun keep those things inside you self. Express it out to any one u knw. Unleash it and you will feel much better.(^^)

I'll See You Again Cookies!(^^)

I went to school AGAIN.. But this time is nthing to do with having fun or something else la. Today I have to go to pick what class will I have to go next year. But today was so much boring then orginal school days. I mean is like SUPER boring!

Early in the morning i do things that i do in the morning and set off to school! When i reach school thought that i could just pick the classes that we want and then do other things adi. But NO!!!! We have to sit down there and listen listen listen..listen..listen..*yawns*..listen..listen..liste..lis..listen..lis..zzz *woke back up* Ya something like that! Like other people does , when they get boring they will begin talking. I talking and discussing with Justin abt our Camp thingy. The stupid teacher suddenly just call me to stand up and answer some thing la. As usual if u didnt listen you wont know anything. So i just stand there quietly.. It was embrassing and PISSED as well.

*You cant blame us for not listening to your CRAPS but is just that the thing u teachers are talking abt is just BORING! If u you find something else to entertain us that will sound so much diffrent! If not just go back to yur office and ZIP UP your mouths like one others business!* that was what im thinking in mind.. Im justing writing it out here to unleash my anger! Gr...

Well after that i go call up my father to come and fetch me. So i was time to say good bye.. Sob.. Well of course this is not the last day! The last day of ME will be on Monday. Which im going back to school AGAIN! Arh!!

I'll See you again Cookies:
  1. -Darren Ng
  2. -LenPing
  3. -WeiSoong
  4. -NicholasChin
  5. -AlexLai
  6. -XianYao
  7. -Sharma
  8. -ShaunCheng
  9. -Edwin
  10. -EngKeat
  11. -JitPian
  12. -KayJun
  13. -KhaiSern
  14. -SiJun
  15. -ZhiHerng
  16. -HoeChong
  17. -Nathenal
  18. -KhaiChun
  19. -JingWei
  20. -Timothy
  21. -AndrewTan
  22. -MingYap
  23. -Dinesh
  24. -JiaEu
  25. -Joel
  26. -ZerHann
  27. -Tarvin
  28. -KimYang
  29. -Gerald
  30. -VincentTan
  31. -Jeremier
  32. -JonathanNg
  33. -Bryan
  34. -NicholasTan
  35. -YapTianLoong
  36. -Daniel

  1. -GloriaChan
  2. -JinHwei
  3. -ShuNing
  4. -YiXuan
  5. -XinWei
  6. -HuiEe
  7. -SukMun
  8. -PorLing
  9. -HuiYing
  10. -RachealTan
  11. -QiaoXin
  12. -TzeHui
  13. -SuetYi
  14. -LiAnn
  15. -SuWei
  16. -KahYing
  17. -HuiQian
  18. -SeeHui
  19. -Iris
  20. -HuiShan
  21. -J-Yee
  22. -Lilian
  23. -RachealYong
  24. -SuQi
  25. -ChaoEn
  26. -JasmineGan
  27. -AudreyTan
  28. -Candise
  29. -Angela
  30. -Michelle
  31. -Karman
  32. -BohYing
  33. -EeMin

YuMing: I'll see you all again cookies!*sob..*

Others: You have to come back to school this monday la.*giggling*

YuMing: Serious!? Im home cookies!*talked gayly*

Others: Run Away!!

YuMing: Wait a second! Thank you watching Mingz blogspot! Wait up guys!

Others: HELL NO!!

Sephiroth versus MICKEY MOUSE!?

Okay me and my fren Daniel was watching abt FinalFantasy VII things but end up we found some thing extremly stupid. That is MickeyMouse (the main character in WaltDisney channel) versus Sephiroth (the final boss for FFVII). Both of us laugh like crazy fellas , we think the show is seriosuly STUPID. Hope u all enjoy it.

How do u find the movie? Comments please... Well this video is only funny if yur a KingdomHearts gamer! HAHA! XD

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Yesterday's Thursday~(2)-part 2

This is part two. If u all wanna knw what happenf before plss, go a little bit lower down on. There will be a part 1 of this hole story. Thank You

Okay now continue wif yesterday's thursday. Okay The second week of thursday gain which means is DUTY time!! Of course not my duty is the librians duty. Im just staying back and kacau or find some one to chat wid. The people who are staying back are: Gloria , ShuNing , JinHwei , KhaiSern and KayJun? KayJun was actually not in school , but then he suddenly show up on librians duty! Mayb his up to some thing...

Okay as usually duty time we have to wait for the teacher to go off and we can have fun then. Before we waited for the teacher to go off me and the others are talking abt some ghost thingy. We can be actually very noisy but then this time every body is very very quiet.. I think every body was pretty scared. Then KhaiSern was trying to tell JinHwei a joke ghost story from GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka) Well after we told JinHwei the hole story.. She wasnt laughing! Thats just weird! She usually laugh when she takes a joke even the joke it only a small matter of thing!


You might think that i just written something wrong about. Wierd is suppose to be Weird. Why did i spell it wrong? Cos JinHwei spell that to me. There was once i felled very very bored. So i use my finger and snap her finger. It wasnt really that hard but she felt pain. Like i say JinHwei is weird.. Then she was kinda angry of me. So i was trying to find something to make her happy again. So i let her draw or write anything on my hand as a punishment. She accept it and write "YuMing is Wierd" right on my hand. KhaiSern was just beside her so he notice that the weird word was wrong. Then we started to laugh again. Now i just knw that JinHwei doesnt knw how to write weird! HAHA XD! Actually is a very normal thing ppl makes mistake u knw... (NOTE: Im not really saying bad abt her ok!)

Okay after that we saw KayJun and Gloria walking back TOGETHER! Is like almost the hole day She was wif KayJun. Is KayJun and Gloria become couples again!? That was just my guess but who knws? Mayb one day they will be couples again!? (NOTE: Im not jealous of them okay!)

Well today i actually talk the most abt myself. Of course not just myself. I talked abt my DOGGIE too! XD Jin Hwei and the others dont really knw that i have a doggie. So i told the hole story abt my doggie (his name was Jasper). My family usually call him per per boy. Sound a little bit funny huh? Its a male a very fierce male doggie. This a 5 years old. BOD is 5October.


After duty i phone my dad i ask him to come fetch me but then he was busy so i have no choice but i have to walk home then. As the same time JinHwei was walking home too! So i mind as well teman her walk home. I do a lot of chating and laughing along the way. Then we also talk abt what happend last time. Then she ask me a question that i currently cant remember it. She ask me how did i meet and know her.

To JinHwei if your looking:
I currently cant remember who did i meet u but still i have good memory i will remember it soon! I will tell u if i remember la. XD

To Gloria if your looking:
Why so EMO that day?

To all the reader:
Thank you for reading! hope u all enjoy it! XD

Yesterday's Thurdays~(2)-part 1

Okay yesterday it was a SUPER speacial day for me. After PMR i was decided to not go to school but den.. RARELY yesterday i went! Wow...The rare species MIngz have finally step in to the school gate again..(=.=)

Early in the morning my dad call me to wake up. I look at the time and i was 6.30am. I told my dad that it was still early la.. My dad knock me (gently) on the head and remind me that today i got school! Im eyes quickly open up and begin to do wat usually ppl do when they wake up. After i wear my uniform i felt lots of diffrent things compare to the days tat im at home. I have to tight in my shirt! Which is a very suxy thing to do.. I dun reli like tighting in cloths! Grrrr.... Another diffrent thing is i have to carry a freaking bag!! In the holidays i didnt even touch my bag at all! But today i have to carry the freaking bag! But no worries the bag is pretty small!(^^)

All right time to go to school. Every was very happy to see me. Lots of hand shaking and lots of backslaping. I was expected that my class will have lots of empty space(mean no ppl going) but is far beyong wat i have expect. Only 3 ppl go in my class!( including me). All boys and not even a single girl in our class! Well 2 of the other one are the NERD in my class guess im the only "smart" enough to go to school..(=.=)

I was told that we are suppose to be in the hall sitting down and do our own business. But today was diffrent! We have to line up and go to form 5 classes. Since my class has the least amount of student in school so we have to join with other classes. My class was join with 3A,3BR and 3C. Yeah i have frens there like Sijun, KhaiSern, Timothy, EngHoe ,Gloria, JinHwei,ShuNing, HuiEe etc.. So i dun have to worry of no fren teman-ing me!(^^) So all of us will be heading to 5K class. We entered the class and we thought we get to do anything we want to do. But.. things have change.. We are suppose to listen some kind of ppl going to our school. I thought that were going to lose the fun. i regret going to school today..sob..

This group was called "No Apologise". They are going to talk to us abt life,love+SEX!? Sijun was so excited to see wats happening next. Things are gettting intresting. XD We were acually in 5k but suddenly thay called some of us to change class. One of the some of them is JinHwei. NO...I lost one fren ot teman me.. Then sunddenly they called us to change class again! Mayb i will get to meet JinHwei again?? But too bad.. We have to go to another class! Dun worry the other will be following! HAHA !(^^) We entered the class again a begin to pick our places. But a few minutes later the projector is not worry be have to change to the first class again! OMG.. all the same ppl begin to move again. Then were back in our first class. Wow their watching movie already! We thought that we could finally enjoy the movie again! But too bad.. thing went bad again... we have to change back to the last class that we entered AGAIN!! Haiz.. this changing is making me SICK!!

Finally after 20minutes of change here and there we finally get to begin our lesson. Khai Sern was sitting on my left and SiJun was sitting on my right. Then timothy was sitting infront of me and Glorai, HuiEe and the other are all right behide of me. Were sitting quient infront in the class. And suddenly i just something.. After changing classes i notice that my classmate were left behide and i was the ONLY 3M class student there. Cool...(^^) And also i notice that SukMunn was the only girl infornt!! She was pretty dunno wats happening to her lately.(=.=) The lesson begin and two nice women begin to say sorry to us cos of the delay. We replied :"NO APOLOGISE!!" haha. The women were smiling back at us and they begin to introduce themself. One was called WaiKeng and another was called Julie. Both of them are very nice women.

We all seems to enjoy the hole session of the lesson. But there are also a few intresting parts. One of them were something to do with the humans personality. So they begin to call 5 volunteer to help them. No one reply at all. So they begin to ask the hole class the whos the most tallest guy there. It was Timothy, so timothy was the first one to got pick out. Next they ask whos the most strongest guy there. It was SiJun , he got pick out the second one. Next the ask for the most emotion one. Suddenly Gloria and the others from behide begin to shout me name! I was shocked! Am i the most emotional one? I was trying to save myself for pointing at KhaiSern. But to bad i was also picked out..(^^) The thay ask for the most smartest one. Every point at a guy name Joel! Okay he was the next one to come out. Finally they need one more volunteer. So they simply pick and KhaiSern was the one that got picked. Now all my four fren are teman-ing me infront of the class to.

Okay back to the main part. They suddenly called us to put a huge name tags around our neck. Timothy got the Physical name tag ,I got the Emotional name tag ,SiJun got the Social name tag. KhaiSern got the Ethical name tag and Joel gets the Intellectual name tag. Then they call us to hook out hands together which seriosuly sounds GAY cos all of us are boy but we have not choice but to do what as they say. Then WaiKeng started to pull me out first (mayb cos im the most noisiest one there) and every that was hooking me followed me going infornt. Then she ask me to show her the emotion when if i break off wif my girlfren. I started to show my crying face to every one, the she ask the same thing to the others beside me except they do diffrent thing cos they are diffren personality. After that she pulled Timothy out and ask her to show a move that he was driving very fast. Timothy showed her easily. The she ask me to show the emotion when i was driving fast. Nothing came into my brain.. I dun even knw what kind of emotion will i show when i was driving fast. So i begin to laugh crazyly as if i was crazy driving a car. Every body started to laugh! Man.. that was seriously embrassing.. The moral of this activity is to say that is one personality face a problem all of the other personality of that person will face the same problem. Oooo now i understand.

Another intresting activity was.. They begin giving us a cup wif some weird water in it. So Timothy thought we all going to have cheers like YAM SING! So he just DRINK the water without noticing what is it inside! Lucky the water wasnt poison or something so he manage to survive. Then she called us to cheers with other ppl but just dont drink the water but exchange the water a few time. (like how they do teh tarik) They say that we have to do it with five people. I cheers with Timothy, Joel, EngHoe,SiJun and KhaiSern. Suddenly SukMun ask me to cheers with her and then suddenly Gloria wants to cheers with me. So that means i have cheers with 7 people already will that make a diffrents. The she called us to sit back and said somethin weird.. She said : "Okay now u all just have SEX with 5 people." Every body was shock and disgusted. I have cheers with 7 people , does that mean i have sex with 7 people!!? Then she begin to put aginomoto one each of our cups. Then she said that if those people doesnt have bubbles insidet their cup stand up. YEAH all of us have bubbles except 4 people. Me and Gloria have a "hi5" cos both of us have bubbles. But then.. sis.WaiKeng explain that those who have bubbles was effected by disease! WTF!! every around begin to Harrr-ing. Looks like were the one begin tricked the hole time.

There are actually a lot more of intresting parts but i was just too lazy to continue typing. Well mayb next time i will post out a continuse version of it. Just mayb.. But i can confirm that there will be a continue version of "Yesterday's Thursday" i will be making the part 2 of it. Continue waiting then! BYEBYE!!(^^)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What I Wish to Have!

The title is called "what i wish to have!" sounds pretty weird issint. I was getting bored at home so begin to create this weird title for weird person like ME! I admit it IM WEIRD!! XD The main thing abt this title is abt ME! of course, is abt what i really want to have. example: mystery powers, rich , etc.. There are soo many things that i really wanted to have! Of course most of them i cant really get it even if im the president of United States! (^^) And also this is just a wish i cant be real. But some of them CAN come true but still if FATE is wif me!(^^)

Okay enuf for introductions lets begin!

Wish to have list:

-mysterious power (impossible)

-a cute girl friend (possible)

-no exams in the world (impossible)

-a flip phone (^^) (possible)

-an anime girl fren in real life. (impossible)

-be rich! (impossible for now)

-having a REAL death note (impossible)

-peaceful world (impossible)

-my own computer (possible)

problely that enuf! for now.. I knw..I knw, u all must be think "this guy dreams a lot!" yeah, that what i really do even in class, tuiton even infront of the computer! Now i shall begin explaining abt my wishes.
-Mysterious Power
I really wish to get just one kind of power. Well of course is not like those PowerRangers stuff get to shoot fire power or so so la. Is the power to control time. For exmaple: forward time, reverse time, stop time and more. I could make lots of uses for this power, good or evil also can. MUAHAHA!!! (im getting sycho lately, forgive me)

Okay some of u all already knw whos this guy is. If some of u all dunno let me tell u all. This guy was one of the characters in "Heroes", in the show his name was called Hiro which is very similar to hero. HAHA XD. Okay why do i post his pictures out? Cos in the show he has the power to control time. Just like what i wish for! He doesnt really look handsome or cool, but his speacial power make every show some respect to him. (^^)

Now what is this? Well im kinda childish cos i watch MASKED RIDER! But only this one masked reider! Since i told u all im childish plsss dun tell to any one else after u have seen this blog. Is a secret between me and u kay? Okay back to the main point, why am i saying abt masked rider suddenly? As u can see from the picture this is a belt of course a masked rider belt just that this one is a toy. This masked rider belt belongs to the show KamenRiderKabuto. What so speacial abt it? It also has the power that i wish for. It could quicken a human speed far beyond his limit is like yur seeing things getting slower but actually yur getting faster! Coool!! Even knw this belt cant reverse or fast foward time still quicken up myself is enough for me.(^^) Just wish i could get one real..sob..

-Cute girl friend / Anime girl friend in real life.

This is problely what every boys is always thinking in mind. Except for those who doesnt really think of it or those who didnt watch anime at all! Every single boy is this world always wanted to make this wish! As i said up there cute girl fren is possible but not for me.. im weird remember! Okay anime girl fren is impossible! A cute anime girl could come out from the screen and live wif you!? That crazy! But is just what wish for..

Katsura!! If this girl anime girl could really be my girl friend that would be totally AWESOME! I'll be flying in the sky like no one's business! But its just a wish.. couldnt exactly come true right? But still..KATSURA IS SO CUTE!!(><) (NOTE: this subject was posted before in my blog.)

This is the kind of cute girl i like. Some of u all might think shes not pretty but this is mine taste only. Who is she? I could tell you but NO! I curi-curi steal her picture from some where which i WONT TELL YOU!! XD For my taste the body-ness doesnt really matter except for FAT girls. The face looks really counts and the attitude as well. But then again this is just a wish..

-A real DeathNote

Of course this is another impossible wish. Some of u all have watch deathnote the movie or series right? If some of u all dont knw anything let me have a quick explain. Whose ever name was written in the deathnote shall die of heart attack in 40 seconds. You can also plan a death on what time, what day, what place, etc.. Well of course i need this to kill people that i real real hate only. But by doind this i will be count as a killer den. But dun worry i will kill who every that get in my way! Still then this is a wish only.. Im sick of it!!

-A Flip Phone

this is really nothing much. I can actually get one if i get good result in PMR! (^^) I just like flip phone dunno why. But still having a handphone for me is enuf already la.. This is a wish but a possible wish! Hopefully it will come true la.

Well for the other wish u all might already knw why i wanted those wish so dun really need to explain. Besides im LAZY! (^^) Well this is a crappy blog. So just act like u never see before la.

Midnight Post: Past Memories~(4)

This past memory happend on the 13MAY06.(Monday)

This past memory is problely a bad one to remember.. and a very hard memory to forget. This particular day was a very painful day for me. Cos its was the day that i end my relationship wif my Girlfren. Remember this memory was on 2006 not in 2007 make sure u dun mix it up.

I've im not wrong things started when it was 12MAY06. SundaySkol time. That time i was still in dancing class. Training dancing and wtv la. I was wif my GirlFren (GF for short) for like 5months plus. While i was resting "she" suddenly call me. Well she call me to meet her up at the school's backfield at 12.00noon tommorow. She said that couldnt tell me right now. I felt very weird, usually when we wanted to meet up she usually tell me the reasons tat we meet up. But this time is kinda diffrent.. But i dun reli bother abt it cos that time i dunno wat kind of thing wil happend i never think of it.(that time i was a sucker wif no brains, so forgive me.)

Monday.. The moment i have been waiting for arrived. I quick run to the backfield of the school. I was kinda late that time , it was problely late for 3 or 4 minutes. I was deciding to give her a surpise by closing her eyes from behide. But when i did it , i wasnt really a surpise for her. She didnt even gave me back a smile or something just silent.. I was begining to worry but still i have to act like im not worried. I start to ask her why she wanted to meet me up and also wanted to tell me something important which she couldnt tell me yesterday. She begin to stand up and said: "MIngz the thing issint really going well.."

"What do u mean by tat?" i replied. I was begining even worrying.

"Our relationship.. Is not really going well.."

"Why? did i did something wrong? Issit cos tat im late?"

"No..the feeling is no more.. Im starting to feel diffrently towards you..Do you understand how i feel right now?"

"No, just tell me wat do u wanna say."

"MIngz let break up..Is been 6 months..6 months is a very long time."

"Are you trying to tell me yur bored of me already?"

"NO! Not at all! I very happy when im wif u.."

"Then why must things end up like tat!?" i was start to feel a bit angry!

"Is just that, things may change u know.."

"..." In my heart i could hear a crack sound deeply inside of me..

"Sorry YuMing im very sorry..But i hope u understand abt me.."

Im trying to make her not worrying. so i push my head up and act smiling

"Is okay.. I understand now.."

Then she walked away.. Without even worrying abt meI sit down alone on the playground near by the backfield. Then i started to cry.. cry very deeply.. Even knw what im doing is gaylish but i seriously cried a lot that day.. Some girls love a guy deeply and forever. Some girls love a guy and started to have no feeling towards him. This girls are what I called "players". From that day onward i begining to hate "players" very much. When i see any "player" infront of me i will ignore them immediatly! No matter how good our relationship is before!

Well this is the one and only painfullest memory for now. You might think that this is sounds like a make up. But please believe me.. this things cant be joking around wif. Finally i can find some place to keep this memory in... Without remembering it in my mind ever again..

Monday, October 22, 2007

Past Memories~(3)

This past memory happend on the 26MAY07(Saturday)

Actually wat special day issit that day? Let me tell you all then. I was the day tat my sunday skol has its 9th CFC!(Childrens Fellowship Camp) It wasnt the first day. That particular day was the second day of this camp. Not really much things happend on the first day.. So i mind as well skip to the second day!(^^)

Okay second day.. Is kinda important day for the hole camp. Cos its Talent Night!! XD As u all knw tat this is a Children's camp, so me and the backsitterz (my class gang) will be the facilaters AKA the ones tat take care of the childrens through out this hole camp. On Talent Night we will be teaching the childrens cheerleading wif songs! Kinda hard for me..(=.=")

Me(YuMing),JohnWong,MunWai,SuiLun,SueSan,PeiYin,Jusryn and Charmaine from the Backsitterz are the facilaters in CFC. I dun really remmeber the other ppl's groups name but i do remmeber mine! Thougtfulness was my groups name! (^^) Is very hard to explain what kind of song i got for the kids...(=.=") but is just a very hard song to have cheerleading wif it.

My partners are LynnTan and AiLing which both of them are girls! Three of us brain storming to finish of the cheerleading. Finally on the last minute we finally finish it off! We our final thing was to make the kids remmeber the moves and songs! The boy are teached by me and a little help from AiLing. The girls are teached by LynnTan and also some help from me and AiLing. Finally the kids can remember each of their move and it was only 5minutes away from the Talent Night! OMG!! Lucky my partners and I manage to finish it of for good.

Talent Night arrived. Every body was very very nervous, of the most nervous one of all will be Us the facilaters. All the kids parents have arrived and waiting for the kids results for this camp. Every was all ready the songs, the radio, the mike, the kids and the PomPoms!! XD Forget to tell u guys tat me made some. Hehe(^^)The radio was controled by SuiYan which is also called as SuiLun's big brother! Me and John sit beside him incase anything happens.

Well the president for the camp which was Sis.Geetha, slowly picked the group to come out and show their cheerleadings. Soon one by one, the groups started to dance and show all their moves by following the songs tat they picked earlier. Every thing went very well until..

Something happend on one group which i dun reli remember which group tat is. When they dance one of the boys forget the moves. A girl AKA his sis was dancing wif him and warning abt the moves. Dunno why suddenly tat boy get angry and started yelling at her!! They both are yelling at each other while dancing!!(0.0) Every body was shocked so Me,J ohn, SuiYan, Sis.Sumitra(the assi-president) and Sis.Geetha jump up and chill them..Fuh lucky they didnt started to punch each others or things will really gone bad! (>.<)

Then PeiYin's group started to dance. It went really well until her group started to forget the moves. Well PeiYin felled very dissapointed adn start being EMO. Me and John started to fell a little bit worried abt her and started asking her is she okay. She answered YES which is a totally lieing by looking at her face. Lucky Joh was her pet bro ,he problely understand her more den i do.(^^) So we planed something to cheer her up!

We gather SuiLun,MunWai and SueSan together and talk abt it without letting PeiYin knwing. but the none of us can help her out even SueSan her pet sis cant even help her..Until i was singing time. SuiYan open a song called shining friends which the prefect song to help PeiYin out! Thank Lord Buddha for him to be our side!(^^)

When the song started Me.John,MunWai,SuiLun and SueSan quicky run behide her and started singing the song for her! Well finally we can look back the smile tat PeiYin always have. She was happy and every body was happy also!! Me and John's plan sucess! YEAH!! XD From tat day on wards we picked ShiningFrens as our main song for Backsitterz.

This is the song ShiningFriends (NOTE: If u want to listen this song you can search it on my IMEEM which is under my cbox.)

little faith brightens a rainy day

life is difficult u cant go away..

dont hide your self in the corner

you have my place to stay..

sorrow is gonna say goodbye

opens up u see the happy sunshine..

keep going on with your dreams

chasing tommorow shine rise

the spirit can never die..

Sun will shine..My friend

wont let you cry my dear..

seeing you, shed a tear

make my world dissappear,

we're never alone in darkness

see my smile my friend..

we are with you..

holding hands.

you have got to believe,

you are my destiny,

we're meant to be a friend

thats what our friendships means..

Finally our happy talent night has ended.. Every body sing and dance around! The childrens and the comitee are very HYPER!! including me and the Backsitterz. Well this will bring out the best memory tat i will never forget! (^^)

On the last day our camp was a HUGE sucess! The kids went home and all of us felled very lonely.. Well is time to study for PMR. Everybody went to and tats the end of our CFC camp 2007..

PMR is over HAHA!! XD So our next target is to make the YOUTH fellowship camp a huge sucess too!! Even know tat we're not the comitees but we will make an unforgerable memory again! Backsitterz GANBANTTE!! XD

TISSA class Backsitterz!



CFC comitee Picture! Find me if u can! XD

CFC comitee FreePost Picture! Continue Spotting me! XD

Hope u all continue enjoy my past memoriez! KK tats all ByeBye!

FinalFantasyVII -AdventChildren- the Movie.

Buying one hole set of DVD is very expensive. Some time u mayb get cheated buying a fake version DVD. I was very bored so i decided to give u all a FREE FinalFantasyVII-AdventChildren- The movie! XD Rarely i cant really get a English version. So i uploaded it my self in Youtube but is pretty hard to find..So i will just put up on my blog! Happy?(^^) Well so u all sit back and ENJOY the movie!











Fuh..Finally it ended huh? Enjoyed the movie? Well is takes a long time to load and its also kinda laggy but still worth it right? Well this hole blog is too spam movies for u all. Im kinda bored lately so i mind as well upload more and more! (^^) Glad u all enjoed the movie.

KK tats all ByeBye!

MidNight Post: Whats Happening to Me!?

The pasted Saturday(20/10/07) My family decided to bring my bro and sisters to Giant in KelanaJaya. When we walked around my bro suggested tat i must get a new shoes, any kind of shoes. Mayb is cos of my shoes size, i actually very large, size 11! I agree wif him, so we walk around and found this cool shoes shop.

My eyes targeted a basketball shoes, black and neat as well. But too bad they run out of size 11. Seriosuly large shoes size are very hard to find lately.. My bro recomended my a very cool looking black shoes. It issint really a sport shoes but i think could use it as one. Its black plus white colour shoes, very cool best for me too bring out for dates wif my frens(^^) but the problem is its quite heavy.. I bought tat shoes and went home happily.(^^)

(NOTE: i saw CheeGuan wearing a same shirt as mine in Giant! Seriously same brand same colour! Rarely too be seen...)(0.0)

The next day Sunday my fav day wearing my fav shoes(new shoes). But i couldnt call as a fav day once my fav teacher is not in class. There are two class teachers in our class. One was Bro.Ronnie the most funniest and kindest one of all teacher in SundaySkol! The other one was a very boring teacher called Sis.Sam. Justin SMS-ed Bro.Ronnie to asked is he coming or not. The answer was NO. (0.0)

The hole BackSitterz (Some organization in my class AKA a gang in my class) quicky run out from the class room incase Sis.Sams entered our class. Every one of us run very quicky including the girls, cos we dun want to let any one catching us PONTENG-ing.Usually i will be running infront or second infront but that day i was running wif my full speed, but then i was way behide( not to say very far) from the boys! Weird.. does tat mean my speed slowed down or every one just speed up?

After sundayskol as usual basketball training. Well every onewas so glad im back wif NEW SHOES! I was very happy. But the moment is time for training it wasnt really called happy. I wear my new shoes and run. Usually i will run wif bare foot. I run only 2 rounds compare to last time usually can run 6 or 7+ rounds. Thing are getting weirder wif my new shoes..

The worst part of all is when i play games wif my fren. My team was a very strong we got lucky while picking. There is very high percentage tat we will win more than 3 or 4 games. Every one in my team was very stron but only ME!! My speed was weakend and even my jumps are shortend!! I cant even catch 10 rebounds that day company to the usual one i could catch more then 20 rebounds!(pretty show off..) In the end , in the first game team losted. Every felt very weird, usually i can get really HYPERand strong even if im not in the mood. But then i was very tired not even HYPER at all! Man thing are getting weirder and weirder...

Whats is actually happening to me!? The hole thing is mayb cos i dun get used to my new shoes or either this is fate..I hope thing will get better wif my new shoes wif me..(><)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Final Fantasy VII

Okay ever since pokemon diamond broke down i finally found something else to do! I remember tat i have a PS(1) left in my home! So i decide to take it out any play. Then i remember tat my fren daniel got back a game called FinalFantasyVII which is FF7 for short. I when and get the game i started plying it!

Well some of u all have seen the movie FinalFantasyVII AdventChildren. If some of u havent,MAKE SURE u get one a watch! Is a totally awesome movie made by Square-Enix! The story of FF7AdventChildren was a continue story of FF7. There are somemore series of FF7 in anime version and also in the game. The most compicate story of FinalFantasy in history was FF7. FF7 have lots of story line such as FF7BeforeCrisis, FF7AfterCrsis, FF7, FF7AdeventChildren ,etc.

Some of u all might think tat Cloud(the main character of FF7) originally was very cool and handsome. In the game FF7 you can reli see how cool or handsome Cloud is. Mayb cos of the graphic are suxy..i mean reli suxy.. Take a look at this.

Cloud in FF7

Cloud in FF7 Remake

Shocking isnt it? There is a huge diffrents between the graphic in FF7 and FF7 Remake. The creator decide to upgrade the graphic and the looks of Cloud by making up a new FF7 which will be played in PS3. More picture of Cloud, check it out!

Cloud in FF7 AdventChildren.

Cloud in KingdomHearts

Amazingly Cloud has become a very famous character for Square-Enix. Even Cloud is available in KingdomHearts!! In KingdomHearts, Cloud acts more cooler compare to the Cloud in FF7 and FF7BC(BeforeCrisis). And in KingdomHearts, Cloud's story is much more diffrent compare to the original too. From the horrible looking Cloud has finally change into a real prince.

Cloud issnt the only cool character in FF7. In every single game there will always be a finalboss. Well some of the finalboss looks freaky and some mayb very cool looking. In FF7 the final boss the one of the kind which is the cool form final boss. This guy actually a diffrent kind of human which is called "the Son Of Jenova". This guy was called Sephiroth.

Sephiroth. This one looks freaky, keep looking!

Sephiroth in FF7 AdventChildren

Sephiroth in KingdomHearts

Sephiroth is on of the most coolest finalboss ever voted in FF7. Sephiroth is actually a real name in history! In the game Sephiroth's greatest attack was called "SinHarvest", on the tombstone of the real person's name Sephiroth was craved with the word "SinHarvest" ! In history Sephiroth was a great army which is almost undefeatable in history but the fella died in young age cos of betrayed by hsi country..sad story huh. In the game Sephiroth was diffrent! In the game Sephiroth was kill cus of his evil-ness. Mayb the creator of FF7 stole the idea from this particular person whos real name was Sephiroth. who knows? In KingdomHearts, Sephiroth was known as the one winged angel. Sound very cool but the story line between Cloud and Sephiroth is totally diffrent then the original itself.

There is actually a good relationship between Sephiroth and Cloud. They are actually a Warbuddies. But until something happend in the story and both became great enemy.

This a movie of Cloud versus Sephiroth in FinalFantasyVII AdventChildren. Is rarely to get a English version.(^^) There is also a Cloud versus Sephiroth battle in KingdomHearts but just tat i cant reli get it..(><)

Im playing FF7 right now! Well if i know more abt the story line i will post it out right here as soon as possible. Till then hope u all enjoy my blog posts! Byebye!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Kotonoha Katsura!!


Katsura is my favourite character of all in the anime called School days. Well all thank to Darren for introducing the anime for me! Well if i have a girl fren i will pick some one like Katsura!(><) Katsura is way cuter den the other anime girl like see. Company to last time my fav anime, LoveHina's Naru(the main girl character of the story) Katsura is much more cuter and younger den her! Katsura is totally the cutest girl i ever seen in anime!

Even know Katsura has a EMO side of her, it reli doesnt matter. If i am Makoto (the main guy character in SchoolDays) i wont make Katsura EMO at all! And i wont even let any one bully her! Well the problem is Katsura's attitude are very hard to understand , what is she think i dun reli knw. But anyways this is just anime if wont b a real life!XP

Yesterday's Thursday~

Okay nthing fun happend in the morning, so lets fast forward to yesterday's night.

ZOOOOM.........WEEEEEEEEE.........WAAAAA......oh were there already!(^^)

Okay tat night i was help my dad selling "Chau Kuih Kak" english version is called CarrotCake at "Chou Yang"some where near my school(Taman SEA)! Well mayb only some of u dont know wats my dad ocupation so this is the best time to knw me better!(^^) At first i thought help my dad would be boring..(even knw is my third time helping), but theres lots of things happend! Lots of funny things happend!

Okay I first reach "Chou Yang" with my mom and my mom just drop me near by the road and let me slowly walk to my dad's spot. I reach there and the aunt and uncle tat sold others things was very welcome to saw me.(cos i seldom come out and help). On left of my father's spot there was a uncle (but he seriously looks like a brother.) sells some kind of water juice called "Ai Yu Ping" i think is called HoneyJuice. Then on the right was a family selling biscuits, groundnuts and sweets!

Okay back to the main story! I will skip the hole working progress cos it will b kinda boring. So i will just skip all the way to the funny part of my part-time.(^^)

There was a guy ordering 1 packet of CarrotCake with egg. But that guy didnt say any thing but just point at the menu board. So my dad continue frying for him. But tat time he havent say wanted cili or not. So my dad called him and point to the cilies. That guy make a "good" sight with his mothertumb. Then i asked my dad:"Why dun u just asked him?" my dad replied:"Mayb his those kind of guy tat cant talk one."After i packed everything for him, when he walked away, me and my dad heard him talking to his friend beside him. Then both of us notice tat guy actually CAN talk! So both of us started laughing at each other.

Next, there was a lady in white ordering 1 packet of CarrotCake with egg plus cili. Then there is oso another lady in white ordering the same. So after my dad cooked everything he called me to pack for the aunt first. Wait a sec AUNT!!? Ther is no aunty! Then i asked my dad: "which one?" My dad said: "is the one in white." What!!! this make thing more harder cos both of them are wearing white! Then my dad say "u knw which one is the aunt anot?" Then i said "both oso doesnt look like aunt wor.." Finally my dad point to the first lady tat ordered, but actually tat lady an aunt!! I cant believe it! She was like age 25 like tat only! My dad says my spectecle are useless for me adi cos i cant even compare an aunt wif a lady. I better get new specs!

Now this happend around nine o'clock like tat. There was 2 indian guys and 1 indian girl order 1 big packet of CarrotCake with cili. At first there was only one 1 indian guy which is a fat one ordering. My dad asked him want to add egg or not. Then tat guy dunno, asked his fren which is a skinner indian guy which is kinda far away from them. Then both of them started to use indian language to talk to each other. Me and my dad just stare at them for like 3 seconds. Then the skinner guy asked the indian girl (which was his girlfren) by using indian language again. Me and my dad continuing to staring at them. Then the indian girl tell the skinny guy , the skinny guy told the fat one, the fat one told me "yes" , finally i told my father "yes". While my dad was adding the egg in the CarrotCakes, the skinny indian guy said:"Oh yes baby, let go!". I felt very weird cos of his words and actions. Mayb his sort of a Hiphop dancer ba..

After tat i saw my dad left 3 cubes of CarrotCakes(which is not small) lefted. So i bet wif my dad RM 10 tat we will sell finish the hole thing around nine somthing. My dad started to laugh and said " impossible i say we will sell finish around ten something." Well this i will tell out the answer in the end of this blog. continue watching.

Then my dad call me to called mom(using the handphone) to bring 15 eggs for us, cos we're running out of eggs. So i called my mom, to bring 15 eggs. After 20minutes of waiting my mom finally arrive. Then my dad asked "how many eggs u bring?" my mom said :"fifteen eggs but.. 7 eggs broke on the way here so left 8 eggs.." Me and my dad said together "HAR!!" But there is a good point for me! We get to packed up our stall quicker! And i get to win 10 bugs!

Then no one came of buy our carrot cake for like 15 minutes. I was think i was going to lose 10bugs! cos the time was around nine thirty! So my dad gave me a handicap! He cooked 1 packet of CarrotCake for himself. That time i was hungry so eat his CarrotCake. Then i told my dad tat i dun like eating CarrotCakes wif VEGETABLES! My dad said:"Aiya dun need to say so much la i knw u one another packet la." Wow my dad can actually read my mind. So after my dad cook for me, both of us sit down and eat CarrotCake together even knw we're selling CarrotCakes. HAHA.XD

Okay the end of the day...We finish the hole thing at...10.30pm!! OMG!! i lose 10bugs!! My dad pity cos i have been a good help for him, so he pity me and so he still give me 10bugs for my paid! Waa..Hes the best dad ever!


My dad even bought my three new pants!! One was like grey in colour , the other one was a brownish in colour and the last one is wif a army colours! COOL!! After tat i went home i told my brother tat dad bought me 3 new pants and i was kind enough to share one pants wif him. But i said something wrong. He took the one wif the army colour!! Haiz..tat was my favourite one..

There goes my Thursday! Hope u guys Enjoy reading!


A example of a Manga Chracters tat guys usually like. And oso a kind of manga chracter tat i like also!( Manga character from To-Love-Ru)

76.8999% of teenagers guys in the world watch anime/manga. They watch any kinds of anime/manga! hentai, love,horror anything. When they watch Anime/manga, most of them will problely watch GIRLS in the anime/manga. Cos anime/manga girls will be drawed specially cute,big blue eyes,beutiful hair,nice body and many more.
Every single guy must have their own typ of girls they like. For example some of them like their cute faces, some mayb like pretty bodies and even some of them like every thing tat is wif the chracter! Every single guy will have diffrent taste even in real life!
Okay so long story short! I oso have a some anime/manga chracters tat i like. But to say so im not reli a FREAK in anime. I just watch them for fun! And there are also some of them i like!(but doesnt mean i oso like those type in the real life.) So this is why the title "My Anime/Manga Girls!" was created!

Well this are example of anime characters tat i like!
From the left:>>Naru>>Katsura>>Lala

What anime/manga chracters i usaully like? Well mostly those kind tats is CUTE one! Well body doesnt matters to me! Attitude YES! is also very important! What kind of attitude? Those shy shy tat kind, still can oso say very hyper those kind. Other than tat i like anime girls wif Long hair! Actually tat oso doesnt reli matters as long as the looks of the chracter is good. I like to see the chracters in Manga more than in Anime. Anime just looks very diffrent from the mangas. But some Anime pictures can oso match wif the Mangas!
Well no all guys love to see anime/manga , now even girls like to see also! But girl have a diffrent reason for watching this anime/manga. Girls usually watch anime/manga cos of the story lines. Most of the girls like to see love anime/manga. But some other girls like to see GUYS in the anime too or mayb cos of the Climax story line.
Girls oso like anime/mangas. Some of the girls like the guys cos of their looks, example cool,cute,naughty etc. Some of them oso like the attitude and the hair style of the chracters. The mainly kind of attitudes tat girls like abt anime/manga character is the coolness and the clumsyness of the character. Im not a girl so i dun reli understand girls type of anime/manga chracters.(^^)

Example of girls fav anime chracters:

from the left:>>Goku>>Sanzo>>Light

Thank you L!(^^) Hope u guys enjoy!! ByeBU!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My Kingdom Hearts Play!

Well as u all knw tat i Kingdom Hearts Fan! A huge one of course u all never see my plyed by before.. But i a good KingdomHearts player!(but not tat good la) After identifying How to defeat this and tat i finally manage to become a good player after the teaching from my other fren.
I been plying KingdomHearts ever since it came out the first in English version! tat was like year 2000. So i have been plying KingdomHearts for 7 years! Believe it! Well some of u all may not believe bu this video tat i post out might tell the truth.Mayb is too also show off.(^^)
Sora versus Saphiroth (from bro.Admand)

Well I a KingdomHearts Pro but not as pro as this one..This one is plyed by a fren of mine, bro.Admand in 1U. The fastest time I defeated saphiroth was 3minutes plus,no heal! but my fren finish it faster within 1 minutes plus! WOW! at first i dun reli know how to defeat Saphitroth in KingdomHearst(1) But after his guides..I finally defeat him! So in KingdomHearts 2 Saphiroth is easier to defeat compare to the first one. ENJOY the video.

Sora versus Roxas.(by Mingz)

Okay now this is mine. I took a hard time to defeat Roxas in KingdomHearts finalmix+! But then i finally defeat him. It not easy beating up Roxas in Critical Mode(which the is hardest mode of all).As u all know im not very tat pro..but my strategy was to keep Roxas away from his Two painful Keyblade. And i finally steal it! So i cos have less problems fight i him already! Enjoy the Video!!

Sora versus ArmorFigure AKA Vens (by MIngz)

Okay now this is not any easy boss. Compare to Roxas and Saphiroth this ArmorFigure is much more powerful plus im plying this in a critical mode! If u could notice tat Goofy and Donald got kill by him in just a single blow! Actually i dun reli know how to defeat him. But after letting him defeat a LOT of time i finally get to know every single of his moves. So i get to dodge so many attacks from him. But on 6.16 accidently forget to dodge tat attk but lucky i was equip wif "once more" so i manage survive. This is the toughest match i ever battle and oso a very tiring one too. But all thank to bro.Admand i finally manage to defeat him. ENJOY THE CLIMAX!!

Well u all might not believe this is mine. But still if u dun believe or not ,i still believe it myself!(^^) sorry if i was mistaken.

Funny Kingdom Hearts!

Okay as u all knw i was pissed so i look around in the youtube to find something to do. Then i found this lame show! haha it reli makes me laugh. Is called KingdomHearts Chronicles produce by the BlackRose. Well is the story of the KingdomHearts (1) but is 100times much more funny then the original one.(the original one was not even funny)

Kingdom Hearts chronicles 1.1
Okay this is episode one. The born of Sora. As u can see the guy called Riku is DUMB! but in the orginal game, Riku is one heck of a cool guy! But this is just a fake one.. Sora is way dummer then Riku. I love the part where Sora shouts:"Ahhhh Where this key come from Ahhhhh..". But there is one weird thing..KingdomHearts dun have HarryPotter and StarWars! Why is it here!?Okay this is just the first Episode.
Kingdom Hearts chronicles 1.2

Okay now the second episode. Well i didnt knw when did Sora disappear to the other worlds..They didnt show in the episode one. But still u have to continue watching! What wrong wif PoupuLeaves!? Why do ppl like to sniff paupo leafs!? And does Cloud have a Mother!? HAHA well this is much more funny then the first episode. Well continue watching!

Kingdom Hearts chronicles 1.3

Okay now this is the final episode! Well as u can see there is a intro of they producers which is lousy! HAHA. But in the three episode i think this is the most funny one! Well my fav part is the part where Sora have to guess the price of the keyblade.Beside tat is the part where Sora thinks his a butterfly!Oh ya!Riku is Back!! Ansem is actually a cool man but still they make him stupid! Well Sora is still the dumbest u nobody can beat his joke!

Well theres all no more! the producers are lazy to create the 2.0. Cos the graphics are pretty high quality! Hope u all enjoy!